Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Busy Busy

 Just wanted to stop in and say Hi! Seems life has been so busy lately. Fall flew right by now we are heading into the Holiday season. The girls just turned 14 oh how I miss them being little.LoL..Grandma had her 80th birthday Saturday and my baby sister got married. The girls were attendants in the wedding wanted to show how pretty they look since they never dress up...smile...Sad their mom missed out on them as they are such beautiful young ladies...Better for them I guess... The wedding was Beautiful but I was to busy enjoying to take many pics...
The temps have really turned to cold this week.We were spoiled with a mild fall. Thanksgiving is just a few more days. We will make dinner here then go to my cousins he and his family are excited to host.It will be so different not going to Grandma's old farmhouse but it really is alot on her since there are so many grands and great grands.Then next week Hubby and I have birthdays. I'm ready for some nesting and down time but not sure it'll happen for a few months...smile...Well just wanted to stop in for a short visit seems I don't get much blogging time lately and I truly do miss it so many wonderful friends. Also wanted to let the girls in the Ornie swap know all are mailed and should arrive by the end of the week.I'll be back on in a few days to share mine.Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!~Amy