Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A little Spring

 We are seeing some spring weather our way. Typical March weather one day 60's the next day snow...A little of my decorating around the house...Not much going on here we did have a nice Family reunion at the hunt club for my Grandma's side. Alot of people I hadn't seen in years. It was potluck so tons of yummy food..
 We of course will gather at grandmas old farmhouse for Easter. I'll be busy holding my new sweet niece...smile....Hubby wants to go to a mud sale tomorrow if the weather holds. (for those of you not familiar it's a Auction that is held during the muddy season LoL) So get your muck boots on....  I'm not much for Auctions because I wait all day for something only to get outbid or get home and think oh my goodness what did I spend my money on.I prefer to just being able to look it over and buy it at flea market or a shop...smile....
 Been getting some swap stuff finished up. Trying to push myself to get the Spring cleaning started but on the nice days I'm out walking the dogs and enjoying it and the chilly days enjoying the last of the nesting.....
 Been planning some new stuff for the gardens. Want to make a twig and grapevine tee pee trellis and grow flowering vines to cover it... Also been contemplating growing about a half acre of sunflowers out at grandma's to cut bouquets and sell at flea market but I'm a little worried about the watering and birds.Since Grandma is on a well I would have to depend on rain or transport water(which would mean hubby is doing the work LoL)
Well I've chatted on enough.Hope you are all having a Blessed week!~Amy

Monday, March 7, 2016

Baby Love

This year has been full of ups and downs but a Baby brings only Joy. I'm a Auntie again! To this sweet baby Madison...Proud big brother....
My grandma's newest great grandbaby.....
So excited to have another girl to spoil...smile....~Amy

Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Tidings Swap Sign Up Reminder

Hi Girls! Just wanted to remind everyone sign ups end March 6th. So if you want to join in the fun get your info emailed to me. To see Rules and sign up info click on the sidebar image to take you there. Warm Blessings!~Amy