Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Friday, June 22, 2012

Token of Friendship

Hi Girls! Well summer has definitely been here the last few days. High 90's and humid..Yuck I'm such a fall and winter girl but summer has it's benefits too like fresh vegetables grown yourself,sweet tea under a shade tree on a lazy Sunday afternoon,plentiful treasure hunting,swimming,care free cook outs,pretty flowers,Prim Americana displays,being a kid again riding the carnival rides with the girls..Wanted to share a surprise I received in the mail from my sweet friend Theresa Don't you just love when you go to the mailbox and there is something wonderful..smile...Sweet card and stitchery...
Oh my just love this sweet pouch with the beeskep,,,,,
Gave it to my prairie doll...Perfect accessory for a prim lady...

And wool strawberries.....
Such sweetness from a dear friend! I just love surprises and Theresa's work is sooo beautiful..Well girls we are doing 2 flea markets this weekend so I'm going to bed early and curling up with a book. We have to leave at 4:30 am to get a spot at the one so up by 3 am.I always get extra excited so don't get much sleep anyway.LoL......For the girls in the swap I sent out partners so if by chance you didn't get your email let me know.Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!~Amy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last night to sign up for the Prim Ditty Swap

Hi Girls! Just stopping in to remind you I need your info by tomorrow if you planned on joining this swap.You can click on the pic on the sidebar for rules and sign up info.Remember to email me the info I have one or two I haven't received yet.If I got your info I confirmed by email.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Doing the Happy Dance

Happy Weekend Girls! You remember how stressed I was about getting those horrible neighbors.Well Hubby said I heard the best news they aren't moving in.I didn't quit believe him,but yesterday they were supposed to sign the lease and start moving in.Instead the For Rent sign went back up.Yes I was doing the Happy Dance!!!! They apparently found another house.I'm just so happy it takes soooo much stress off.It'll probably be a while before they rent it because it's expensive for our small town.Plus with the road work not much traffic...Ok so the other day I told you about the old jug I made over.It has a chip on the bottom and no one bought it so I told hubby I make it over and see if it sells...
I actually modge podged the burlap on then wrapped it in string.while the modge podge was wet I rubbed some clove powder on it to make it grungy and it smells yummy.Well see if it sells taking it to market.Will charge $15 for it....Below is the butter churn I was going to keep but decided I really don't need it so it's going to market.It's smaller than most.If it don't sell I might reconsider keeping it.I keep looking at it and thinking I want it but then I look at the kitchen and think I really don't want to jam anything more in there.
And the dress form....Love these but no room...
Hubby found a beautiful large firkin and has asked me several times if I want it.I told him to go pack the load and stop tempting me to drag more stuff in.I have a really wonderful load for market.I just hope they appreciate it and aren't rude.(that's when I get tempted to hoard..LoL..) It makes me want to just drag it back and pack it away till I can find the person who will appreciate it.But truth be told I already have way to much stuff waiting...Well girls 3:30 am will be here before I know it so I'm off to read and hopefully get some  sleep.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, June 15, 2012

Swap Goodies from Robin and Reminder

Just wanted to pop on to Thank sweet Robin for the recent swap we did...It's been a long day and I'm exhausted.This morning hubby and I decided to go on a little Junking road trip.We were disappointed at first.Then I  found a old dress form so that was the start of happiness for me.Then we hit another sale and I found a old rye basket, and some other things..Then we went to this most wonderful sale.I got my pile outside and was tickled but then they told hubby their was furniture in the house.I had no interest in furniture because nothing will fit in the house and selling wise I have to many bigs.Anyhow I heard the lady say Mom was here since 1950 and nothing changed much inside so then I thought I'll just wait outside.Well hubby was taking awhile so I went in.Oh my goodness the treasures were inside.The brothers patiently let me dig in every room and corner and put up with me asking each price.Hubby was patient too.Must of dug for 1 1/2 hours.I found so many treasures.BUT the only thing I sat back to keep for me was a very primitive wood butter churn.I'll take some pics of it in a few days.The rest will go to market or Etsy as I get time.Gotta say with summer Etsy has been neglected...Ok so on to the swap .Everything wrapped so pretty....
Oh such goodness inside..Black doll..Strawberries..Sweetest tiny bees..There is a pic missising somewhere but Robin also stitched me the sweetest pinkeep(even with her poor finger injury) and sent some Dove Caramels...
Here's were some things went.Ditty hung on the pitchfork..
Sweet little bees (love) in the wood bowl and the Summer stitchery pinkeep...
The little doll with the bird necklace....Oh my she is so pretty and just the right size to tuck in...
Thank you sweet Robin for everything.You know you are such a special friend....Well girls hubby is taking me out to the Famous for a cheese steak.Yummm..Oh and a few of you still need to send your info for the swap.I would have confirmed receiving if I got it.There's still time to join in Info is at the top of sidebar.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What am I doing today and Swap with OLM

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Well I finally got a day around the house day.Yes of course I still got PJ's on..smile..Not really a PJ day but no rush to get dressed as I'll probably shower and go back to the PJ's.So What am I doing today? Well had 2 banana's to use up so have this in the oven baking....
Yummmm.Wonder how she knew to post this for me this morning? You can find the recipe here 
I'm also doing some make overs today which I'll share on another post as they are drying.I made over a crock jug, some wood bowls and made a shoo fly cover.I'm also trying to rearrange stuff again as I bought a old cupboard about a week ago.Honestly it won't fit but you know us prim gals we are bound and determined to have the things we love surrounding us.With me though I seem to collect and hoard,then get feed up with all the stuff then get rid of it...giggles....Me and Old Lady Morgan Marie recently did a swap..Excited!!!!! What could be in the wonderful box??
Yep lots of Prim goodness....
Basket of stars..Dammit Doll (She totally knew how much I needed this)...Jar of my favorite chocolates bet she snuck one..Special Bumble Bee just for me...Bittersweet stitchery mat..Lil pumpkin..And current issue of Prims which she is featured in!! You go girl!  So here are a few pics of were they found homes...Little Doll
The sweet bumble bee found the perfect spot on the sunporch...LOVE....
This is the first swap I ever did with Marie and she was more than kind.I've been friends with her a while and just love her.When my dad was going through cancer she was always there to encourage me,but what I like the most is she is down to earth.She to has a evil sister and realizes that when life gets you down you just gotta pick your self up and deal with it.Life really is what you make of it....Marie Thank You for the wonderful goodies and for your wonderful friendship! Now I'm off to curl up in the chair and enjoy the Prims magazine.....Our new swap is posted at the top of my sidebar just click on the image. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, June 11, 2012

Prim Ditty Swap Sign Up

 Well girls lots to share just gotta get caught up on things.Wanted to get our new swap up.For those wondering we have 2 swaps for the year left after this.Since summer is usually our busy time this one will be a simple prim swap...
  • Threadworkprimitives
  •  In order to sign up for this swap you must be a follower 
  •  You must have participated in one of my previous swaps or I must know you to some extent..This means you comment regularly on my blog or I comment on yours..If you are a new blogger email me and we'll discuss it..I will try to get you in but may want to get to know you better first.This is to protect the girls participating and by no way am I trying to be mean if I say wait till the next swap.The girls in the swap are generous givers and I want them to be worry free
  • The pics in the listing are suggestions and are from etsy with the sellers info if you want to purchase
  • You must have a active blog


  • You must say hello to your partner,thank her and post pics of your swap in a reasonable time.She is sending you gifts this is common courtesy
  • No dollar store stuff give as you'd like to receive
  • Open to the USA and Canada.
Now to the fun stuff....

  • Swap will consist of 3 items yes you can send extra's if you want.
  • One item must be a ditty bag, pouch, or settler type bag
  • Other two items just general prim

  • Sign up by June 20th
  • Mail date no later than July 27th with delivery confirmation
  • Yes you can post the swap badge to your blog sidebar if you want

If you'd like to sign up leave a comment here. Then I will need the following even if you signed up before

  • Email the info to cottageprims@hotmail.com 
  • Blog URL Name and Address Email
  •  I also want to know if you are a regular swapper the last 2 people you swapped with so I can make sure you have a new partner this time 
  •  Occasionally I have a extra or late sign up if needed would you want a extra partner? 
  •  Are you willing to ship to Canada it only cost a few dollars extra?  
You can copy and paste from my blog.The following is optional but helpful to include
  • Do you have any allergies? Favorite scents? Colors? Any favorite things like sheep, penny rugs,old kitchen gadgets, dolls? Something special you are looking for,collect,or enjoy? 

I always confirm receiving your info so if you don't hear from me email again.If I don't receive the info I can't count you in.I'm hear to help if you need me.Let's have fun!~Amy

Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome a new blogger

Happy Weekend Everyone! Been a little under the weather with a tummy bug for a few days but have lots to share on monday...I wanted to just drop in and introduce a new blogger Christina http://pendletonprimitives.blogspot.com/  stop over and say Hi! She would love to meet some new Prim Friends! Well hubby talked me into doing a extra market this week.So busy weekend.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet Gifts from Misi

Good morning Girls! I know not blogging as much lately.I think with summer life just gets super busy.Wanted to stop in and share the sweet gifts I recived from Misi She and I decided to swap on the Bee Happy Swap I hosted.We both had another partner as well.Let me say she totally spoiled me....
She sent so many thoughtful things.Large doll from Burlap Owl,Small doll from Traci York Mountain,Goat, Stitched ditty filled with strawberries,Wallpaper box made by Misi with wool nest tucked in and beeswax bluebird,French Beeskep....I gotta say Misi is so generous and never expects anything in return.She is very thoughtful and giving....So I did manage to get a few things out so far...Goat found it's home here....
The beautiful doll went here...
Zoom in and look at her beeswax necklace...I gave her a pea hen friend...

Thank You so much sweet Misi I am overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and Love everything! I hope you enjoy the gifts I sent as well....Well off to the vets taking both dogs at the same time so it should be interesting.Hope you all have a wonderful day!~Amy

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bee Happy Swap Shipping Reminder

Yikes! Where did May go? Just wanted to remind everyone in the Bee Happy swap your packages need mailed out by monday (June 4th) ..If there are any problems please email me as well as your partner so we can work it out...I'll be posting our next swap sign up in about a week.With the summer I think we all get busier so want to give a little extra time on the next one to get things done.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.We are hitting some wonderful sales Saturday so I'm excited to see if I find any goodies.Warm Blessings!~Amy