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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesdays Display Chain ~ Framed In

Misi is back with display chain.I missed visiting everyone and can't wait to start seeing all the links again.Stop over and visit everyone's displays http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/2011/09/week-1-framed-in-month-long-display.html Well Misi was vague with the theme this week which is Framed In...Next two images from Pinterest of projects I want to do.I've got all the stuff just need to get busy..smile...
Frame made into chalkboard with chalkboard paint...

Antique Baby vigenette..Dress, old photos trade cards..Sooo sentimental...

Then my brain started turning and I thought of Framed in as all the pictures framed in our memories...Sweet pictures of our hertiage and past..Things we frame and hold in our hearts..Like crisp fall days raking leaves with the girls...

Home sweet home.Oh how it changes in appearance but always filled with warmth and ready to welcome a friend inside for some comfort...

Grandma's farmhouse so many memories and times shared with loved ones...

Thanks for stopping to visit.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Autumn!!!

Just wanted to drop in and wish you a Happy Autumn!!! A few more fall pics.I'll post some more in a few days..Hubby and I are doing the outside today.I normally go all out for Halloween outside but with everything going on we are going to keep it simple this year...

We are going to a farm stand for a hay bale and some corn shucks.Hoping to get some apples to make some apple dumplings this weekend..Going to be dreary and rainy today and saturday so I made some Autumn Wreath candles to burn (fall leaves,apples,and spices) and sweet lindee sent some pumpkin spice coffee so going to take some time to relax and enjoy home today and tomorrow...

Wanted to Thank all you girls who ordered Beeswax goodes.You can still order see last post.A few of you from Canada ask and Yes I'll be happy to ship it will just be a small shipping fee extra...Hope you all enjoy the begining of my favorite season.I'm ready for the warm colors and cool crisp days.Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beeswax Goodes

A couple of beeswax goodes for sale...All prices include shipping within the USA... Spiced Rubbed Acorns..Scented in Pumpkin Pecan Bar..Specify if you want with hole for hanging or without hole for bowl fillers and tarts (break in half big enough for two tarts). 2.5 inches
3 acorns for $6.50 includes shipping

Spiced Rubbed Indian Corn..Varied colors and fall scents. 5 inches long.. 3 for $8.50 includes shipping...

Blackened Crows spiced rubbed.. 4 for $5 shipping included specify if you want a hole for hanging or not.

Spiced rubbed pineapples in spicy cinnamon scent...Specify if you want a hole or not.. 6 for $6.50 or 12 for $12 includes shipping..

Blackened Beeswax Large Pineapple in Spicy Cinnamon scent.Approx 1lb.Spiced rubbed..Only one available $19 includes shipping

Email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com and I will incvoice you via paypal.Please include your paypal email address.I prefer paypal but if you need to do a moneyorder email me.I have most everything poured but depending on orders may need to pour more so allow approx a week for me to ship.If you want insurance or confirmation it will be $1.75 for insurance and .85 for confirmation.Thanks so much for your orders!~Amy

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm still here and update on dad

Just wanted to stop in with a quick hello.Hopefully things will settle down soon and I'll have more time to visit and share..Dad was released friday from the hospitol he did not seem ready to me.I know alot of you said I shouldn't worry about the confusion and such but he is still acting very strangely. it's been 14 days since they removed the tumor and he has been off the morphine since thursday.I'm starting to wonder if he has dementia starting.He is also being very demanding and being slightly childish which I am not used too.By all means I'm willing to do what is needed to help him but I'm getting worn out,and the mental toll is not good either I don't know if he is playing this up or if it's something that needs addressed.When I talked to the hospitol staff about his going in circles and confusion they acted like they didn't see it.He also expects me to do everything for him which granted I don't mind but he's been offered help from others as well.Like the visiting Angels want to clean his house he has two friends living in his house.He won't let them come why should I clean up after 3 men when they are perfectly capible and the angels will do it for free to help dad.Plus I'm unable to do my work so my finacess are starting to hurt.It's costing me about $60 in gas to run back and forth and $70 extra in food in a week.So I suggested Meals on wheels.He refused that to.It's a hot home cooked meal each night delivered free.Their is a visiting nurse lined up to begin wednesday I'm hoping this goes well and to get a slight break.I'm really not trying to complain just releasing some frustration with things.I'm getting ready to go see him now and feel I need to put my foot down on a few things.I love him but I'm exhausted.Then the guilt sets in and I feel like I have to do it all just in case I don't have him long.I'm sure the ones who have been through this understand...Anyhow I'm sorry I haven't been the best blogger lately and promise I'll be back to fun stuff soon..More fall decorating and have some beeswax creations to list when I get some time...

Thanks girls for helping me through this. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Touches of Autumn

Well girls I want to say thanks again for all your kindness.I feel better knowing that the drugs affect you that much and that this will not be a new peramant thing.I'm the type of person that avoids pills and such at all cost unless I'm dying.I don't even like Advil..Another story entirely so we'll skip my reasoning..I've got the inside decorated for fall.It was alot of pics so I'll break it down into a couple of post.It's supposed to cool down after today and feel like fall so hopefully I'll get the outside done sometime this week..This is one of my favorites as it's all from wonderful friends... Tobbacco basket from Pam.Hooked Pumpkin mat from Lauren.Sweet candy corn from Lindee...

On the old dough riser..The candy corn the pumpkin lady holds was a prize I won from http://thebarnhollow.blogspot.com/ they are hosting a crow giveaway now so stop over and sign up....Just realized the big crock is backwards in this pic.It's blue decorated on the other side..Halloween hooked jack~o~lantern rug...

Autumn Stitchery....

Well busy week with Dad in the hospitol and some other things going on but with the beautiful fall weather I'm hoping to have at least one lazy day around the house this week.Dad wants the chicken corn soup for when he gets home so I'm going to simmer a big pot of that and make some bread tomorrow.I'll have to make some dessert too..smile..I have a ton of pumpkin recipes saved on Pinterest so will try something new.My button is on the sidebar if you girls want to look but caution it's addicting .I also have to go to gettysburg for some errands so I'd love to be able to make a half day trip out of it and visit the battlefield and have lunch.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, September 12, 2011

Update on Dad

Sorry I've been a little absent and not got back to all the emails.Looks like this week is going to be hectic but I will try to drop in.I like browsing everyone's blogs even if I don't have time to comment with my short amount of computer time.I'm a a bit down and sad the last few days but I guess that's to be expected with all the stress I've been under with dad,my sister and a few other minor things.I always bounce back pretty fast but just the last few days I feel like being left alone and at times crying.Well yesterday I did cry a little the national athem set it off at market.They had a moment of silence and prayer and then the anthem and I cried a little.Yes I'm a patriot but I don't think pride was my reason.LoL....Dad made it through the surgery and got the tumor out.They said he'll have to do chemo again though.Went to see him today at the hospitol and it bothered me.He looked like a frail old man.My dad is not old mid fifties he had me at 18.But today he seemed old.He's always been a ball of energy and today he couldn't even move.I had to help him adjust in bed and get comfortable and he was in sooo much pain I was afraid I'd hurt him.He was talking about alot of weird things like walking his old dog that died about 8 years ago,his dad visiting whom died before I was born,needing money for cat food he doesn't have a cat.Hubby say's it's from the morphine and he will be ok and his old self but it bothered me.I was a CNA on a specialized Alzheimers unit for 10 years so I know he is probly right,but when it's your daddy it's differnt.He's supposed to come home thursday but at this point I don't see it happening.He said for me to make him a big pot of chicken corn soup because he is going home.I'll wait till wednesday to see.The nurse did say before he goes home he'll be on a regular diet though.She kept asking if he was in pain and he said no but told us yes so I told her because I don't want him released early and have more complications...Thanks again for all the prayers and emails you girls are such a wonderful support and know how to make me smile...I got the inside fall decorating done saturday I'll share pics soon.I have lots of regular stuff to share to.I also have been trying to get a giveaway planned for fall but want to get things settled so I can spend a little time on it..Big Hugs to all of you who have been such wonderful friends!~Amy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yumminess and a few Barn Finds

Well it's been pouring rain here in PA since sunday eve and is supposed to continue threw friday.We've got at least 12 inches lost count.It's been cool as well so I'm slowly getting my fall decorating out.Today I'm going to make slippery chicken pot pie and stay home.There are alot of state of emergencies in surrounding towns due to flooding so they advise staying home if possible.Dad has his surgery today to remove the tumor so I want to stay close to the phone.The road that leads to the next town is flooded out,I could go the other way but he said he really doesn't want visitors till friday.He said he'll be out of it and will just want to rest....New yummy addiction..Well really can only eat one at a time.... Chocolate Peanut Butter Smores

  • Chocolate graham cracker with a little creamy peanut butter

  • Piece of a hershey bar

  • Marshmellow

  • I leave the top off and push it on after I take it out of the microwave

  • microwave about 20 seconds...Mmmmmmm

So with the rain I haven't been outside much to clean up my barn finds but here is a few of the finds....Hawthorn Pa crock...

Huge Sky Plane sled..old wicker flower basket in chippy green paint...galvanized milk bucket..

I also got milk bottles,the sign.alot of chicken feeders and waters,hay hooks,old bottles, scales you know just old stuff you'd find on a farm..smile...I hope to get in the back barn yet but with the rain and the overgrowth I might have to wait till spring....Hope you all are having a good week.I'll share my fall decorating soon.Can't wait to see everyone's displays.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update on Dad and Prairie Harvest Swap Reminder

Good Tuesday Morning! Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day.Wanted to let you all know today is the last day to get me your info for The Prairie Harvest Swap click on top side bar for rules and sign up info.I'll accept sign ups till 4 today as it'll be a little hectic this week.....

I want to thank all the prayers and kind emails for my dad.No one could ask for better friends..He goes in Thursday to have the tumor removed.He should be in the hospitol about a week.The doctors say he will be in alot of pain and will have to take the pain meds for at least 6 weeks.Up to this point he has not wanted to take the pain meds but has resigned that he will take them after the surgery.They will have to go through his stomach and move his insides then move them back.They say he will have to wear a colostomy bag the rest of his life.He'll then have another round of treatments.I'm scared for him but it looks like he is going to be ok in the end.He says he is worried but knows he'll beat it and just wants to get back to his regular life.He is stir crazy not being able to work.I'll be with him today figuring out what needs done before and while he is in the hospitol.He has a black lab my best friend gave him before she passed away who is his "baby" so I think his friend will be helping with the dog a few days...The visiting Angels offered to clean his house but he said no as he was bored and wanted to do it himself.He's a bachelor so I know I'll have to go over it better before he gets home don't want him to get a infection with his immune being down...I'm a little anxious waiting to get this chapter done with but putting my trust in God to get us through it.Plus I have a few other things bugging me but I've always been one to bounce back quickly...Life is to short to be miserable...On another note just want to tell that cranky crow Robin Thank You for forgiving me even though you know it's soooo true...smile...Gotta love that little Cranky Crow! I promise to get a few pics on soon of a few of the barn finds too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day and Goodies from Pam

Happy Labor Day!!! We have rain here in Pa so no last of summer picnics.We did have steamed crabs last night though so that was a good end to summer....Just wanted to post the goodies I recived in a swap with Pam from http://basketsnprims.blogspot.com if you haven't visited her selling blog you need to wonderful prim goodies.....Look how pretty it arrived...

Oh my goodness I wanted one of her tobacco baskets so bad for so long (I didn't tell her) I was more than estacic that she sent me one! The whimsical pumpkins I've been trying to find some for awhile too.......

She also sent these as well.The stitchery is ragged stuffed and looks like a treasure from long ago.....

Pam spoiled me rotten! I loved everything she sent and feel blessed to have her as a prim friend.Thanks so much for the beautiful prims Pam.I've also bought from Pam in the past and must say all her things are top notch hand crafts you won't be dissapointed....Just want to remind everyone If you want to sign up for the Prairie Harvest swap I need your info by tomorrow.Rules and signup info can be found by clicking on the pic on top sidebar.Hope you all enjoy a relaxing Labor Day!~Amy

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just a quickie

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.I've been busy.Finished helping clean out grandma's barn now hubby and I are helping clean some of the other property.Amazing what old farm people used for make do repairs.I found several old metal signs used to repair the chicken coops.Think the kind American Pickers would want.A little rough but we salvaged a 4 ft round one I'll be taking it to market tomorrow.Problem is I have no clue what it's worth.I researched and couldn't find any like it at all.It was from around the 1930's Southern Hotel.I couldn't get in the back barn yet.My Aunt says don't worry not much in there maybe some old washtubs and wood buckets I said well that's exactly what I want.Her and grandma just laugh thinking who wants that old junk..smile...I've been getting my creative mood back just need to find time to get things done.I did make the gourd Jack above for a friend and want to do some more.I've been pouring a ton of beeswax stuff and jar candles in fall scents.I haven't had time to paint in a few years but A Primitive Place magazine had a old ironing board painted for fall and I want to do one for the front porch.I used to love painting it's a shame we get so busy we sometimes lose time for the things we love.I'll be going up to the loft today to sort threw my massive Fall/Halloween stuff.I need to part with a few things but it will be hard as I love it.I got like 5 boxes of stuff and it's all not fitting in my little house...Don't forget if you want to get into the Prairie Harvest Swap I need your info by tuesday.Click on the top sidebar for rules..Warm Blessings!~Amy