Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Washing Machine

Well hot here again.It's ok I can wait a little longer for fall.As most of you know I go out every week in the summer and pick.Well I stopped at a sale and bought a few things.So hubby says to the lady I see the house is for sale are you getting rid of anything else? She says come in I have a washer for sale.I think boring and just stay out and look some more.So hubby comes out and says I think you better go look.I say I don't want a washer.So he talks me into going and looking.Well I say I gotta have it but I don't have enough money so have to run back and get money and come back in a few hours.Soo here is my new washer.It even has the original labels and runs perfectly.I fit it in the kitchen took some rearranging but it's in there..It was so heavy to move....

So then the lady says I have some things upstairs since you like this stuff.So went up and dug through the loft.I bought a bunch more stuff from there.Then she offers me a set of 100 year store scales so I tell her I'm broke till monday.She says no problem I'll hold them.Then monday we dug some more.So she says she is going to sell most of the house off once the house sells.She kept my # and will call.Oh my she has some wonderful stuff.I kept a old dough bowl as well..I love running into sales like that.The ones you just bump into and become fast friends and get the good stuff..smile..
So this weekend is the last hooray of summer.We'll probly just have a cook out and keep it simple...Not much going on here.Just wanted to stop in and say Hi! Also wanted to introduce you to a sweet new blogger http://hickorycreekprims.blogspot.com/ stop over and say welcome to Melissa.Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!~Amy

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Harvest Gatherings Swap Last Day for sign ups

Good morning girls! Our sale went great but busy.Just wanted to stop in and remind you today is the last day for sign ups for the Fall swap.You can click on the link on the top sidebar for rules.Hope you have a Blessed Sunday!~Amy

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Old Days

Well girls it's been a busy summer.Summers are always my busy time but I'm looking forward to Fall. As you can see by the top pic I've already started my shopping for fall..The second pic is the barrel out of hubby's pick I kept after all you girls thought I should keep one..smile..Here are a few of the things I've kept the last few weeks.Hubby bought home the Squirrel Taffy Box and Whisk Broom.The duck is a antique hand carved decoyI found and debated on because I knew I'd end up keeping it.I've been trying really hard not to keep but when you are a seller and love prims it's hard sometimes.
Well this week is our town Good Old Days. Which means they have a small parade and the whole town has yardsale then saturday they have a flea market at the park. I'll be having Sale friday and saturday at home.I did sneak out today to a few sales.We have people come from out of state just to buy from our sale each year mainly dealers.Here are a few of the things I'll be selling (plus tons more)...
On another note we have been having some problems with Hannah emotionly.She keeps having meltdowns and the crying last sometimes a few days straight.Mom has taking her to the dr but they are not sure if she is depressed or if it's from her CP..Up to this point she hasn't had much trouble with it other than a slight limp since the surgery.So if you could just say a prayer as she goes back to school in a week..Also my friend was gardening and a rabid racoon attacked her.She had to beat it off with the digger tool she was using and now has to get rabie shots.They told her they do not catch them that she would have to.Scarey because it's not to far from grandma's farm.We are expecting cool temps the next few days so should be perfect for the sale.The fall swap is posted as well,just click on the link on the top sidebar for sign up rules.Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!~Amy