Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quick Hello

Hope everyone had a great long weekend.Ours was nice we decided not do Flea market so that was a huge break.It's alot of work especially packing up in the sun..Hubby got his first veggies from our garden out at gradma's old farmhouse.I got the rest of our plants to do my kitchen garden at home,planted some flowers and my bike basket.Will get some pics once everything takes.Realized sunday I'm getting old because grandma ask me what a PPD was? Can you guess? Well I said not sure.So she told me it's a purple panty dropper.The boys told her when they sent a text.Really I'm just out of the loop because I don't have a cell phone and don't text.Well actually I do have a cell but I don't keep minutes on it and don't use it.Hubby makes me take his when I go out sometimes in case of emergency.I just think if I'm out or visiting I don't need interrupted.Call me when I'm home and not out..So last week I found a few treasures..
This is huge in person.It's dated 1907..It's lithographed metal.A store mercantile display.You spin the arrow to the needle type you need,slid open the window and inside is a wheel that holds wood vials with needles.Alot of the wood vials full are still inside.If I can find a space I'm going to keep....
This is a Round container with removable wood lid.It held 10 lbs of Powdered Cigar Gum.What's neat is it has all the original labels.It shipped from NY via the Railway Express to my hometown.Probably gonna keep..I've felt a little overwhelmed by stuff lately.When your in the business sometimes it's hard to let certain things go.Me I start piles on the sun porch,on the kitchen table and in the spare bedroom so it's time to go through my piles and let some go..smile..I've been a bit frustrated and worried lately because I heard word that those horrible people are moving in next door June 15th..Hubby says don't let it get to you there's nothing you can do about it but in the next breath tells me we are going to buy surveillance camera's because he's nervous about leaving especially on the weekends.(yep that makes me not worry) He also says they probably won't stay long.The one saw hubby at the store getting his coffee and told him we are going to be your new neighbors, "We can have cook outs and come over and swim in your pool".Hubby didn't know what to say, so said he had to get to work.Should be a interesting summer because we like to be outside enjoying ourselves.Ugggh!!!! Well girls I gotta finish up the garden and try to talk hubby into putting my sunflower gardens in.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, May 21, 2012

Our New Love Daisy and Weekend Find

 Oh my such sweetness! Meet Daisy our new baby at Grandma's old farmhouse.Her momma died at birth so we have been bottle feeding her.She is about a month old now....
 It was just a beautiful sunday at grandma's old farmhouse.Warm sun shinning and cool breeze blowing while we sat under the shade trees and just chatted the afternoon away...Hubby tended our big garden we have planted at the farmhouse.All our seeds have popped and now we have three days of on and of rain so they will thrive.
 Brianna  just loves Daisy she takes good care of her...
 Wanted to share the wonderful find for the weekend...
Very rare 1800's slipper galvanized childrens tubs.I should have got a side view because they are really awesome. They are smaller than they look in the pic.I'm keeping the little one.The other is for Sale $100 plus shipping if you are interested email me.(They normally sell for $250+ if you can find them) I plan to list it when I get time but that may be a few weeks...Hubby and I have a clean out of a house hopefully this weekend.Excited to see what might be there maybe nothing but maybe a treasure you never know..Well girls I'm taking a PJ day today and enjoying the rain day.Got some shows to catch up on and the new Primitive Place and Country Sampler magazine to read.Stroganoff slow cooking in the oven for dinner.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blog Sale closed

Hello! Been trying to sort through some more stuff.Just a small sale today.I'll leave open till saturday afternoon.Paypal only.Prices do not include shipping.I will combine items and ship cheapest way.I'll update through out the day as things sell.
Small antique stoneware crock.I believe it's just 1/4 Gallon. 4.5 inches tall  4 inches diameter $10
Antique wood Borden's Cheese Box $8.
Bowl is sold...Still available Antique shears with iron heart shaped handles $12.
Boyds Mohair Bear artist series by Pat Murphy  $20 Sold Thanks TS
Hand stitched and wood frame 11 by 12 inches  $15
Felt stitched penny rug candle mat  $3
Large antique cookie cutter $8Sold Thanks RL
  Still available small bunny $3
Sold Thanks TS! Artitst bear made to look old.Metal wheels,stitched on butt with straw,leather collar  $18.
Large antique wood bobbin $8  Antique heavy metal fluted cake pan $10
Long flicker candle.Works fine takes AA batteries $5
Antique whisk broom with woven handle $15
Henn woven basket with leather handles $12 Sold Thanks TS!
Small finger jointed old wood box with slide lid. $10
Old Firkin wood bucket $20.
Vintage Blue Tin childs lunch box or sewing tin  $8.
Email order to cottageprims@hotmail.com I'll need your paypal email and mailing address.Thanks!~Amy

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Blue Cupboard

 Well girls I got the blue cupboard in and decorated.Of course we all know it's not as simple as that.Once we start tweaking it goes into a major job...smile...We decided to use it for the TV stand in the living room.Yes the modern luxuries thrown in to a house you so desperately try to get to look 100 years old.It has 2 doors but we took those off for now so I can have display room.There is not enough room in the living room to leave them open..

 A peek inside..You can click on the picks to get a better look.We left it as found because I like the worn blue paint...
On a different note I'm a little stressed today so if you could send up a little prayer I'd appreciate it.In our neighborhood there is only one rental property and it happens to be next door to me.Well I found out some not so wonderful people are wanting to move in and the real estate agent might bend the rules because they have the money to pay ahead.I found this out because I know the uncle of the people trying to get it.There are 5 adults and one kid.Two of the adults are thieves(one is currently on house arrest) They are not the people you want next door.We live in a quiet neighborhood in a small town.It concerns me because we leave the house at 4 am on weekends and I don't want to have to worry about the house being broke into.Two of the adults are Ok but they come as a package deal.They are coming to look at it tonite which I'm sure they'll love it but I'm hoping the real estate agent does her job and plays by the rules and decides not to rent to them.She is not a honest person herself when my girlfriend wanted to buy a house she offered to forge w2 forms to get her to pass so she went with another agent.Anyhow just say a little prayer that we get nice neighbors and that the people trying to get it will find a home somewhere else.....I've been going through some of the boxes of stuff I wanted to keep and decided it's time to let go of some so I'm thinking I might put a few things on a blog sale tomorrow.Well girls I gotta get busy.Hope you all have a wonderful day!~Amy

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and Weekend Finds

 Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day! Even though I'm not a momma,hubby and I have raised several children through the years.So I do know the joys and sometimes sorrow of having children underfoot......Ok really? It's been a week since I posted.Well this is my busy season.We have gotten a huge garden planted out at grandma's farmhouse but I haven't got my kitchen garden planted at home yet.Been working in the yard some.Between treasure hunting and market I haven't had much time to breath....We found so many wonderful things this week but I didn't take pics of the stuff that is going tomorrow like a double basin antique wash tub, antique would benches that have wonderful chippy paint in red,green and black and they are different sizes so they stack nicely was so tempted to keep, Antique ironing board, and some other treasures.Hubby found a antique double door cupboard in old deep blue paint I didn't even have to beg for it.He said as he was loading it don't worry that's a house piece were not selling it..I'll get pics once he unloads it from the truck...Ok so here is the stuff I'm keeping or thinking about....
 Wonderful antique carrier and old mohair dog..Yes his fur is loved off but too sweet!
Antique Large Blue salt glaze stoneware bowl.Not sure if I'm keeping...The sweet angel is a swap I did with my sister in law Jean (primcrafts blog)
 Antique Jam Crock with original label not sure if I'll keep.
 Tiny old bench.It's actually a mustard color and small 1/4 galllon crock the crock I'll probly sell but I have alot of crocks for market right now so till some sell I'll keep..
Large wood dough bowl and Iron shears with heart handles.I have them in the keep pile but if I don't find a place today they'll go..It's hard sometimes to get rid of but I don't like clutter and already have my  hoarding       I mean computer room stacked...Thanks girls for all your lovely comments about dad.We are just so happy to be able to move forward with every day life.Hopefully the next scan will remain cancer free....I had some questions on a few post but no email to get back to you so if you want you can email me and I'll get back to you.Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wonderful News!!!!

Hello! Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful weekend! Just wanted to stop in quick and update you on dad.He finished his Chemo and went for his Scan. As of right now they found no Cancer!!!!! He has to go back in 6 months for another scan.I am just estactic with Joy about this.I've been living in a limbo state for a little over a year and just feel like a weight has been lifted.He still has to get his strength back slowly and get used to the colostomy but we both can go on with life and a future at this time...
He has been working some and he is excited to be out doing something again.He is doing auctions again.I wish I could just give each of you a big hug for all the encouragement,prayers and love you have shown while I went through this.You are truely the most wonderful people and friends ever ...Warm Blessings!~Amy