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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Swap Reminder and a Little Autumn

We've had some chilly days here the last week.I'm loving it but not quit ready yet.Need to get a few more markets in.I have managed to get the inside Fall put out but kept it simple this year.I'll show on my next post.I reacived a wonderful surprise in the mail from my bloggy friend Marsha (Tattered Chick) She sent the altered witch picture above and this pumpkin stick below....
She also sent the girls some awesome Halloween necklaces but I forgot to take a pic.They just loved them especially since the one looked just like Hannah sitting on a pumpkin..Marsha is such a sweetie! My kindred spirit just adore her....Ok so I bought the pumpkin spice kisses and well I didn't quit like them for "candy" so this is what I did with them....
Just made snickerdoodles and topped them with the kiss while they were still warm.They were yummy and just perfect with hot tea for fall! Well busy here but did want to stop in and remind everyone in the Harvest Gatherings Swap monday is the final ship day. Can't wait to see what everyone recieves..smile..Hope everyone is enjoying little touches of Fall it'll be christmas before we know it.LoL. Warm Blessings!~Amy