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Monday, November 8, 2010

Lazy Day,Weekend and Odds and Ends

Well after a hectic week I finally got some down time on saturday.But lets start with friday I didn't want to spend $45 dollars on a wall board as I figured my hubby could build me one.I saw this board with hooks and colonial primitive scoll work on top at the antique mall and thought about it for a week.I decided in my head it would be perfect for me.I was going to hang a prim doll that was coming and my hooked rug and a box with a tiny black doll and star off this.I originally had a step back along this wall which I sold and moved a old blanket cupboard and store counter display so the wall looks empty.Well friday I talked hubby into taking me to buy it.We got there and the girl was filling her both so she says a couple came in the night before and bought everything in her booth.She can't get another in with christmas and it being busy.So I was grouchy and dissapointed.I'm not someone who just buys to buy I think about things and only buy what I really like and I really thought this would be perfect.(hubby is going to build me one soon as he gets a break in work) So I get home and things start getting better.There's two boxes waiting on the porch.My firkin from etsy pictured at bottom and my swap from Lorna!!! I was sooo excited to open this.Lorna went above and beyond for me.I hope she feels the same when she opens my gifts to her.The best part was this black santa doll she made me.I love prim black dolls.He has a wool beard and prim Tree and star with him.He is just prim to perfection.

We had to do 3 ornies and these are the little ticking stockings with chenille candy canes...
A wonderful smelling pantry cake and hand painted stack box and little wood snowman ornie.
I was just tickled with everything! Best swap partner I ever had she really put thought and care into it.Lorna if you're reading Thank You so very much!!

Below is just a picture I have and thought you might like to see it.It's a tree with all kinds of things on it and the bottom reads these things do please me well.It always reminds me of the holidays for some reason and really has nothing to do with the holidays.I think it just makes me think of thankful things.

Click on and zoom in for the details if you want...

Then I found out I won Tami's wonderful giveaway for her prairie doll.So my whole mood was changed for the weekend.Then I went to a little prim shop in our town.They have some nice things but most of it is imports not hand dids by artist.I like that special touch and one of a kind look not the mass produced look.Don't get me wrong the stuff in the shop is nice but it's pricey and if I'm going to pay $50 for a doll I don't want Honey and Me.I want something special. or if I'm paying big money for a cupboard I want a real antique one.The lady that owns the shop buys from me alot when I set up in the summer and she does have some vintage/antique displays so I bought a old Halloween crepe paper horn.So on to Saturday...We stayed home and I worked on finishing a few crafty things and swaps.Then we watched some movies and of course hubby fell asleep.This is a picture of the couch it's new with double recliners but we barely use it because....

Sunday I woke up early (3:30 am) Not use to the time change plus I don't sleep much.We ended up going to the fleamarket and to breakfast.Let me tell you it was cold and not worth the trip.I think I finally got it in my head no more yardsales or fleamarkets after November.Maybe...Dad has some auctions so I'll switch to warmer junking......And finally pictures of the firkin..It was bigger than I thought.

I have several and plan to stack them when I find time to rearrange some things.

Well hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.I checked out a few of your blogs and see some of you found some prim goodies.I have a few new followers as well so welcome.Don't forget the giveaway you can click on the picture on the sidebar and it should take you there.I need to go to the post office and pay bills so fun day for me.(smile) Harvest Blessings!~Amy


renee said...

Good morning Amy!
I LOVE your blog! We have similar taste! LOL! I have that same sampler with the tree! I am trying to figure out where to hang it! I love all your fur babies! I have one cat~Zipper, he thinks he's an Egyptian sphinx! LOL! He seriously poses like the sphinx! He is a mama's boy!
I will have to look back at your posts, but what I have seen so far has been wonderful! You have some lovely collections!
Maybe at some point, I can figure out how to participate in these wonderful swaps! I too love the black dolls! I made two other Belindys'~ they were gifts for family. Sometime I will make another for me! LOL!
Thank you for following me~ I was a bit confused because there are two different avatars! LOL! I look foward to getting to know you better! And thank you for inviting me!
Have a good week!

Carmen and the Primcats said...

What great swap goodies! Lucky you! And I love your firkin! So nice!

Carmen and the Primcats

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Wow! You made out! Great stuff!
I love your firkin and the turkey on top! So sweet.....
It's a very nice display!

Jean Barker said...

Hi Amy,
Love the goodies you got in the swap! Glad you had a better weekend. You'll have to come over and visit my blog. Ya now since we are related.

basketsnprims said...

Love your swap goodies, awesome santa. Great firkin, too. I'm always on the hunt for firkins, they are hard to find.

yorkie's primitives said...

Wow Amy. You got an awesome swap package! I think this has been a really fun swap. Thanks for joining in on the fun, Valerie

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Amy, You are most welcome!! I am so glad you liked the swap items. I had such fun doing it!! Black Santas are one of my favorites so I am glad you like them too. I love your firkin!!
Have a great day!!