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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Giggles

We ended up with about 8 inches of snow.Yes I'll post some pics tomorrow.I've been busy being cozy and lazy(rare for me)...Thought I share some giggles.Happy Halloween even if it's more like christmas here.LoL..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow and Blog Sale

Well girls it's still snowing here.Alot of trees are breaking and since the leaves haven't dropped it's holding all the snow.We broke a record here in Pa with 5 inches so far in October.Oh my I was just settling in to fall.I did take pictures and will be back on tomorrow if we have power (they say with the braches to expect power outages)..I decided to leave the blog sale listings up till monday so check it out if you have time.There are 4 listings total some extra fall beeswax items that I marked cheap and lots of antiques and prims.I did get my PJ day in so that was a good part of the snow day..smile..Suppossed to only reach 40 tomorrow so I'm going to finish up some ornie's to send off to OLM and hopefully get some stitching done(not my favorite thing).Hubby says since it's halloween we need to go out and make zombie snowmen and spray them in red food coloring.Hmmm we'll see.We haven't had trick or treat here yet.I think it's monday so it should be interesting this year having a white Halloween.LoL Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!~Amy

Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Sale this afternoon

Well girls we have snow on the way. 6+ inches at last report..Yuck so not ready.I love snow but really a few more weeks of fall would be nice.Since I won't be able to get market in this weekend I'm going to do a blog sale starting this afternoon.The above crock,primitives,old baskets,antique yelloware mold,Large wood dough bowl,choppers,antique tin cookie cutters and tons more. Reasonably priced.Plan on doing about 3 listings starting around 11 for the first.Hope you can make it.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ornie Swap Info and Just stopping in to say Hi!

Hi Girls! Busy as a Bee..smile...Dad has been taking alot of time(he and I are having a dis aggrement over chemo) another story for a different day, and trying to get ready for winter and just general life..I'll be back on in a few days...Trying to vist everyone but you know if you miss a day on blogs you'll never get caught up LoL...Had to giggle visted Salmon Falls blog and she had Christmas music playing. EEeek! It's coming so fast...

For you girls doing the ornie swap everyone should have gotten your email today.If not let me know.I hope I got everyone matched right we had like close to 60 ornies to send to differnt address.I went over the list like 3 times and am 99% sure I got everything right but if not email me and I'll get it right for you.I know a few have a number by the name that was were I forgot to erase it for the ornies they were to recive so don't wory if you have a number beside the name..

Today is our last warm day here then down to 50's the rest of the week.I love nesting and cooler weather but not quite ready yet..Would like to get market in a few more weeks but the cooler temps the regular people don't come but I'm lucky to have about three people that stock their shops from me. With the cooler temps coming I have a list of things I want to bake.Looking forward to a stay in my pj's day hopefully thursday and catching up on some shows.I haven't watched TV in a few weeks any of the new fall ones really good? We have streaming to the TV so I can catch up on them.I have watched some terra nova was hoping it be more like lost.Wanna start watching Hart of Dixie and a Grimm comes out this week.Hope you all are having a wonderful week! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy Busy

Well girls I'll be away from the computer most of the weekend..You know where I'll be..

Out selling junk...smile...Well hopefully hubby will do the selling while I seek out treasure..

Supposed to be a cool but beautiful fall weekend so I'm doing two markets..Running out of time before it'll be to cold...

We got sooooo many sign ups for the ornie swap YaY! Fun Fun..So I'll get everyone there addresses out by tuesday..Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!~Amy

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wonderful swap goodies from Christina

Wanted to share my wonderful goodies from Christina.We were partners for The Prairie Harvest Swap. Hmmmm wonder what's in this box? So excited to dig in..smile.. Oh my goodness! Spoiled Rotten..Sheep,Black Doll,Sunflower Garland and Candle...

Two stitcheries she handmade for me...

Prairie Bonnet...

Christina sent wonderful gifts but the best gift was getting to know her.She recently started a blog and would love some followers and new friends to drop in and say Hi! http://oldthymeprimitives.blogspot.com/ Thanks so much Christina! I love eveything you sent.~Amy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesdays Display Chain ~ Autumn Table

Tuesday's Display Chain Hosted by Misi http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/ This weeks theme was Autumn Table Prepare and show a single table setting and recipe.Well this week has been hectic so any food I made was gobbled down in our rushed frenzy.So my display isn't as pretty as some of yours but it's mine.. Giggle...(Robyn) and Teresa sweetie you honestly had me drooling.(Make sure you check out the other links) I promise though it's sooooo yummy.
Single Serve Peanut Butter Pie...Makes about 4 depending on your container size.

You'll need


  • oreo cookies about a row and a half crushed I put mine in a ziploc bag and hit with a rolling pin get some stress out..smile..

  • about a tablespoon butter or margerine melted

Ganache Layer

  • 1 Cup Semi sweet chocolate chips

  • 1/2 Cup Whipping Cream also sold as Heavy Cream

Peanut Butter Pie Layer

  • 1/2 Cup Peanut Butter

  • 4 oz cream cheese softened

  • 1/2 Cup powder sugar

  • 4 oz thawed cool whip(half a tub)

  • Chopped up reese cups about 3

Mix oreo crumbs and margerine I use a spoon then hands ,press into bottom of container to form the bottom crust layer. Bring heavy cream to boil in saucepan remove from heat add chips stir till smooth.Set aside to cool slightly..Cream peanut butter and cream cheese.Beat in powder sugar.Fold in cool whip.Over the crust put a layer of peanut butter,then some chopped up reese cups,then ganache,then peanut butter.cover refrigerate.Normally takes about a hour for the ganache to set.Let me tell you the ganache is to die for I could eat it alone.Enjoy!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ornie Swap Sign Up

Well girls it seems we had enough interested in doing the extra swap before Christmas.So we are doing the ornie swap.

This one will be a little differnt.You will not necessarilly have the same partner you are sending to.It will not be secret but it will be random...You can choose to send 1-3 ornaments each will go to a differnt person but you will get the same as you send in return. Should be able to go padded envelope so cheap shipping.The ornie must be Prim and must be handmade it can be purchased as long as it's handmade. When you send your ornie you must put in the package your name and blog so we know who it's from.If you do not have a blog include your email so your partner can say thank you. Same rules apply ~ give as you would like to receive.I must know you to some extent or you must have a active blog I can check out.New swappers are welcome I just like to check in on people in my swaps as it is no fun to be disappointed.email me if unsure and I'll let you know.Please comment on this post you are joining in the fun...

Email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com your address,blog url and how many ornies you want to send and receive 1-3...Sign ups are open till Oct 20th Your ornies must be mailed by Nov 28th but you can mail earlier if you want.But people will want them shortly after Turkey Day to start decorating.Any questions I'm here to help.~Amy

Friday, October 14, 2011

Swaps and Prize Thank You and Question for my Swappers

I won this sweet scarecrow doll from Barefoot Primitives http://barefootprimitives.blogspot.com/ .So much detail.She recently had surgery so won't be stitching for awhile.Stop over and wish her well....
Below is the wonderful goodies I recieved from Eve http://leehillprimitives.blogspot.com/

So many prim goodies..Love the black prairie doll she included a pumpkin for her for fall and a pineapple for everyday..

Lil doll with stitched face.Her hand dids smelled so wonderful.I still keep taking a sniff.Coffee and cinnamon..

Sweet Lindee does not have a blog but if you ever get a chance to swap with her let me tell you her items are wonderful.She puts so much pride in her prims.Her and I recently did a few swaps.I needed a few goodies hand made for gifts and she wanted some beeswax goodes so we swapped.We recently did a doll swap and these are the prim goodies she sent...I already put the lil angel on my christmas tree...

Thank you girls for your heartfelt gifts!.....Ok on another note this is a questions for my swappers.A few of you missed out on the Christmas at the Cabin swap..We had the biggest gathering of girls for this one over 25 sign ups. I'm sorry a few of you missed sign ups.A few girls have emailed and ask about the next swap...I don't have any planned swaps till after Christmas and was wondering if any of you wanted to do a ornie swap? It would be a handmade ornie can be made by you or purchased as long as handmade.You could choose 1-3 ornies to send and receive.The differnce here would be instead of sending them to me you would send the ornie to the persons name you had you would recive the same number you send from differnt people.Which would save paying double postage. .Or we could do a stocking swap which would simply be to fill a stocking but one item would have to be handmade.I didn't plan a swap because I assumed everyone would be busy but if you girls want to do one I'll put it together.Email me or leave a comment if at least 7 girls want to do it I'll set it up.Also let me know which you prefer ornies or a stocking.Have a wonderfull day!~Amy

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesdays Display Chain Leaves of plenty -Autumn Foliage

Tuesday's Display Chain Hosted by The Grand Witch herself Misi fly on over and visit her and the other displays at http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/ Todays theme Leaves of plenty -Autumn Foliage.My display on top of the antique mecantile case...

Let's peek a little closer..

Colorful leaves and foliage swirling around witches a brewing....

Crow from sweet Madalynne holding a gourd pumpkin I made her.

Hope you enjoyed my display now have fun visiting all the other wonderful links.Have a spooktacular day!~Amy

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Swap Reminders and Weekend Finds

Seems I had another brain fart as listing the shipping date for the Prairie Harvest Swap for monday so the deadline will be extended to wednesday to get your packages out.If you need a little extra contact me or your partner I know a few of you had some things happening....I also want to let you know anyone who wanted in on the Christmas at the Cabin swap I need your info by tomorrow.Link to rules and sign ups on the sidebar top.We've got alot of sign ups for this one so it should be really fun....I'll be off line till monday morning so if you don't hear from me that's why..Well girls this is why I never miss when I purge a few things from my collections,I always find more to replace it..smile..I'll never have emptiness...Here are a few of my weekend finds.I love the old chair! I wish I could find more the lady I bought it from said it would be a nice piece if you paint it.I smiled and said no I love it the way it is and will just wipe it off.She thought I was nuts.I like the original finish and the loved over time look.Hubby found this box and wanted to resell it but I talked him out of it.Printed on all four sides.Where would you ever find another in this shape? He said I could keep it if it found a place before today so yesterday I put it on top of the hoosier..See I tend to pile things and never get to them so I'm trying to break that habit and only keep the things that are loved enough to find homes right away....

Small antique sugar bucket...

Hope you ladies are having a fantastic weekend! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, October 7, 2011

More Autumn around the House

Well girls you may want to grab a warm cuppa as this is a picture heavy and chatty post..I have one more fall display post but I'm saving it for display chain on tuesday...

Today is the girls birthday the big 9 oh my growing sooo fast.We are all going out to dinner tonight at a buffet.About 20 of us.Grandma,cousins,aunts,uncles been a few years since we've all done this..The girls are getting gift bags from me and I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest were you do a bag with a snack size hershey bar,graham crackers and marshmellow ghost to make halloween smores so I'm making up some of those to include.They love roasting marshmellows on sundays by the bonfire...

The rain finally stopped after 2 months of rain almost daily we were so surprised to have beautiful sunny skies.Been chilly but this weekend is supposed to be beautiful..I'm a little nervous because I decided to purge some of my personal things for fleamarket this weekend.I decided I'm going to do saturday and sunday because with the weather,taking care of dad, and life in general I haven't had much time to make money and hubby's work has been slow.I'm a person who has to be comfortable, not a ton of money but secure so I decided with winter on the way I want some extra money thus letting go of a few things of mine.The reason I'm nervous is when you sell things you don't care about it doesn't matter if people are rude or cheap or plain ignorant which believe me they are.But when you sell things you love and know you are giving a good deal,the comments and rudeness are a little harder to bite the tongue and deal with..Don't get me wrong I have wonderful customers,friends and shop owners who know they can easily make money on me but then there are the people who think you should give your things to them.Don't tell me it's the economy rudeness does not come from that.If they can buy a $6 hamburg and $3 drink they can afford not to ask me to go $1 on a $5 item.Ok enough griping like I said just nervous if they want the good stuff resonable I'll definatly have it.I'm taking some old firkins,my graduated set of brown band yelloware bowls,crocks, antique large snowdrift and campfire marhmellow tins, and some prims.Now don't worry girls my house is still full and I'm definatly still buying..smile..In fact the stuff that's going are things that have been sitting looking for a home for a long time or things I've bought new things to replace.

Hubby just bought me a antique black licorice box I love.I'll show you in a few days..

Dad is still taking up alot of my time.He seems to be doing better but the doctor told him he's only got a 50/50 chance which took us totally by surprise so now I'm glad I have been doing everything I can.They are upset he lost 5 lbs which I think is partly because when he was in the hospitol they wouldn't let him eat for a week.He says he is eating less because the clostomy bag bothers him.I've been making sure he has good food which he eats.He's got a case worker now to help with all the insurance and she is trying to get him food stamps which will help lessen the burdon on my budget a little.Now let me say I don't think food stamps are a good thing for most people but my dad has worked for 45 years never taking a penny or hand out so since he can't work and has paid into taxes all these years he is the right type of person who should get some help..He also has a visiting nurse helping 2 days a week now..The doctor says he needs chemo again and is going in 3 weeks.he's upset that they won't give him the pills this time and will do it IV...I've accepted whatever the outcome is I've been there and did what I can and will continue..Just got to enjoy each day and let the people you love know while you still got them.Other than pain though he does not seem sick to me..

Easing into Autumn it's my favorite time of year! As soon as the ground dries out we are taking a day trip with the girls to a corn maze.We'll probly get lost but should be fun.I've been watching a few spooky movies I don't like gorey ones.More atmospheric whith big old houses and maybe a ghost hiding in the corner or a good mystery.I think I look at the old houses more though LoL I watched practical magic last night and noticed the trencher,yelloware and cupboards more than the movie. Also been trying out alot of comfort foods and baking with the cooler temps.The leaves are changing I'll have to get some pics they are amazing here in PA...

I've got lots of pics of new finds and some swaps to share so will be back soon with those.Oh I also wanted to let people know alot of your blogs won't let me comment there are others having the problem too.If you change your comments to pop up it fixes the problem.I'm missing alot of giveaways because of it and don't have time to email each of you personally.

Wanted to remind you if you want to get in the Christmas at the Cabin swap sign ups are till sunday.Click on the link at top sidebar for rules and sign ups..Thanks for sticking with me through the long post..Anything special planned for the weekend or special things your doing for fall? I just keep thinking how fast christmas is coming up.EEek!

Warmest Blessings and Happy Friday!~Amy

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beeswax Owls

Beeswax Owls.Spiced rubbed Stix & Cider scented.Self Standing or I can punch a hole for hanging let me know if you want a hole.Almost 4 inches tall..Can use as tart break down into 3 tarts. $4.50 each US free shipping.Yes I will ship to canada for $1 extra.

If interested email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with your paypal email included and I will invoice you.I still have the acorns and other goodes available here http://bumblebeelanecottage.blogspot.com/2011/09/beeswax-goodes.html The last orders are shipped or shipping this afternoon.Thanks for looking!~Amy

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesdays Display Chain ~ Pick a color

Tuesdays Display Chain hosted by Misi http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/2011/10/tuesday-display-chain-choose-your-two.html This weeks theme was pick a color and display a vigenette with the color choice.Well seeing everyone's I can't believe I just had a brain fart and didn't even think of all my Halloween stuff.To much crammed in my brain lately.Had to help dad today with Drs apptointments so I'm just going with what I had ready.....

I picked Black & White.Chippy whites and black.The old photo is my great great grandfather and family.Funny he looks exactly like my dad.Pinkeep a gift from Theresa love how she added my intials into the stitching.....And below my favorite Black and White....Gus loving up on his Mung...Now head over to Misi's and visit everyone's displays..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas at the Cabin Swap Sign Up

Yes sweet ladies it'll be here before we know it! This will be the last group swap I'll host for the year.The next one will be after christmas...

This will be christmas but a few regular prims are nice too for year round...

Rules~ You must include 5 things in your swap(yes you can always include extras)
This is our Christmas Swap so let's be extra giving..
One item must be stitched you do not have to sew or stitch it yourself it can be purchased but must be included.
2 of the items must come from the list below and yes it can count as your stitched item

  • Stocking

  • gingerbread

  • snowman

  • santa

  • star

  • angel

  • pineapple

  • mittens

  • candy cane

  • garland

  • christmas tree

  • snowflake or icecicle

  • manger related

  • pantry cake or christmas pudding

  • Hot drink mix or mulling mixes

  • ornies

  • cabin ~ stitchery,figures,salt dough ornies,beeswax,pictures anything with a cabin

You can purchase your items or handmade but they must be something you would want to recive. By this I mean I only want people to sign up who really want to enjoy giving as well as recieving.No dollar store stuff!!! I'm going to say your package must be at least a $25 value but it's so hard to put a value when people are doing handids so let's just say send a package you'd enjoy reciving...I want this to be fun for both parties..
To sign up you must be a follower of my blog...I must know you to some extent this means you comment or have participated in a past swap I held...If I do not know you and you want to join in you must have a blog I can check out.Again I just don't want any disappointments..I do encourage new bloggers to sign up and will help you anyway I can..So sign ups are open till Oct 9th.You must mail out your package by Nov 18th with confirmation..I'll give you your partners info around October 11th so that gives plenty of time.It will not be a secret swap so get to know your partner make it fun and start a new friendship!!

You must email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following ......
Blog Url
Any Allergies?
Optional Do you have any favorite things like santa,redware,candles,stitcheries,dolls,pineapples,pennyrugs?
Optional What types of scents do you like?
Just copy and paste if you want but I need this even if you joined in before to make it easier to find.

I encourage you to sign up even if you never swapped before.I'm here to help you....The pics throughout are suggestions to go with the theme and not all my displays..Can't wait to get started on this and if you have any questions just email me.Warm Blessings!~Amy