Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Friday, March 21, 2014

The calm before

Saturday is supposed to reach 60 so I think I'm going to attempt a market and peddle some wares.People will be anxious to get out with all the cold we've had.Then the temps drop and maybe snow for tues. So yet another calm before the storm.I told hubby I'm just getting used to being cold all the time,really I'm begining to believe it will never end.Went to my first yardsale yesterday.It was in their house alot of good old stuff but they were kind of high and didn't want to budge.I did get a antique child's ironing board, a very rare antique book and a antique plunger that they washed clothes with in the 1800's. They will all go to market except the leather bond 1873 book will stay with me awhile.After market Brianna will come stay with me.Hannah is going to visit her mother but Brianna refuses and we are not going to make her if she doesn't want to.I try not to be negative at all about my sister around the girls but Brianna knows what she is and expresses it very often sometimes not in the best way.So we are all still tip toeing around the subject of her unexpected return and just hoping she is gone soon enough.Been a busy week I had a large candle order that kept me busy.So glad I no longer do wholesale.LoL.. I finally got a few made for me but they wanted them to..smile..Well girls Happy Spring! Hoping she realizes soon it's time for her arrival.~Amy

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thinking Spring

Ahhh today was mid 50's but tomorrow will be 20's and snow on the way. Bought some daffodils to let me dream a little...smile.. It will come sooner or later right? Enjoy your weekend!~Amy

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just stopping in to say Hi!

Been Busy but wanted to stop in and say Hi! Cold and Blustery today so I'm taking a PJ day. Yesterday was 58 degrees now today back to the teens. I think I'll bake a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.Yummm. The old F&F Jemima and Moses remind me of Grandma's kitchen cupboard.I always as a child peeked in to see her mix match of collections.(Still do..smile..) Old Gurley candles,egg cups, pixie elves,chenille bunny and plastic nutcups.Oh the wonders! Anyway back to the F&F's they were given as premiums at the old mercantile many years ago. Grandma said that Aunt Bert(my great aunt) had the whole collection but in the 1960's when they had the race riots she took all hers to the dump. Grandma only has a few pieces.I'm still building my collection.I have the two sets of S & P and the syrup pitcher.I would love to have the cookie jar and spice set.They also made other premiums like the Ralston Purina Dog and Cat and the Cool Penguins. Well girls hope you are all having a great week.I'm with the rest of you hoping for spring. I was out in the yard yesterday and see the tulips are pushing up. Yay! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Tidings Swap Sign Up Reminder

Just a reminder I need sign up info by Saturday. You can click on the sidebar to get info about the swap.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

1840 Sampler Framed

Yesterday we got more of this...Love it but hoping for spring now.This has been the longest,coldest,snowy winter we've had in a long time...
Remember this? I finally got it framed.I was pricing new frames and boy are they expensive in the large sizes....
Then I remembered I had a antique frame on the sunporch it had a old charcol of a farmer and house. I think it was the perfect match....
I've left this space empty since I re did the living room waiting for something special. This was the right piece..Do you ever do that leave empty spaces till you find the right piece?
Hope you girls are having a great week. The next few days are frigid but we are supposed to reach 40's by the weekend.Me and my nieces are dealing with their mom moving back to town very traumatic for us but grandma says she is going back to jail.I don't speak to her and to be honest it's the one thing I pray constantly about because I let the anger and hatred eat me every day. For some reason I can't let it go and forgive and move forward.It doesn't hurt her, it hurts me.I'll just say it's better for me and the girls when she is out of state or in jail. So all you ladies that pray maybe send up some for me and my nieces,My step dad I'm sure is very upset as well. So on a better note I got all the spring stuff out and all the winter stuff put away so even if it's still winter outside I have some spring inside. The new swap is posted click on the pic on sidebar for rules.hoping since old man winter came in like a lion,it'll be out like a lamb..smile..