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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Winter Swap?

Hi Girls! Seems like most of the regular circle is moving to instagram and facebook so I wanted to see how many are interested in a winter swap? It would be mailed the middle of January.If I get at least 6 people interested I'll get it posted for sign ups..It used to be 25+ joined in but lately it hasn't been many joining in. If you want me to host The Heart of Winter Swap please comment so I can see if we have enough this time. Hope everyone is enjoying some cozy time before the Holiday rush!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Autumn Decor and last call for ornie swap

 Hi Friends! Just stopping to share a few pics around the house of my fall decorating. I have been enjoying the season. Took the girls to a corn maze last week and we got lost for over a hour. Finally I told them and hubby I was going my way and we were out in 10 minutes...smile... We were going to do the night one with flashlights I was so glad we decided not too.
 Not alot happening my way just getting ready for the long winter ahead..Sometimes feel like a squirrel running around gathering nuts but I know the cozy nesting season is soon.....

 Hubs found the metal scarecrow at a estate sale and bought it home to me....Love it....
 The annual ornament swap is posted.Just wanted to let you know there is still time to join in the fun.. This used to be the biggest swap and so much fun but with so many moving to Facebook instead of blogging I only have about 7 girls. If you want to join in Click Here for details  All are welcome.
Well girls hope you are enjoying Autumn. I've been making sure to take some time and relax with a warm cup of tea a few times a week. Lighting the candles as the eves are coming in earlier. Today will be baking some Pumpkin cinnamon rolls and taking some out to Grandma's old farmhouse. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Homespun ornie swap sign up

 Reposting for those that missed it....... Hi girls! It's time for our Homespun Ornament Swap. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun as long as you follow the rules posted below...Alot of the swaps I host are closed to regulars so this is a good way to get in on the fun and be able to join in on the seasonal swaps...You are welcome to copy the above image with a link back to this post to post on your blog...The images below are ideas on what to send. All are Etsy sellers with their names posted with the ornament so you can visit their shop....

  • You must be a follower of my blog (new followers are welcome)
  • The ornies must be handmade you can purchase or make them but they must be handmade
  • You can send 1-4 ornies how ever many you send is what will be returned to you.
  • Open to USA The postal rates have went up so you must include with your package a check, money order or of course cash makes no enemies (we have never had any problems with loss in the mail)..  $7  for the return shipping of the ornies...If there is any money left it will go to the local food bank which gives out Christmas dinners for families.Some will be over some under but it usually evens out in the end
  • You must include a return address label or hand written paper so I can mail it back to you. 
  • Ornies must be packaged with a tag on each one that has your blog url so people can thank you when they post the Thank You post

  • They must be in clear bag (ziplock or cellophane) so I can see them
  • Must be mailed by Nov 5th for US...
  • I'll be sorting and shipping so it reaches you by Thanksgiving week...I do not keep track of who gets whos ornies. It is the receivers responsibility to Thank the girls either via a blog post or email.

  • All are welcome but this is a primitive,country,colonial, farmhouse swap so only sign up if you like those styles
  • To sign up leave a comment on this post then email me for my address after checking your blog(I'm only checking for spammers) I will email my address to you. My email is cottageprims@hotmail.com I will email you back within 48 hours if you do not hear back from me it didn't reach me so try again.
  • If your package does not arrive to me before Nov 10th I will have to return to sender.Let's get them mailed on time.
Any questions I'm here to help. Let's have fun.~Amy

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Thank You Wendy and Jessica

 Wanted to stop in and Thank the lovely ladies who joined in the Harvest Gatherings swap. Seems sadly blogging in going by the wayside.I miss the community we used to share in so many kindred spirits..So we only had the 3 of us this time so I swapped with both girls. First is Wendy Ravenwood Whimzies.blogspot.com   She knows I love black dolls and pumpkins so she created the adorable doll. Yummy chocolates to nibble....Below adorable black cat with little mouse rider,teas for Fall.I adore a warm cup of tea. Paddle Board with pheasant...
 and a wonderful crow on pumpkin wreath...Thank You Wendy for everything you have been a wonderful friend over the years....
 Jessica http://oldcrowhomestead.blogspot.com/ sent such wonderful things as well.....
 I love the little Jack pin keep she made above...She also spoiled me with some sea salt caramel..
Doll, Acorn Tuck,Incense stix, Pumpkins and fall accents. Beautiful gifts from friends.Thank you girls so much!