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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prairie Harvest Swap Signup

Well girls I know we are all anxious for Fall.I know I am it's my favorite time of year! I will be hosting this swap and a christmas swap yet this year..This one will be a primitive general swap with Fall and Thanksgiving mixed in....

I want you to think of cabin prairie life and include things we can enjoy year round and at Thanksgiving.....

Rules~ You must include 4 things in your swap(yes you can always include extras)

One item must be stitched you do not have to sew or stitch it yourself it can be purchased but must be included.

1 of the items must come from the list below and yes it can count as your stitched item

  • Dried Goods ~ Flowers, Fixens, Spices,Potpourri

  • Pantry Cake

  • Prairie Doll

  • Wooden or Treen Ware~ Bowls,Spoons,Bread Board

  • Early Light~ Candle, Electric Prim Lights,Battery candles

  • Apron or Bonnet

  • Ditty Bag

  • Corn

  • Turkey

  • Cornicopia

  • Pumpkin

  • Pilgrim

You can purchase your items or handmake them but they must be something you would want to recive. By this I mean I only want people to sign up who really want to enjoy giving as well as recieving.No dollar store stuff!!! I'm going to say your package must be at least a $25 value but it's so hard to put a value when people are doing handids so let's just say send a package you'd enjoy reciving...I want this to be fun for both parties..

To sign up you must be a follower of my blog...I must know you to some extent this means you comment or have participated in a past swap I held...If I do not know you and you want to join in you must have a blog I can check out.Again I just don't want any disappointments..I do encourage new bloggers to sign up and will help you anyway I can..So sign ups are open till Sept 6.You must mail out your package by Oct 10th with confirmation..I'll give you your partners info around the Sept 8th so that gives plenty of time.It will not be a secret swap so get to know your partner make it fun and start a new friendship!!

You must email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following ......
Blog Url
Any Allergies?
Optional Do you have any favorite things like sheep,pineapples,pennyrugs?
Optional What types of scents do you like?

We always have the nicest girls.I encourage you to sign up even if you never swapped before.I'm here to help you....The pics throughout are suggestions to go with the theme and not all my displays..Can't wait to get started on this and if you have any questions just email me.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Good Stuff and Bad Stuff

Went out to pick some vegetables from my garden at Grandma's farm.Hubby and I had a $5 bet that I had turnips out there.He tried to tell me I was nuts they were weeds.I of course won the bet when I went out and pulled turnips out of the ground..So my grandma, aunt and I are sitting in the shade and grandma says we need to get the barn cleaned out so Noah can store his car.Nobody has been in the Barn for years I said I'm going and looking cause you all will throw all the good stuff away.You know me always treasure hunting LoL..So it's piled full I'm in flip flops.I start digging and finding "stuff" I want.Showed Grandma, she says take it.So tomorrow Hubby and I are going to help her clean out some more and I'm treasure hunting.My aunt says I know you Amy you'll dig it out if you want it bad enough.They only want useful things the rest means nothing to them but I will check with my grandma before taking anything.Today I found a blue printed advertising crock in perfect condition, 5 litho milk bottles from local dairies with baby cows, a long bullet sled(a little rough but the graphics are good),antique enameled For Sale sign grandma thought maybe they would use it but I assured her if they need one I'll buy them a new one,old cream bucket,crockery chicken waterers,old carriers and some other stuff.Told grandma it's better than christmas and I'll be out early tomorrow to dig.The barn above is the one I'm helping her clean out.....Ok so now the bad stuff.Most of you know by now I'm not a grudge holder or mean person but no matter how hard I pray to forgive my evil sister it doesn't work.Everytime I see her anger gets the best of me and in reality I want to just knock her out(I'm not a violent person either) it's just her.I have tried so hard to forgive her but she has did some really horrible things especially to me and my nieces.I can't get into it all but when she is around I usually have to leave because I don't want to not be the person I am because of her and act out in anger.Well here is were the problem comes in I thought I would have a few years to get my emotions in check and forgive her but that's not the case.Grandma informed me today they released her from prison on house arrest and she will be staying at grandma's for awhile.She goes out from about 9am till her curfew at 9pm so I haven't had to see her yet.When I do I'm hopeful the anger subsides but when grandma told me I got anxiety right away.So maybe you could say a prayer for me and also my nieces..Don't try to tell me to look for the good though because I have tried and haven't found it..Ok onto better things I get frustrated just thinking about her....Dad goes for his appointment in two weeks to see if his immune is up enough to have the tumor removed so say a little prayer for that too.....I've been tweeking around the house and will have to get some pics to share soon.Below is my dough riser I switched around the vigenette on top..

Sorry for the little bit of gloom but that's what blogging is for to get it out and get over it with the help of friends..smile..Hope you all have wonderful evening.I'm loving the cooler nights I think I'll light some candles and sit outside with the dogs for awhile this evening.They like to go grasshopper hunting.LoL..~Amy

New Blogger Holding Giveaway

I'm going to try to pop in later girls but wanted you all to meet a new blogging friend.She is holding a surprise giveaway so hurry over and visit.She would love to have some new followers and friends at her lovely farmhouse.. http://seekingcenterinanoldhouseandlife.blogspot.com/search/label/Around%20the%20farm

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some Sunshine

Well the storm is passing should be cleared out by 7 pm this evening.We lost power once so far.Mainly heavy rain and wind. Now just wind.The news builds everything up to a frenzy anymore it seems it's hard to know when to really worry so I'm always slightly prepared and don't worry much.I told hubby I've never heard of being on a hurricane emergency alert in PA and in reality we've had thunderstorms that were worse.So today we are taking a lazy sunday around the house.Rare for us.....My sunflower garden hubby planted is popping open everyday now.Thought I'd share a little sunshine with you...smile...

All differnt varieties...tall..short..single stems..branching stems...Some from special blog friends.... Love this one reminds me fall is on the way...

My little Raggedy Girlfriend sent me a little sunshine too.Just Bee cause she loves me..smile...The whole mailbox smelled of sunshine when I opened it from the citrus fixens.Always wonderful when someone lets you know you're thought of...

Well girls I have lots to post this week but today I'm just going to enjoy the pleasure of a stay in your PJ's day..Visit some blogs, read some prim mags,watch tv, light some candles and listen to the wind..Sweet hubby even bought me breakfast in bed (the street sign hitting the side of our house at 3:30 am woke him)..Sticking a roast in the oven so nothing to worry with, just what I needed.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Swap Goodies From Sheila and Lynn

Well this morning didn't start out the best.I had one sale I wanted to go to and wanted to be early.Well got to the next town over stopped for gas and the jeep would not start.This happens a few times a year and we know how to fix it.Problem was hubby took the jumper cables and tools out when he cleaned it out a few days ago.So we had to call his friend and sit and wait a half hour.Needless to say I never made it to the sale..I really don't think I missed much but their is one listed tomorrow as Primitives so I hope I can make it.There are few people in our area that really know what primitives are so to be listed as such I'm hopefull. So I'll be bugging hubby through the raindrops to get my jeep fixed.LoL...Well I got two swaps to share today.First is from Sheila http://seasonsofthyheart.blogspot.com/ She and I decided we wanted to do a swap between us.She sent me one of her grunge spiced can arrangements,potpourri and some yummy smelling room spray (even hubby liked the smell he keeps spraying a little)... A jack in a witches boot.This pic does not do him justice.He is just Awesome! I can't wait to get him displayed (trying real hard to wait till September)...

And some pumpkins....

Thanks so much Sheila you are such a sweet person.I'm glad we are friends! Stop over and visit her she has some great new fall stuff listed but hurry as most are one of a kinds....My next swap is from Lynn http://lifeonthewieneeranch.blogspot.com/ she was a new blogger in the primitive world and signed up for The Great Pumpkin Swap. Let me just say Lynn is a very kind hearted and sweet person.I'm so glad I took the time to get to know her.She would love a visit from you if you get time..She sent me some wonderful goodies.You know I'm loving the beeskep..The black pumpkins are just so neat I don't have any like them...

The card she made very talanted with papers..Here is a full view of what was in the box..Great swapper.Thanks Lynn!

I have a few more Thank You's to post over the next few days but also want to share some other things.Unlike most of you I'm looking forward to winter when things slow down here..smile..But really looking forward to my favorite season Fall just around the corner.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swap with Robin and I'm not nuts

Ok so as most of you know by now there was earthquake in Virginia.Well I'm sitting at my computer and hubby is talking on the phone in the doorway.My chair starts wobbling and it gets worse I yell at hubby.Hey what's going on ? Then the dog realizes it and the floor is shaking we go out front to see if something happened.Well the lantern,butcher cleavers,graniteware everything in the kitchen is shaking.So it stops.We are trying to figure out what's going on.So he calls his friend and ask did your house shake.He says no.So he ask the mail lady did she feel the ground shake.She says no.They were outside.So now I'm thinking ok we are nuts or haunted.Leaning more towards nuts..smile..So finally we turn on the news and realize what it is...relief relizing I'm not off to a padded room.LoL..We are in PA and felt it, our things were still swinging 10 minutes after it stopped only lasted about 20 seconds.......
Recently I did a couple of swaps so I'm going to post them over the next few days...Robin http://primitivehutch.blogspot.com is such a sweet friend.She always has the nicest things to say and we both love the same things...Look at how nicely it's wrapped.....
She remembered from a few months ago I commented about this sign she made and she made it for me..see sweet and thoughtful...She sent my favorite dove caramel promises.Yummm...

She also sent the other goodies pictured above and these....

She made these too.Love the pumpkin and crow...Well actually I love it all! Everything was wonderful Robin thank you! ..........I sold tons of stuff at the good old days.I didn't find much this year though.It was mostly kids stuff and the few people that had things were way out of range on there prices.The few things I did find I think I'll take to market.Hope you all are having a great week!~Amy

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'll be tardy alot the next few days

Hi girls! Good old Days in our town till saturday.So I won't be on much till sunday.( A few pop ins of course) We are having sale here lots of the stuff I cleaned out from the tweeking.Hubby is doing that in the early mornings by himself while I go treasure hunting.I found about 4 treasures this morning.Saturday is the big antique/craft fleamarket in the park.A little pricey but good stuff.Hopefully I'll sell alot here and can shop there saturday..smile..I'll share my finds and my swap stuff soon..In the mean time I have my pinterest button on the sidebar lots of droolwaorthy prims,farmhouse and yummy recipes to check out.Watch out it's addicting.LoL.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Any of the doll swappers want a extra partner?

Hi Ladies! I have a blog friend who missed the deadline and really wants to join in the fun for the kindred spirit doll swap.So any of you want to have a extra partner? if so email me by tomorrow morning so I can give her a answer.Hugs!~Amy

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Tweaking

Good afternoon girls.Spent the morning going on the dreaded Walmart trip.I hate they rearranged the whole store so I spend more time wandering looking for stuff only to find it's moved to the clear other side.I used to grocery shop there but they raised alot of the prices and it's so frustrating trying to find what you need...So unto fun stuff the tweaks....This is the slant desk that had to be moved to make room for the pie cupboard...It's in the living room now were my antique school desk was.The school desk went to the sell pile....

Close up of the top..

The antique ice box moved along the other wall in the kitchen..Yes those are real vegetables in the large scale tray...

Still have a little tweaking left to do.So what do you think so far? Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, August 15, 2011

Great Pumpkin Swap and Kindred Spirit Doll Swap Annoucement

Hi Girls! Just wanted to pop in and say that the ship day for The Great Pumpkin swap is extended till wednesday august 17th. A few people have contacted me and needed a couple extra days.My swaps will be shipping tomorrow dear hubby used all my packaging supplies up so I need to go to Walmart for boxes and bubble wrap of course nothing in our town....

I emailed everyone their partner this morning for The Kindred Spirit Doll Swap if by chance you didn't recive it let me know.I'll leave the link on the sidebar so you can click on for any questions you may have.If you need anything I'm here to help.Have Fun!~Amy

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The New Pie cupboard

Here is the new pie cupboard I picked up friday..Of course no room in my little house so had to tweek and tweek some more.Had to rearrange two rooms and get rid of some stuff and still have some undecided piles sitting on the living room floor.Will be dealing with that later today.Plus I had to turn the farm table the other way so the light wasn't center so had hubby doing electric work.Oh he loves days like this NOT! Plus I took down a ladder that hung stuff on the ceiling.It's done now and we both love it.So worth the effort... Will be adding my set of old yelloware nesting bowls to the bottom corner.They were in the to go pile but realized I'll never find 4 graduated brown band yelloware bowls again so I'll keep them....Grey Granite milk pails...My slant desk sat here but it's in the living room now to make room for the crocks and butter churn..

I'll show you some more of the tweeking soon..Yesterday at the bad fleamarket we actually did well.There were some good vendors but they were high.I was the only one with good stuff resonable priced the other vendors kept staring because we were selling steady and no one else was.The bad crowd got there around 9am Only 2 rude people though.This fleamarket has alot of people from the inner city that come down for something to do free.One argued with me over a antique item telling me I was wrong I already had it in my mind not to let them get me down so I told him it was whatever he wanted it to be.The other tried to tell me on a antique ship clock the other pieces were missing.I researched the piece well and hubby explained nicely we know what it is and know it's worth $395 we were selling it for $65 The man knew too was only thinking he could get us down to nothing.He did buy it.It started raining around 10 am so we packed up.Today is rainy so I'm enjoying a lazy day at home.Going to get some swap stuff finished so I can mail tomorrow,go through some stuff for Good Old Days (hubby can take care of it I'll be off treasure hunting) and finding some places for a few things...I bought a firkin at the primitive yardsale with the intention of selling it.It's old but has been painted like 6 times.Hubby is out stripping it and says it's a awesome piece I told him not to show it to me when it's done..smile..to tempting to keep.I don't need it LoL..Well hope you all haveing a lazy sunday!~Amy

Friday, August 12, 2011

Busy as a Bumble Bee

Hi Ladies! Just wanted to stop in and let everyone that signed up for the doll swap know I'll have your partner to you by monday.I have a good excuse..smile..Hubby and I went yard saling today well we were driving by this one and he said."Wow did you see that?" so we made a u turn and went back.Oh my goodness prims galore of course I was a little broke just paid mortgage and missed market for 2 weeks but I managed to get a few things with my hideaway money.Let me tell you the yard was filled crocks,firkins,tin punched lights,High back chairs not sure what their called but the upholstered colonial ones we prim lovers want($100),Old quilts,cuboards,signs and on and on.Let me tell you I was totally in a daze I would have bought everything if I could afford it.The girl having it said I'm selling off all my prims to go to breezy beach style and boy did she have the good stuff.Anyhow my main thing I bought a Pie Safe Cupboard from her wich of course I had no room for but couldn't pass up.So I spent the day rearranging the whole kitchen and living room.Which lead to me wanting to get rid of some stuff as I rearranged.So now my sunporch is filled so I decided tomorrow I'm going to the bad fleamarket (haven't set up in over a year there) The people there are rude and cheap by this I mean they will literally ask you to take a quarter if you have a dollar on something,but I'm going to give it a try since sunday is going to rain and I can't set up at my regular market.I have good stuff I'm taking at resonable prices so hoping I get a few good people through.I already told hubby if they are rude I'm leaving early and he can set my stuff out for the good old days next week.I will show you my tweeking pics in a few days..So haven't had much computer time..Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!~Amy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thank You Stacy and Traci Some weekend Finds

Just wanted to drop in and say a little Thank You and show you some of my weekend finds.Finally a cooler day here in PA. It has been so hot so today was like a breath of fresh air. Sweet Stacy http://stacykaycreations.blogspot.com/ sent me a surprise just to brighten my day.She wrapped it so pretty and included a handmade card.... Inside were these adorable stitched beeskep and bee tucks....

Stacy so sweet of you to think of me! You really brightened my day...

Traci at http://yorkmountainprimitives.blogspot.com/ did a little surprise drawing on her blog.I had no clue just stopped in to visit her and everyone that left a comment she sent a little prize.I got this little pumpkin pinkeep made by Traci....

Thanks Traci you are always very giving......So saturday I went out saling at little.Things have been busy and hectic here.The corncob incident with Boo cost me over $600 no surgery but a irratated bowel and pain so meds for 10 days and a clingy little dog who is driving me just a tad nuts.LoL..Mung was fine that dog has no problems ever thank goodness as Boo takes any extra money I have every couple of months.Love them like kids though so gotta take care of them...So anyway back to saturday I saw this right away under the table.The man is someone I buy from often and he brings stuff back from Virgina alot so I assume it's from there....Just incredible find I can't believe I got it.Very early public notice board that would have probly been hanging in town hall or court house....Original red paint....

Old slate on top for annoucement.Very weathered burlap across bottom...Look at the writing..

It is so much better in person.Truely a piece of history.I hung it in the living room....

Here are my other keeping finds..Antique large wood dough bowl(I'm addicted to old wood bowls) A early tin hogscraper candle holder I've been looking forever for one of these.This one has some toile painting which I'm going to try to remove..And this hand painted wood bench.The bench was made from a old fruit/melon crate and retains the old labels on the bottom and side...

Look at the all hand painted art work...The tintype photo looks real in person.You can click on to see the details.....

If you wanted to sign up for the doll swap tomorrow morning is the last to sign up.Just click on the top sidebar to sign up and for rules...Hope everyone is enjoying some simple summer pleasures.We went for a long country ride today to visit a friend.This week is our small town carnival so tomorrow we'll probly take the girls and have some carny food for supper.Next week is our towns Good Old Days celebration they have the downtown windows done up with antiques and will have a antique/craft fair in the park.Plus it's free yardsales so the whole town has sales.Hey it's big excitement when you live in a small town..smile...~Amy

Last Day to sign up for the Kindred Spirit Doll Swap

Hi girls! Today is the last day to sign up to join in the Kindred Spirit Doll Swap.I'll be closing it tomorrow morning and matching you up with your partner by friday so make sure I have your info.If you got confirmation you're good.To sign up and for rules click on link on side bar or go here http://bumblebeelanecottage.blogspot.com/2011/08/kindred-spirit-doll-swap-sign-up.html It will be tons of fun we got a great gathering of swappers again.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Pumpkin Swap Reminder and New Kindred Spirit Doll Swap

Just a reminder to the girls in The Great Pumpkin Swap your packages need to be mailed no later than one week from today.If there are any problems email me so I can take care of it.Can't wait to see everyones goodies.I'm putting finishing touches to my boxes and hope to get them mailed by thursday......The next swap sign up will be the middle of september but right now I'm hosting a Kindred Spirit Doll Swap this is a special swap and only requires a handmade doll to join in...

Taking sign ups till wednesday.You can click on the link on the top of the sidebar for rules and to sign up.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kindred Spirit Doll Swap Sign Up

Special swap for anyone who wants to sign up.I will still be hosting two more regular swaps this year but I thought we'd do a special swap.This swap will consist of a handmade doll only.(yes you can include a little something extra if you want but I want the focus on this swap to be the doll)

The doll must be handmade.If you are not a sewer it's ok to purchase a doll but it must be handmade by a artist by this I mean no mass produced dolls such as Honey and me or china made.It needs to be handcrafted by you or someone who takes pride in their work.(peferably no hot glue unless a dab is needed) The doll must be at least 10inches tall but can be as large as you want.I'm not setting a value as we are just doing the doll but I want you to be generous in the giving of your doll.Make it special...

To sign up you need to have joined in one of my other swaps or I need to know you to some extent.If you are new and want to join in you will need to have a active blog I can check out or email me and we will take it from there.I don't mean to sound harsh I'm here to help and do like new people to join in.It's just I want everyone involved to have fun and be worry free.It spoils it when people don't send their side or are out to get something for nothing.This is about friendship and giving....

Sign ups will be open till 8/10 I will email your partner by 8/12 Packages will need to be mailed by 9/12 Remember requirement is a 10 inch or larger doll only but if you want to send a little something extra you can but it is not required.Email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following

  • Your blog and Email

  • Name & Address

  • What type of doll you would enjoy reciving the catagories will be:

  • Raggedy

  • Primitive ~ prairie, everyday prim

  • Seasonal ~ snowman, santa,halloween, bunny

  • Americana ~ uncle sam,liberty

  • You can choose as many of the above catagories as you want it will help me to match you with a partner also if you prefer white or black dolls and if you prefer regular clean country style or like spice and coffee stain..

The pictures in this post are not my images and are examples of the type of item we are exchanging...Any questions just email me.This should be another wonderful swap.Warm Blessings~Amy