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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Decor and Happy Easter

 Just realized I never shared any of my spring decor with you.I know the shame..smile.. That's what we love about blogging taking those little peaks...The bunny with the basket above is from Germany I just love him with his special lil putz sheep in the basket..

 And just some fun goodies from days gone by and no the girl in the pic is not me.LoL.. just like to buy old pics and liked this one because the nostalgia of the Easter bonnets and basket..I did love frilly Easter dresses and bonnets for church always made you feel like a princess.

We are supposed to have beautiful weather for Easter 6o degrees and sunny so glad since it has been chilly. Hubby and I are making our big dinner this evening, then tomorrow off to Grandma's old farmhouse to enjoy time with my family. Hope you all have a wonderful blessed Easter and remember the reason for the celebration. He has risen! ~Amy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Tidings Swap Thank You

Boy time has been flying.Can't believe Easter is just a few days away.Wanted to stop in and share my lovely gifts from the spring swap.I had 2 wonderful partners..First up is Wendy  I always get excited and forget to take a picture of the wrappings but remembered this time..sweet lil bees...
Wendy is so talented and made me some very special gifts...
Can't wait to hang this on the front door for summer...(It's protected from the elements so will be fine)
The card is by her DIL I always need gloves and forget to buy them.The soap Wendy just started to make let me tell you it smells so delicious.I could smell it wafting from the box before I even opened it.Peppermint/Rosemary....Mmmmm...
I just adore this little wool tuck..Makes me smile....
Thank You Wendy for the beautiful gifts you made and picked. You have truely been a special friend over the last few years!     Next up is my swap with Donna She just sold her house and is in the process of moving so that she was even able to bring this all together was surprising. ..
The hand soap smelled so springy, loved washing my hands with it as we have and still are getting lots of cold days...Cupcake wrappers me and the girls are going to use saturday to make some extra pretty cupcakes for easter...
Love Vintage! Isn't this so pretty?!

Such a fun person and swap.Thank You Donna! I'm gonna try to squeeze in a few blog post this week.I know I have been a little neglectful but you girls are always in my thoughts.Going on a lil picking trip tomorrow..Excited but hope they aren't to high they have a lot of things I would love but we'll see...Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oh Honey

Well we've been getting in a few nice days here.Been able to go out junking and 2 days was able to set up at market but the one day was feezin.LoL..I hardly ever keep things but when I found this old mercantile counter display I had to have it. Can you guess why? ..smile..

Original Label inside lid....

Yep loved the honey also liked that it's slanted like the slant desk.I needed something for my dresser to hide clutter in and this was just perfect.. Sweet Danice surprised me with this ....
Thank You Danice I just love a surprise in the mail! Well I've had to figure out how to upgrade my computer I'm not a real techie but figured it out.I switched to chrome I hate change and it is a little getting used to but I did upgrade it and cleaned out my computer and added extra security without having to pay a tech guy so I'm proud of myself.I do have to say this is the first blog post in months that I was able to do trouble free..Well girls hope you are having a great week. We have a very busy week ahead the worst part is going to the city tomorrow for hubbies "specialist" who I feel really does nothing, but there are no others in our area so I guess we go.I've been checking in on you all but haven't commented much as my computer time has been limited.Have more to share but thought I'd just drop in and say Hi! Blessings!~Amy