Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just stopping in to say Hi! I know my blogging has been sparse,but I'm still in pain.I found out that the reason it hurts different this time is because it's not my sciatica (which I have trouble with) but a different nerve I think it's called femoral and that it could take two months or more to heal.I try not to take alot of pills but have been taking some muscle relaxers.It's been 3 weeks it feels a little better but still alot of pain and hard to sit so less computer time.Of course I push myself,there's so much to get done.It's finally spring here so I want to be getting the gardening ready,yardsaling and getting outside.I did set up market over the weekend and tried to do as I normally do,let hubby watch while I run and look it was ok the stuff on tables but squatting and bending didn't work.Did find a old firkin/sugar bucket and old skeleton keys but not much.I think it was just that I didn't really look hard enough with the pain,because my friend usually leaves her stuff on the side of my vehicle till she is done for the day and she found tons of wonderful old stuff.She has the old canvas shopping baskets and found a metal holder for them that was so neat.I've also got all my stuff gathered to start my bucket gardening,a few seeds to start but a little early to buy plants.We have a local nursery and they always have heirlooms and some unusual varieties that I like to try something new each year.Usually the beginning of may is the time for plants here in Pa.I'm going to go ahead and get some spring onions in,cutting lettuce mix,some rainbow carrots(never tried before)  and start some zucchini seeds.Well girls not much going on here mainly running to Drs and boring everyday life..smile..I have been visiting you all on my IPad but not commenting so much as my time is limited with the sitting positions.I hope you all have a wonderful week! ~Amy

Monday, April 8, 2013

Thank You Barefoot Prims and catching up

Well I know some of you missed me..smile..Yes been a while since I've blogged and thank you for all the emails.I've had a rough 2 weeks been in so much pain which I thought was my sciatica but now not sure as most of the pain was grounding out in the front thigh.Every time I tried to move or sit or stand up it was so much pain.I still have alot of pain but it is getting better and I'm able to sit a little more.My back is hurting a little more which is good because I know that's the source now.Yes I know alot of you are saying why not just got to the hospitol? Well after the ordeal with hubby and now 6 months later just starting to actually get treated I just figured I'd be healed before anything was done.LoL..Plus with it being nerve and back related I don't have money for a mri so they would just prescribe pills..I've had problems with sciatica before just never this bad. We did have to see the specialist for hubby and he could see I was in pain as I had to stand for most of the three hour visit.He suggested steroids and that I see my family dr.Anyhoo, I'm on my way still pain but getting better. I wanted to share my swap with Debbie of Barefoot Primitives.She is also having a giveaway right now so click on the link on my sidebar to visit her. Hmm never remember to take a pic of the wrappings...
Love the ditty purse..Old photos.Black Raggedy look at those feet.. and spool pen...
Primitive cards.Oh my such a wonderful punchneedle pinkeep.Some ornie bags, and wool strawberries.She also sent some chocolate (of course it's gone) and another pinkeep which is for some reason not in the pic...
I've always been a fan of Debbie's work.I'm sure quit a few of you have been gifted from me with it..smile..Below is the punch needle displayed and a sweet bunny I purchased last year made by her as well..

Thank You Debbie for the wonderful gifts..Well today was the first day it felt like spring,beautiful sunny skies and warm high 60's.It supposed to be nice all week.Now if I can just get the rest of the way better so I can do my spring cleaning,get the easter put away and get some garden work started..Hope you all are having a wonderful day.Warm Blessings!~Amy