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Sunday, January 27, 2013


 It's been cold here in PA.Light coat of snow on the ground.Although I love my nesting time I've been daydreaming of road trips,junking and selling my wares...Dreaming of strolling through tables piled high with that special find tucked in somewhere...Oh the excitement and pitter patter of my heart when found....
 So while I wait I have been watching on DVD 
 and pretending to be tagging along, but oh I would find much better things and at a better bargin.Yes I could teach these sweet girls some leasons but they could teach me some creativity as well..smile..
And have been browsing My Favorite Find and enjoying all the stories and treasures of other people junking fun...Think pinterest for treasure hunters with stories and maps..Fun Fun! I just adore the honey can and she found it for $10 yep pitter patter moment lucky girl! Oh no the itch has got me so today I will take a stroll through the antique mall and daydream some more..Not out to buy just get ideas and dream.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love is in the Air and Why Blog?

I think decorating for every season or holiday is a prim thing.I know most people around here or that I know don't.I'm one of those people who like to make everything special so it just goes along with that too...One thing I associate with Valentines is a yummy decadent dessert.Got any ideas or special ones you make?
The weather is frigid here this week.Good week for nesting,Pj days,reading,crafting,movie marathons and comfort food. Just some Lazy days.
We had some excitement yesterday morning our vehicles were riffled through.The person who did it even had the nerve to smoke I could smell it.They made a mess of the glove boxes but only got a few dollars in change.I was sooo happy they didn't take my GPS (need that for junking and adventures..smile) The neighbor didn't fair as well they stole his stereo out of his new truck and got his wallet he forgot under the seat.We live in a small town so things like this don't happen much.I'm a strong believer that what you put into the world is what you'll get back.People really need to start teaching children from a young age work ethics and pride.We wonder why the country is so bad? How do people learn values if never taught.Ok off my soapbox...
Wanted to thank all the girls who left sweet comments and emails.Betty at Through my back door ask Why Blog? Although I adore the wonderful decorating, and ideas.I think it's more because of the community and friendship.You get in a regular circle and those people mean as much as your best friend.They are your kindred spirits.They really get you,care about you,pray and send positive thoughts and share in joys as well as pain.It's a close knit friendship with people you probably visit more than you do people next door..smile..I'd have any of you over for tea and coffee(of course there would be cookies and cake silly)...Warm Blessings!~Amy

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catching Up

No Girls I did not fall off the face of the earth.I've had a cold and just haven't felt like being on the computer much.I ran into my friend Kathy and she hugged me, later that day hubby said he was talking to her and her husband and she has been very sick.(Thanks Kathy!) The next morning is when I got sick.Not the flu but just enough to make you not want to do much.We did go to the inside sale last saturday and then I decided to go to the fleamarket just to see if anyone was set up.Surprisingly there were some good finds,on the way home we even ran into a yardsale.I found lots of stuff most of it I sold already but here are a few of the treasures..
Little Red Riding Hood Book from the 1930's
Early Head Form Canvas over Balsa Wood in very good condition..And a original Kewpie small tin..
I did find some other things as well but nothing for me except a bumble bee mold I've been wanting for awhile but didn't want to pay the price well I got it for just $1 so I was tickled with that...Alot of you had emailed and I wanted to update you on Hubby.It took us till a few weeks ago to get a MRI which was not good it showed he has 5 hernated/bulging disk, 2 ruptured disk a arthritic nerve pinched up and pieces of spine floating around.The Dr ask how he is even able to walk? We have a appointment with a specialist friday and will find out more..Hubby was the bread winner in the house,yes I have my fleamarkets and sales which helped but hubby always paid the mortgage and most of the bills.Last year with dad having cancer most of my extra went to him.Hubby hasn't been able to work since august with all this, so things have been hard.We have depleted what savings we had and are struggling through.I'm able to pay most of the bills but not the house payment on my sales.I have also sold a few antiques from the house as well.Right now we are a few months behind on the house payment a business associate/friend holds our lean and has been nice about it because he is trying to give us till spring when I can do market and make more money.But there is the possibilty with the economy we may lose the house.This stresses me but I'm faithful that won't happen at this point.There is no work in our area were I can make more than what I make doing markets when the weather gets nice.Hubby will most likely not be able to go back to being a contracter/house flipper.We tried for SSI/disabilty but apparently they only go by the last 10 years employment and since he worked for himself they say we only have 5 years paid in and he is not eligible.Our state also passed some law that unless you have children you can not get cash assistance either so he is not elligble for anything even with the Dr.'s disability report.It has been a struggle to say the least.I wouldn't have told you all this but so many have asked and I consider so many of you my friends..Most days hubby is Ok surprisingly, but just stepping wrong or moving wrong can make him not even be able to walk.(This all started with 3 weeks of being paralysed) The Dr said I can not make him vacum for me anymore LoL I really hate vaccuming..It's hard because he was always my big stronge man who could move mountains now I have to think before I ask.He still does so much for me though...I also don't write this to worry anyone just want to let you know were my absence has been.I am generally my happy self most of the time and just take things day by day and deal with things in baby steps so they don't overwhelm me.Enjoy today and let tomorrow worry for itself attitude.Lots of prayer and faith that things will work out.I've never been without and trust that as long as I give each day my all I will be fine...smile...I think most people fail because they don't act or expect someone to do it for them and that will never be me.So generally I'm  my normal self,happy and finding Joy in the little things...So now we are all caught up...smile...This week is supposed to be frigid I have 3 days of running and appointments but am looking forward to snuggling in the other days and working on some gifts and watching a marathon of Dowton Abbey..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Weekend

Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy Weekend! I got the house cleaned,the christmas put away (last weekend) It felt good to put it away and have a fresh start.Put up a few touches of Valentine will share some more pics soon.Planning on a peaceful weekend.Making some goodies for my swappy girls (I have 2 wonderful partners)..smile..Quick trip to a indoor yardsale tomorrow (Hopefully will find some cheap junk goodness),Stop at dunkin donuts bring home some yumminess for breakfast and some time just lazing around enjoying some nothingness.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some overdue Thank Yous

Life has been hard lately and I feel I'm overlooking so many little things in the rush of it all...I'll do a catch up post soon.Thank you to all of you that check in on me.Don't worry my spirits are up through it all.Just going day by day ....So on to the sweet goodness.I was lucky enough to win two giveaways recently and wanted to show you the wonderful things I recieved.Above this Beautiful tree and Box from Sara of Salmon Falls Blog.She made the box and the bird.It is so pretty,I already had two people ask if it was a real tree.I'm going to leave it out and make some red beeswax hearts for it for Valentines....Then Granny Trace Did a Christmas Question fun giveaway.I surely didn't think I'd win as I got the wrong answer a few times.LoL..She sent a big box of Woolie Love..There was chocolate to but I had to go hide that so I'd have it for later..and she even sent the girls some activity books..(Very Thoughtful)...
Look at these lil peep peeps! I've been wanting one for a year and she remembered..Woolie love for sure...The box smelled so yummy of cloves and spice when I opened it from the new spice stuffing she is using for the ginger boys..

Trace is doing 100 days of Joy devotions for the New Year so stop over and share in the Joy with her!Thanks girls for the lovely surprises I love it all! Reminder to my Swapper Girls I need your info by Jan 9th I'm still waiting on a few.. I will send a confirmation email letting you know I got it so if you didn't recieve a email from me please resend.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, January 4, 2013

Humble Heart Swap Sign Up

Well girls it's time for our first swap of 2013! This one will be open so I will accept new people into the swap but we have strict rules so please read through before signing up.I know some of the rules to some people may sound harsh but there are other general swap groups out there,the girls in our group are generous givers and I want them protected from the people that are out to get something for nothing.Swaps should be fun and worry free and I check up on all of the swaps as well.If you are a regular in the group you know the general rules and nothing has changed..
Sign Up Rules
  • You must have a active blog which means you have posted within the last 2 months (yes I do check)
  • This is a primitive/farmhouse style swap so only sign up if you like that style
  • USA and Canada only
  • We do not set a price amount on our swaps as most of the girls hand make alot of the items and no value can be placed on handdids.BUT NO DOLLAR STORE STUFF and NO SENDING THINGS THAT YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO RECIEVE YOURSELF! Basically send nice things...
  • This a general prim swap..You need to include at least 4 items in your box(yes you can send extra's most do)..One item must have a heart theme/motif.One item must be stitched this item can be your heart item.Stitched includes bowl fillers,stitcheries,dolls.penny rugs,hooked or punched.You can purchase or make your item but the one stitched thing most be included..The other items just general prims or soaps,candles,teas ect.
  • Sign up by Jan 9th
  • Ship package no later than Feb 6th
  • You must email your partner and get to know her a little once you recieve your info
  • You must Thank your partner and Post your swap once recieved.
  • Any violations of the rules and you will no longer be elligible for future swaps.I do check on all the girls in my swaps and if any problems arise address it quickly.I'd rather be the bad guy than have a girl work hard to give only to be taken advatage of.On another note I do have a list of some bad swappers from other sites so if you are one of them (yes you know if you are) do not bother to sign up.Like I said there are other swaps out there for you.
  • If you made it this far..smile...Here is what I need for sign up
Leave a comment on this post then email your info to cottageprims@hotmail.com
You can copy and paste..
  • Here is what I need
  • Blog URL
  • Email address
  • Address
  • If needed are you willing to take a extra partner?
  • Are you willing to ship to Canada it only cost a few dollars extra?
  • Any allergies
  • Favorite scents or scents you do not like?
  • Collect anything special or looking for certain things like prairie dolls,crows,pineapples,gooseberry patch books,pinkeeps,penny rugs,old childs dishes....Whatever you like and if you really do not like anything like dolls with faces etc...
  • If you are a regular swapper last 2 people you swapped with.
You are welcome to post to your sidebar with a link back here...All images are suggestions of the types of items the girls send to give you ideas.All the items are from Etsy with the Artist/seller name so you can check them out if you'd like...
I must have your info no later than Jan 9th and will send a confirmation letting you know I recieved it.I will have your partners to you by Jan 12th.Let's have fun!~Amy