Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Monday, November 28, 2011

Swap goodies from The Rusty Thimble

Good morning everyone...Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.We had a nice dinner with hubby's family.My sweet SIL bought me the cutest snowman but I'll have to show you once I get finished decorating.I tried hard to get it done on friday but we have had high 50's and 60's temps so I just haven't been in the christmas mood yet.The good thing is I got a market in with the warm weather...It's supposed to be cooler after tuesday down to the 40's so I'll pull the tree down then.Wanted to stop in and thank Brenda for the wonderful swap goodies she sent.. The snowman make do is my favorite! Sweet gingers....

The santa has already found a home and is trying hard to get me motivated for christmas..Oh and the sweet black prairie doll.I love black dolls...Everything was handmade by Brenda..

Thanks so much Brenda.I loved everything you sent.Just wonderful! Well tomorrow is my birthday.I tell the girls 29 and holding but they are starting to not believe me.LoL. They don't understand how you can be the same age every year..I don't go all out anymore. Anyone who knows me knows I'm more into my house than designer clothes and such but I really wanted a pair of Ugg boots but could not bring myself to pay $150 for shoes.Yikes! Well I found some at a unbelievable price so I checked the box inside,outside and compared them to others to make sure they were not knockoffs.They were the real deal so I tried them on Pure Heaven soooo soft.The man even gave me a little extra off.I didn't have enough so I gave him my money told him to hold them and found hubby told him to get over there.So now I have my Uggs gonna were them out today even though it's not cold.They are supposed to adjust to the weather since they are lined with sherpa.Well girls I've got another busy week ahead but have a few things and thank you's to catch up on so I'll be on later this week.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Time for Thanks

Hope you all are Having a wonderful week.Hectic here as usual.We have to drive a hour and half away from home tomorrow for court.My husband is a witness we tried to get out of it but no such luck.I can't believe it's a day before Thanksgiving.It's in the city too, which I don't like going to and am worried about were I can park my jeep.Hubby says better make sure to hide my GPS.LoL...Anyway the guy was already found guilty but he appealed so now they are pinning more charges on him.If I was them I would have paid the fines and cost in local court because now he could face a felony charge through the DA. He's not to smart....Then turkey day.My hubby's family is coming and I might go see everyone at grandma's later in the eve...Hubby will make a full blown dinner,I'll make some dessert..So wanted to stop in and wish you all a

Happy Thanksgiving while I had a few minutes..So many things I'm thankful for this year but I think it's the simple things that mean the most to me this year.I find myself not caring about the gifts under the tree or everything being perfect(yes I like things a certain way)..It's been a rough year and I'm finding more joy and appreciating small things that used to go unnoticed and appreciated...

Like having a minute to enjoy a magazine with a warm cup a tea a rare occasion lately..Time waiting on the Drs to call dad back as we get time to talk while waiting and I appreciate that I have the few minutes to just sit and talk with nothing else to do.Every minute counts with the unknown time we have since we found out about the cancer.I'm Thankful he's talking about the future and hoping to go back to work in January...I'm thankful for my family and that I still have my grandma and the old farmhouse to gather with everyone on sundays...I'm thankful for home..Thankful for friendships near and all of you who have been there for the good and the bad.Blogging brings you close to people who are so similiar to you and so many of you are like family...Soooo many things to be thankful for..

So as you sit down to your feast remember how blessed you are to have loved ones near,good food to eat and a warm house.Count your blessing and remember that there are so many people without right now...My wish for you on this Thanksgiving is Love and Warmth and may you always be blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving! Warmest Blessings!~Amy

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Swap Mailing Reminders

Hi sweet girls.Just wanted to remind you your Christmas at the Cabin Swap package should be mailed.... The girls in the ornie swap should have there's mailed out around black friday so we can get our decorating started...

If there are any problems or concerns feel free to contact me or just to say hi too..smile...A few have emailed I will be getting our next swap posted in a few weeks but it won't be due till after the holidays.Just to much going on with most people till after Christmas.Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!~Amy

Monday, November 14, 2011

New online magazine Swap from OLM and Secret Sister

Good monday ladies! Busy week ahead for me but wanted to drop in and say Hi! There is a new online magazine out with wonderful ideas for Holiday handmande gifts.Best part is the first issue is Free to check out.Some wonderful ideas for gifts especially if you're wanting to do less expensive and personal..... http://issuu.com/splendidlyhomemade/docs/winter2011 Old Lady Morgan recently held a ornie swap so wanted to share what I recieved..

Candy Canes from Carmen and the primcats,Salt Dough Snowman from Rachel Somewhere in the middle, Joy Sack from Eve Lee hill primitives, Gingerbread from Becky PrimitivesnStitching,Little prairie girl from Sew many girls. Oh and Marie sent kisses.So much fun getting a surprise.I left mine in the packages because I'm trying to hold of till the day after thanksgiving to pull the tree out.....Also wanted to share the goodies from my secret sister swap for November....

Thanks girls for everything..I'll be busy this week so much to do finshing up swaps,ornies,preparing for Thanksgiving,taking dad to appointments, Supposed to meet up with a man who says he has about 200 lbs of beeswax actually he says he has 600 lbs but is only willing to give up the 200lbs, Need to check out a storage clean out but not looking forward to it because I think it will be mostly new and import stuff I originally said no as I didn't want to but hubby said he wanted to go look, and general life stuff shopping, cleaning any one want to help with that? Shipping packages and the list goes on.Hubby ask yesterday what I was writing as I've started carrying a small notepad.I said to many things to do if I don't make notes I'll forget little things..smile..Hope you girls have a great week.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, November 11, 2011

Home for the Holiday Giveaway

It's been awhile since I had a Giveaway.Life just kept getting in the way.You all mean so much and I think Christmas is the best reason to give back.This will be my first ever surprise giveaway so it will really be like christmas.Some prims and yummy smelling beeswax will be part of it for sure...Tease..No hoops to jump through (don't you hate it when there are a million and one rules).Simple rules you can leave one comment as I'll draw the old fashioned way.Rules
You must be a follower
Comment letting me know something that makes you joyful during the holidays like snow, a favorite scent,favorite recipe whatever brings that warm fuzzy to you..smile..
Post to your blog with a link back to here for a extra chance.
The winner must contact me within 48 hours or another winner will be drawn.It's a gift I shouldn't have to hunt you down.
Good Luck and Merriest Christmas Wishes!~Amy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Love Fall

Thank you girls for all your sweet comments and prayers and emails.You are all so special and I'm thankful to have you...Now on to fun stuff.I know most of you are getting a jump on Christmas decorating but I enjoy fall and Thanksgiving.I don't like to rush it.For me fall marks the start of nesting, a slower pace (summer is busy here), enjoying more time with family and friends,good food and togetherness.I also love the colors,cool crisp air but not so cold that a warm cup of tea won't take the chill off ,warm scents always candles burning.I also love that darkness comes earlier encourages me to relax.Hubby always makes a big Thanksgiving dinner here wether it's just us or a housefull.It's the only holiday we spend at home...So the Halloween is away and the turkeys are out..

Display on top of the old mecantile cupboard....

The little red stepback cupboard with my chalkboard I change for every season..Beeswax turkey by me..Love the old putz turkey in the wood bowl..

This shelf changes with the season too..

Look closer...

Madalynne's sweet crow is holding a antique putz turkey.Love switching her for each season.She is a well loved treasure..

Yummy maple syrup candle burning...

Front door simple...

Pumpkin crunch cake burning here...

Nothing overboard just simple touches.So many things from my friends sweet reminders of you all. Today is a beautiful Indian Summer day then supposed to get cooler again, at least no more snow yet..smile...I'm going to take the dogs for a long walk and work on some gifts and swap goodies.Hope you all are having a wonderful week.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweetness and Gratitude

Hi sweet girls! This post is a little sappy and long be fore warned..I haven't been blogging as much regular post like I used to.Truth be told lately I have been really down and I like to be more upbeat.I normally bounce back quickly but it hasn't been that way.I'm also a optimist and always try to find the good so when the bad comes sometimes reality takes awhile to settle in.Well let me say the last few months the reality has built a grand old nest inside of me and some days I just want to go sit in a padded room so I can breath,be alone and gather my thoughts awhile... But alas it's not going to happen because I don't break easy.LoL..I normally turn it over to God and know that eventually "This to shall pass" It is hard sometimes to gather my thoughts at times though,stress does that I think it's called the flight impulse were we have to run in panic or at least the brain thinks that.To technical for me...I've finially come to terms that my Dad may die from the cancer.They gave him a 50/50 chance without the chemo.He has refused the injections but agreed to take the pill he should have both.He said he has been knocked down to long and can't go the whole way for now.He is in constant pain,hates the colostomy bag,is worn out and truth be told I don't think he cares if he goes on.He was a person who loved to work and be out and about.The doctors have told him he will never return to work like he did.No he is not miserable to be around but if you lose the will to live that's most of the battle.I spend alot of time taking him to doctors and just visiting with him.I've come to terms that I was a good daughter and was there for whatever he needed.I hope for the best but know what might be...Stress number two is my sister being back in my life.What she has done is horrible I'm not ready to discuss it.I know forgiveness is the right thing but I don't forgive her,every time I see her my heart breaks and the anger sets in.I have prayed and prayed on this one.Really if you had to be thrown in a place with the person who caused you so much pain repeatedly it would be hard for you too.Most people can say they forgive because they don't have to see the person.With the holidays coming up I hope I can get past this...So the moral of all this? Well there are so many special people who touch your life and heart.So many of you sweet girls are better friends than the people I see daily.So many ties that bound and we find each other through our similiarities.When a person is struggling those little things make a world of differnce.The little card that shows up in the mail.The encouraging email. The prayer and good thoughts sent up on your behalf..Then there are simply amazing people who out of the blue send a big old surprise..

Yep Linda Parker is that person.She bought tears to my eyes knowing that someone thought of me.She sent me the wonderful stitcheries and the sweet beeskep and other goodies.That lil beeskep ment the most though because I knew while she was going about her daily task she thought of me especially.Thank you sweet Linda for always being my friend and the encouragement you give me.I love all the sweetness you send my way..And so many of you are truely special to me...I have realized in the last few days that there are soooo many ways I'm blessed and will be Thankful each day..I'm not saying the fog will lift and all sadness will be gone but if we look for JOY it will be there in the simplest of things..I've always said those Random acts can mean so much to someone so even if it's just a smile or a hello it can turn a world around for someone.

Still with me? Sorry so long just so many of you care and worry so I wanted to update you.Oh and Linda not sure why you sent the wonderful gifts.My birthday? Truely love those stitcheries of yours.

May you all find joy and happiness.As my sweet friend Cheryl always says "Snatch Joy" ~Amy

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome a new blogger

Hi girls! Busy today but wanted to stop in and let you know Kendra just started a prim blog and would love a visit from everyone. http://thestonehouseprims.blogspot.com/ stop in and say Hello! I'll be back on soon with a regular post.We are back to fall here no more snow in the forecast..smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just Not Right ~ A White Halloween

Hmmmm....Just not right is it? Snow and Halloween just don't match.Should be crunchy leaves underfoot and a spooky chill in the air.Ours looked more like those crazy people who are to lazy to take down the decorations till Christmas..LoL..We ended up with about 8 inches here in the end.The last time it snowed in October was before I was born..It set a new record for the most snowfall in our area this soon. Wonder if it's a sign of a harsh winter.I hope so.Love lots of snow just not this soon.Plus keeps hubby busy out snowblowing so I can have time to myself snuggled inside.. My poor weeping cherry did survive I was worried...

Trick or Treat? I'd say trick..Our front walk.

Early in the snow.....Luckily we had it cleaned up before trick or treat.So the lil goblins could have their fun...

Eeeekkk! Being invaded by Nieces and nephews....Jayson (cowboy) is still at the lovey age so I can still get a smooch and hug...

Brianna nibbling on chips...

My lil Hannah Honeybunch...Growing so fast...

Hmmm goody bags woner who gets those treats?

My oldest nephew coby.Nice to have him around a little more..

My sister Melissa always takes the girls and her son Jayson trick or treating and brings them to visit for awhile.Well this year my evil sister came too.It was hard having her in my house so far I have been able to handle seeing her at grandma's and when the girls had their birthday,but having her in my home was very hard.I concentrated on the kids and Melissa.I hope I can get better about being around her before the holidays because the anxiety it causes seeing her is hard.I've tried forgiving her but my heart just can't let go yet especially since I think she will not ever change.Other than that was a wonderful Halloween.Hannah was Fancy Nancy which is a tea party theme so darn cute plus now I know she'll love her christmas present I got her the DS game, and will make her some sugar cookies with pink frosting and some strawberry tea mix.Brianna was Rapunzel which surprised me since she said she was to big for princesses.Hope you all are having a wonderful week!~Amy