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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Hope your Blessed with Love, Joy and Happiness! Here's to a bright New beginings! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas and some Sweet Surprises

Well sweet ladies I'm a little indiffernt about Christmas this year.I'm so warm hearted about all everyone has done and it warms my heart knowing how much eveyone cares but on the flip side it was a stressful time of uncertainty.Then Christmas Eve I got very sick,Christmas I didn't even want to open presents or visit.I'm still not feeling up to par...So it was the best and worst Christmas ever.LoL..I will say I'm looking forward to a New Year.I always love a fresh new begining.Wanted to share hubby's gift from my sil Jean http://primcrafts.blogspot.com/ he just loves it,he says she should make him a whole herd.LoL..Prim Reindeer... I saw a few on another blog but theirs looked little this one is BIG..Jean made me a George which you can see by visiting her blog.I love my gift too! ...I did manage to get up and go to grandma's old farmhouse Christmas.The girls were on sugar cookie and present high so it was hard to get them to sit still long.Me being sick wasn't in the mood to catch them..smile..Hannah honeybunch did let me give a few pics but everyone she was bouncing though.LoL..Brianna was outside most of the time....

Christmas Eve there were a few surprises in the mail... Tam http://aprimitiveplace.blogspot.com/ sent me a well loved Rag doll.The doll is so worn and loved and has patches.It is ragged stuffed it truely looks like a prairie child loved on it 100 years ago.Tammy is such a kind person and always gives of the heart.Thank you Tam I'm blessed to know you.

Then my sweet friend Robin http://primitivehutch.blogspot.com/ surprised my as well with this beautiful Prim Perfect stitchery...Oh and chocolate.That girl knows how to make me happy..smile...

Thanks Robin you are truely such a special friend! I also wanted to thank eveyone again who sent cards.I got 22 cards from blogging friends.Each ment so much like a warm hug letting me know you thought of me.You girls are so special and I'm blessed to know you! I normally take down my decoration new years day so I can enjoy a week of christmas with being sick it's been nice to see all the cards a glow in candlelight and the tree.Just calm and peaceful.Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and remembered to count your blessings.~Amy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I had a long post planned but opted to keep it simple plenty of time to chit chat after Christmas.Time to relax and spend some time with Loved ones..Above Gus Sugar Baby my present hoarder.He seems in love with the presents this year.LoL....A few pics of the kitchen realized I never shared these...

Sweet Snowman make do from Brenda The Rusty Thimble..

I'll be enjoying Christmas as Grandma's Old Farmhouse then Hubby will make a Big Ham Dinner for us at home(your welcome to come..smile...) I just want to say I have been so blessed to know you all.You have given me the best gift of all this Holiday Peace,Love,Comfort and Joy.You have shown the true meaning of Christmas Spirit and a Giving Heart.I have been wrapped in your warmth and gained Peace.Enjoy your festivites,family and Remember Jesus is the real reason for the Season! Merriest of Christmas Blessings!~Amy

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My heart is overwhelmed! The big Thank You

Well girls this is gonna be a long a mushy post if you want you can just scroll down to the Thank You part..smile..I've always said that the friends you meet online are your real friends.They are the ones you connect to.They visit you in your home,share your joy and sorrow,send up a prayer when you need it and encourage you in your daily life..I started recieving Christmas cards a few weeks ago (the first from Lil Raggedy Angie) and they kept coming.I thought boy am I blessed that so many wonderful people took the time to think of me by the simple gesture of the card.The simple joy it bought going to the mailbox and finding them was like a warm hug when I was down and out.Things have been hard here and you all always encourage me but I don't always like to share bad news or sadness I like to be the person I normally am upbeat and caring about others (yes you)..My dad's cancer has bought so many emotions anyone that has been through it knows it is high stress but also a learning experiance and alot of guilt thrown on top.Me I've always been the type that needs to keep going till it's done in every area or I can't be at ease.Well the cancer has taught me that their is no end and the unpredictible will be around every corner..I initially was scared and felt I had to do it all for my dad and didn't know the long road ahead.I got burned out fast but when a case worker was assigned I assumed she was taking care of his needs as far as Insurance and assistance.A few drs visits back we found out there was a problem with the insurance.(this coming right when the second round of chemo pills were needed) The Dr was nice enough to give dad his very expensive pills till the insurance is staightened otherwise we will have to pay for them which is in the thousands.He has also been getting a good bit of money from me which has drained me. The other day I stopped and he had a shut off notice for the water and sewer if that happened then they would condem his house.So after we talked I found out that the man he let stay in a spare room after he got a divorce switched his PO box address over to my dads address because he didn't want to pay the fee.Well the assistance office found out about this and considered the mans income as my dads and cut out his benefits.The man gives my dad $100 a month if he is lucky.I also found out my dad is only getting $200 a month in assistance.So I asked my dad Why after working 35 years are you not getting unemployment? Well the case worker had told dad not to file as it would affect his insurance which I thought was wrong.So instead now I am looking into Social Security but it is a long process.I really didn't realize he was only getting $200 a month really who can live on that? So I didn't know what to do I started calling differnt agencies only to be treated rudely and no help for him until after the first of the year...Well work has been slow with the economy for my hubby so we are just making it right now,I've been trying to help dad but our bank account is drained..Why tell you this personal stuff? Well for the first time ever in my life I ask for help no I didn't want a hand out just was hoping if I got some extra sales in Etsy I could help dad out....Well let me just say I have been humbled.I am Thankful that it was kept anonymous but I know in reality the ones that pulled together know who it was for. Traci http://yorkmountainprimitives.blogspot.com/ tried to do a simple thing to help me out and it grew and grew.You my generous friends all wanted to pitch in and give me some relief and peace during this time that should be joyous.I am overwhelmed with how you all cared and pulled together for my benefit.Traci was a angel in disquise her simple act of kidness spread through my dear friends hearts and grew into something so special.So thank you sweet Traci not only for putting your time into this during the busiest time of year but for always being my friend.Thank you to Carol,Lecia,Tammy, Gina, Brenda, Jean, Patti, Teri, Eve, Marie OLM, Pamela and Mary for feeling the need in your heart to step in and help Traci.Thank you Penny, and the other bidders.Thank You to all that purchased a little something from Etsy or helped out in your own way.Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.I have tried to email some of you on a personal basis but I wanted to take the time and say how much it has ment to me....You my sweet friends showed me what the true spirit of Christmas is.You have help carry my burden and gave me some peace as well as the knowledge that there is so many who care rather you are in good times or bad.I have never been on this side of the fence I've always been the giver.I never ask any of you for anything and you opened your hearts up just because you cared about me.What a special group of friends I have.I am truely blessed.So a Heartfelt Thank You! I know you will all be blessed 10 times over.Warmest Blessings!~Amy

Monday, December 19, 2011

Surprise from Teri and Thank You

As many of you know things have been hectic and a little hard here lately.Well a few weeks back Teri http://www.whitesheepfarm.com/ was having a surprise Birthday Giveaway were she sent a present to someone without letting them know who it would be till it showed up.Well I took dad to the Drs. then came home and saw a package on the porch.I had no idea who it was from and wasn't expecting anything..I opened up the box and could smell prim yumminess coming out.I first opened the card and realized the gifts were from Teri so then Oh my gosh came out of my mouth was excited before I even opened the packages.Just could not believe it was me! Here are the wonderfyl gifts she sent...

Nutmeg room spray..Prim Candy Canes..Joy ornie...Bowl lamp which I can fill for each season.and chocolate!!!! She spoiled me for her Birthday!! Teri is such a sweet and generous person always giving through out the year.Love visiting her old farmhouse and sheep..Thank you Teri!..

I also wanted to Thank everyone who has stopped over and made a purchase no matter how small from my Etsy it has really been helping. I do list new things everyday.I will continue the 10% off by using CYBER. My etsy Link http://www.etsy.com/shop/cottageprims Also want to thank the girls who took the time to email and send some agencies that might help a little.We are rural area but I will be checking into them this morning before taking dad to the Drs that way if we need to go there I will already be in town with Dad.It really means so much how you have all come together to help me and him.I certainly never expected it.I have found out how blessed to have you all as my friends.It is no fun to worry like this at Christmas and you guys have really helped me to realize the true spirit of Christmas..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, December 16, 2011

Help Needed

Hi girls! As most of you know my dad is going through cancer right now.Well some situations have came up with his benefits and insurance and it has caused a problem for us.I have exhausted my extra finaces already. We need to come up with some money quickly till it can work out hopefully at the new year.So what I'm hoping is that you can just take a peek at my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/cottageprims and see if anything interest you.I don't have alot of prim listed but plan on getting some more on this afternoon and saturday.I'll be going through some of my personal stuff too.I don't really know what else to do.I have tried calling a few agencies but with the holidays not much help out there.I know we are all busy with the holidays and such.I just wanted to put the word out and ask you take a peek if you get a chance..My regular followers know I have never asked for anything.I fell akward even posting this but thought it might help...

There is a coupon code as well CYBER to take 10% off any order.Orders will not be there in time for christmas but shortly after. You can also add primitive in my shop search box to bring up less items.

Prayers appreciated too.Again don't feel any obligations.I'll be removing this post in the next day or so.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I haven't been much in the Christmas mood this year.Just to much rushing and hecticness to enjoy.I also have been neglecting my family with everything.So Sunday I took the time to spend sunday at Grandma's farm house.Had dinner with the family then spent the afternoon playing with the girls.Driving on the way home listening to christmas music was the first time this year that warm joy of Christmas came over me..so now I'm ready to wrap my gifts,watch some holiday movies and enjoy the real meaning of the season....

The little red cupboard all decked out.See the little snowman my SIL Jean made for me.Gave him to me on Thanksgiving.Sweet as can be.The little tree stitchery is by Linda Claus..

Always gotta have a vintage elf to report to Santa..What list are you on?

My late arrival on the ornie swap from Kerri Calico Rabbit blog.So worth the wait.LOVE!

Belsnickles on top of the old mercantile cabinet..Reindeer stitchery another ornie from the swap from Theresa...

On top of the TV.Need to get a new pic of the girls...Hope you enjoyed you tour.I still have the outside and kitchen to show if I get time.There are a few other post if you want to look at the older post.I have to take dad to the Drs today.He needs fatten up so I baked him a big tub of cookies and cranberry cream cheese muffins...A few of you sent Christmas Cards and wanted to let you know it just tickled me to know you took the time to send a old fashioned card and took time out of your busy life to think of me.Really means alot.Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.Warmest Blessings!~Amy

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Heart of Winter Swap Sign Up

Hi girls! With everything being so busy I thought I'd go ahead and post our new swap.It will be Our Heart of Winter swap and won't need to be mailed till January 20th....For this swap you must have joined in on one of my prior swaps and be a follower of my blog.No new swappers on this one unless I Really know you which would mean I follow and comment on your blog.I had some problems with a few people I let join in and I'll just say I do monitor and check on people who participate in my swaps.I want my girls to have a safe and fun swap experiance.It should be worry free.Especially since you were the one who ask me to join in...

Rules~ You must include 4 things in your swap(yes you can always include extras)
~ One item must be stitched you do not have to sew or stitch it yourself it can be purchased but must be included. This includes penny rugs,dolls,hooked items,stitchery as long as it's stitched.

~ One of the items must have a heart

~ Package must be mailed no later than Jan 20th

~ You must send a intial email to your partner to say hi and that you are partners.

~ You must post or thank your partner once recived

~ If a problems arises or you will be late you must contact me so I can work it out

You can purchase your items or handmade but they must be something you would want to recive. By this I mean I only want people to sign up who really want to enjoy giving as well as recieving.No dollar store stuff!!! I'm going to say your package must be at least a $25 value but it's so hard to put a value when people are doing handids so let's just say send a package you'd enjoy reciving...I want this to be fun for both parties..

You must email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following ......
Blog Url
Any Allergies?
Optional Do you have any favorite things like redware,candles,stitcheries,dolls,pineapples,sheep,pennyrugs?
Optional What types of scents do you like?

Just copy and paste if you want but I need this even if you joined in before to make it easier to find.

Sign ups open till Dec 15th...I will have your partner emailed to you by the 18th. Swap must be mailed by Jan 20th..Also occasionally I have a extra girl if any of you are interested in a extra partner on occasion let me know.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, December 5, 2011

A few Christmas touches and Swap with Stacey

Another busy week ahead. Gotta take dad back to the dr who did the surgery tomorrow he's still having so much pain. I made him a Cherry Cheese Pie today he's been mentioning repeatly about the cheesecakes at the grocery store how he would love to have one but they cost like $25 and he doesn't want to spend it since he is on a fixed income.Now cheesecakes take a long time to make so he's getting the next best thing.Cherry Cream Cheese pies are easy and Yummmy... The good note is my Christmas shopping is done and the decorating is done. I have a few gifts to get done for friends.(yes Brenda you too..smile..) Wanted to show you a few more christmas pics (yes I have more to post soon) and some goodies from Stacy.

Hooked Giant Mitten on cupboard door..

Above~ Black Santa I bought from Lindee, Stitchery pillow from Stacy,Santa in red from Brenda Rusty Thimble, snowman in stocking from Katherine Old branch hollow

Below is the swap goodies Stacy sent http://stacykaycreations.blogspot.com/ Look how pretty it's wrapped....I never remember to take a pic of the wrapping as I'm to excited..LoL..

Look at all the sweet gifts Pillow (above too),notepads and yummy apple cider tart

Handmade cards,towel,ornies and bottle cap ornies the one santa ornie I'm going to use as a necklace.

The mitten I put a beeswax gingerbread in it's already on the tree.Loving mittens this year..

Stacy really spoiled me.Thank you sweetie.I love it all! I usually don't promote my etsy shop on here because there is not alot of prim just depends on when you shop but right now I do have some judy condon books and mercantile gatherings and a few other prims so I thought I'd let you know I have a coupon code good till next week for 10% off your order just use CYBER there is a button on the side bar.Hope you all have a wonderful week.I'm loving all the christmas decorating and have been dropping in to visit just haven't had as much time to comment with limited computer time..Know I'm thinking of you..smile..Have a great week!~Amy

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Tree and Giveaway Winner

I've got all the inside done for christmas.Hubby is working on the outside.I'm trying to keep it simple this year so alot of things I just didn't bother to put out...Today I'm sharing pics of the Christmas Tree....All aglow....

I tried to only have handmade ornies mostly from friends.As I was putting them up I was thinking of the old Romper Room show I see Stacey and Madalynne and Jean and well you get the point.Sad part is as a child they never called my name on the show..LoL..

Some close ups a few new ones from mine and Old Lady Morgans ornie swaps....

I put the tree in a large antique bucket from Maine on top of a antique red sled..Oh look and the sweet black santa a gift from Lorna...All those presents are for me hubby keeps putting them under the tree.I haven't even wrapped mine yet....

Just had to sneak this in.For my birthday hubby baked me a strawberry cream cheese cake...Yummy.....Yep he can cook too..smile....

Ok so now what ya'll have patiently waited for...I had 99 people sign up with 130 chances total.I scrambled up the numbers and used the Random Generator the winner was Robin at The Primitive Hutch...Congratulations Robin! Email me your address...I'm going to keep it a surprise so you can see it when she post it.Thanks to everyone that joined in.I'm so blessed to have so many people take the time to listen and care about my thoughts and ponderings.You all are truely so wonderful.More Christmas pics and some Thank You's to post in the next few days.Just been busy as usual.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last day to sign up for giveaway

Just wanted to remind you today is the last day to sign up for my surprise giveaway.Link is on the sudebar to take you to the post.I'll be annoucing the winner Saturday.Warm Blessings!~Amy