Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Snowed In

We are definitely snowed in here in PA we got about 20 inches. I'm staying in and enjoying a pj day. Hubby's one plow job sent fresh baked cookies and my bath bombs came so a relaxing day.Stack of magazines and movies to stream a warm cup of tea. The last hoorah to nesting...smile....

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Spring Tidings Swap Sign up

 Ok girls now that I'm feeling better we'll start up our swaps again. Below are examples of types of things to send each Etsy shop name is under the pic if you want to check them out. Scroll down for rules and sign up.





  • Sign up by March 17  Mail by April 20th. 
  • The swap must include 4 items one must be a Doll or soft sculpture at least 7 inches tall. You can include extra most do but no less than 4.
  •  You must live in the USA...You must contact your partner within 48 hours and introduce yourself.It's not a secret swap. 
  • You must do a Thank You post once you receive your package either by blog post or facebook. You must let me and your partner know were you will post.
  • This is a high quality swap so please give as you'd like to receive.Normally  I say no dollar store stuff but it is ok to include things like seeds,garden gloves etc.
  •  This will be a open swap but if you are new to my swaps you must have a active Blog that I can check out and approve you for the swap just want to keep my swap girls who put so much effort in from getting taken advantage of and safe.... I do check up and if you are bad swapper you will not be able to join in future swaps.We have a great group and would love to add a few new faces..   
  • You can post the swap image with a link back to this post on your side bar if you want...
  • This is a Farmhouse,primitive,colonial style swap so only sign up if you like those styles
  • To sign up comment here. Then email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com   with  (you can copy and paste)
  • your name and address
  • email 
  • blog 
  •  Please include if you have any allergies or dislikes 
  • A short list of styles, favorite things etc. 
  • You will be contacted by your partner so you can discuss with them as well. As always I will send you a confirmation letting you know I received your sign up. I will email your partner March 19th you must email and say hello. Let's have fun!~Amy

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Been awhile

 Hi everyone! Been awhile since I've blogged. The surgery went well. I totally panicked as soon as I got in the room but luckily they already had the sedation in the IV so my surgeon was holding my hand telling me it's going to be alright and next thing I was out for the 4 hour operation. I am so thankful I didn't go with the first doctor and got a second opinion because she was really just wonderful and caring.So they took alot out and say they could not believe that I wasn't in for emergency surgery since my blood flow was cut off to some organs and block and pressure. Anyway it was a mess but since the surgery I am slowly recovering.  Finally getting back to living and enjoying everyday things. Got the spring decorations out yesterday and started spring deep cleaning. We started to redo the kitchen and I got rid of sooo much after it was out to put the new floors in I didn't want it back in.. My sweet niece turned two....
 My sister had her party at a tea room...

I joined Facebook manly to keep up with family a little better but I'm not sure what I think of it.It's quick and alot of old friends are on it,but I think it's rushed and unperson-able. A connection that's not really connecting. Who knows maybe it will grow on me...smile....Thanks girls who sent cards and emails while I was away. I'm hoping to get a swap posted for Spring tomorrow and get them going regularly again. Warm Blessings!~Amy