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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Here Comes Santa Claus

Ready or not Christmas is here...smile...Don't you just love visiting all your friends homes through the wonderful internet. Like being able to sit down with your warm cuppa and enjoying some good company...
My favorite cupboard the childs little red and blue stepback...
On top of the mercantile cabinet...
Everyone needs a elf to report back to Santa....

The tree stand..Hubby's victorian sled and a giant firkin...
Basket ' O ' Santas...

Antique Trencher....

Christmas gift from my SIL....
Not as drool worthy as some of your homes but it's my cozy Home sweet Home and I'm thankful for my cozy nest. Hubby and I will be making Lasagna tonite so we don't have to cook on Christmas plus there is plenty if someone drops by in the evening. We'll spend Christmas at Grandma's old farmhouse.. No snow this year they say maybe some flurries. Today I'm all caught up so grabbing a warm cup of tea (salted caramel with vanilla creamer) and enjoying a marathon of The Great Christmas Light Fight. A week ago I would have never thought I'd be done.LoL. Cookies are baked,house is clean,gifts are ready even had time to make some extra goodies.Wishing all of my wonderful friends a Very Merry Christmas.Let's keep the true meaning in our hearts. Jesus is the reason for the Season..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Big Thank You Post

I gotta say I'm always so Thankful for my blog friends. So many kindred spirits that you truly never would have met without the internet brought together in a very special community. Always there for the fun, chit chat, visits and if you need a hug in the bad times. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people to call friends.  I'm always surprised at the mailbox for the holidays so many surprises..smile... Here are a few
Sweet Santa Ornie from Danice Homespun Hannahs Blog.. She is always so very thoughtful..  Lots of cards letting me know I'm thought of makes the holidays even brighter. Many more have arrived since the picture..
My swap with Francine http://primitivestars.blogspot.com/   All wrapped so pretty...
Santa, Ornies, yummy chocolate. She also included some potpourri and cocoa.  Thank you so much for everything Francine. You have always been such a very sweet friend and I'm very glad you took the leap into blogging so I can visit with you daily...
Oh and sweet Kendra The Stone House Primitives blog sent me some of her turtles. Seriously these are the best thing in the whole world....
So glad to have you girls in my life.I'm finally all caught up for Christmas as of today..smile...Can you believe the post office delivered packages on Sunday? We are small town too..LoL.. Now I can enjoy the season and relax. Will try to share some decorating pics tomorrow. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bah Humbug!

No not really. But time is flying by so fast. Life has been very busy here and I haven't had much time for enjoying the season.It doesn't feel much like Christmas yet for me.I've promised myself starting Sunday no more rushing around or worrying about everything that can really wait.Just settling down and getting in the spirit of Christmas.Grandma has said no more special Christmas sugar cookies so I'm officially making them this year. Had to giggle when she called with the recipe. She told me the oven temp 375- 400  Hmmm Ok. Then she said 5- 10 minutes just watch them the whole time so they don't burn. I said I'll just put it at 385 for 6 minutes. and go from there. LoL.. Well I did get my decorating done so I'll start sharing some pics of that and have some other things to post soon.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Merry Christmas Mail Out Reminder

Today is the mailing deadline for the girls in the Merry Christmas Swap. So if you haven't got it out already get it mailed today. If you are behind for some reason let me and your partner know. Excited to see everyone's goodies. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ornie Swap Thank You Post

Really December? Another whirlwind month. Everyone should have got their ornies by now for the ornie swap.Lots of cute ones this year,seems most of us were partial to snowmen..Here are the ones I recived...
Snowman from Sandi The Primitive Skate Blog ... Snowman Head from Kendra The Stone House Primitives Blog Last year Kendra did a santa like this one which was so neat... Santa from Ginger Creme Hollow Blog ...
Snowman from Marsha The Tattered Chic Blog it smells so yummy like Candy Canes... The last 2 were special gifts from Allison Sew Many Girls Blog and Danice from Homespun Hannah Blog (Danice is always so generous sending thank yous for hosting the swaps)  All the ornies are so sweet, special memories to add to my tree and think of my friends each year. Thank you girls!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


 Oh my is it cold! Wasn't ready yet. What happened to fall? Today we had to drive to the city to see hubby's Dr and so many people without coats or wearing shorts and a coat.My first thought is they were nuts then I thought maybe they really don't have winter coats.My girlfriend gave me some coats for my nieces which they do not need so I'm going to make sure to donate them today along with some other clothes and a small donation for the food bank which a few girls in the ornie swap sent extra too.We have local ones that give directly to the needy for free. So I know it's going to someone who needs it. ..I do like the drive to the city though all the old houses and details even though most don't notice,yes I like watching the people too.(even though hubs usually yells at me on that) I get a little over stimulated I think since I'm a small town girl my whole life...smile.. On another note hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week...
 I was looking through my pics and realized I forgot to show you my goodies from the Maryland trip about a month ago.I found the best stand, the girls had antique shop they closed and had wonderful prims. I bought alot to sell but did end up keeping these two large hooked rugs. ..
 And this!!!!!!
Antique wood bucket original blue paint. A girl ask for a deal on it before I could add it to my pile and my heart dropped. Her answer was Ok I'll think about it and walked away.I grabbed it quickly.LoL..Well girls I need to get busy.For the girls in the ornie swap all the ornies will be in the mail by friday. I've been sending out a few each day since I send my orders I don't want to overwhelm hubby.He says the christmas lines have already begun.LoL...Hope you all are having a great week! Stay warm.~Amy

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Last Call For Merry Christmas Swap Sign Up

Hi girls! Just a reminder I need your info no later than Sunday evening for the swap.You can click on the side bar for rules. I still haven't received a few peoples info who are signed up so check to make sure you got a confirmation email.This is the special one so don't want anyone to miss out. Cold and flurries our way so it's starting to feel alot like Christmas..smile..

Monday, November 10, 2014

Merry Christmas Swap Sign Up

I know I'm late.. It's been a rough week my paternal grandma passed away which was kinda unexpected for me and akward because I had to see so many relatives I was not raised around.I have fond memories from childhood visits.Plus I've had a cold that just seems to want to hang on. So here we are..(I know finally LoL).... This Is a closed swap Which means you must have been in at least one other swap I've held (Ornie swap counts) or I must know you well which means you are a regular follower who comments,email me if you are not sure. Sometimes I will make a exception to the rule but I will decide on a individual basis as it's the busy time of year and I can't have to worry about any of the girls being hurt . Our next open swap will be in  January...
To sign up email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following info you are welcome to copy and paste.
  • Email
  • Blog URL
  • Name and Address
  • Your last 2 swap partners if you are a regular ( since this not open you might have to swap with someone you've swapped with before)
  • Are you willing to ship to canada it only cost a few dollars extra?
  • If needed can you take a extra partner? I usually pick up the extra but occasionally I need someone to take someone to match properly.
The following is optional but helps your partner get to know you better and helps with matching
  • Any allergies?
  • Favorite scents or scents that you do not like?
  • Anything special you are looking for or collect like old childs dishes, wood bowls, cookie cutters, old photos?
  • What is your decorating style?
  • Do you like spice and grunged tattered or more traditional ?
  • What types of things do you like or motifs throughout your house? examples pineapples,stars,crows,nest,bees, certain breed of dog, dolls, penny rugs...
  • What colors do you decorate with?
  • Favorite little indulgences like candy, tea, scented lotion?
I will always email you a confirmation saying I received your info so if you don't hear from me within 24 hours I did not receive your email..

This is our big swap so give as you would like to receive. Simple rules since you all know what you are doing. Their must be at least 5 items in the box and since it's our special swap one item must be a doll at least 6 inches tall.The other items can be holiday,winter or just general year round.. You must email your partner within 3 days and say Hi! once you recieve her info.You must mail no later than Dec 11th.with tracker # YOU MUST POST A THANK YOU ON YOUR BLOG. We all enjoy seeing what the group creates and sends and it is just common courtesy.

Sign ups are open till Nov 16th. All images are from Etsy sellers with their shop names so you can visit and shop if you'd like.Lets's have Fun! ~Amy

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ornie swap Reminder

Hi girls! I've got a bad cold so I'm running behind on things. Wanted to remind everyone in the ornie swap I need to receive your ornies by monday the 10th.  Our Christmas swap will be posted for sign ups this weekend. Now I'm off to the couch for some TV time and hopefully some napping.  Happy November!~Amy

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

 A few outside pics. We won't be doing much this evening have some family things that we are standing by for.So I'm just going to take it easy and watch some TV and hang around the house. Been chilly and tomorrow calling for flurries and wind.Not quit ready I want some normal fall..smile....

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Amy

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Just thought I stop in and give you a smile today.This is were Mung likes spending his early evenings on his hammock watching out his fence window.He is a very smart dog and acts like he is watching his TV. Mung is finally back on his feet since tearing his acl took about 3 months but no surgery.He definitely has not learned his lesson though as he is back to his pushy self...smile...Hope you girls are having a wonderful Fall week!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Inside Fall Decorating Pics and Ornie Swap Reminder

 Well I've been busy and almost forgot to post the Halloween and Fall Decorating. Finishing up the market season and getting ready to nest.I'll have to admit I'm ready this year.People have been just out and out rude and disrespectful at times. One man even watched his kid break a antique, I said you do realize your kid broke that. He said it's not my kid. The mother came and said well it was fragile I said yes it's over 75 years old. Then  she says he didn't do it.I said I saw him and the man with him saw him you weren't here. They contemplated made some rude comments, I sat and didn't say anything never ask them to pay or anything just hoped they would teach their kid not to touch things without asking.The item was only $10 anyway. The man who said it's not my kid hands me $10 and says I hope you enjoy burning in Hell.I said ok but not quit sure why I would be going to hell over you not watching your kid.Alot of stealing this year too just little things but still.Don't get me wrong I love so many of my buyers and some are even close friends over the years but it's just been alot more people with no moral integrity or respect for others.I'm seeing it everywhere not just market.Anyhoo a break will be good...smile.... I've tried to simplify lately so not going all out like I used too. This sweet stitchery was a christmas gift from sister in law (jean primcrafts) last year. Yep had to wait a whole year to put it out....

 Leave this little hooked mat out from Lauren all year. The pumpkin and colors just make me happy..

 The Sheep is a gift from Madelyn Pineapple Primitives everyone always ask. I change out his little cart seasonally....

Well today was lovely.I did a little market up in the mountains and the drive was just beautiful with all the fall colors.They didn't buy alot but no rude people..smile.. Tomorrow it's supposed to get blustery and cold. Then I think we are in the 50's all week.There is still time to join in the ornie swap if you want. You have about 3 weeks to get them to me.The info is on the top sidebar for signups just click the snowman.Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!~Amy