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Monday, August 27, 2012

Recent Finds and Chit Chat

 Good morning girls! Well seems like my blogging here lately is always doing a catch up post.Can't wait till Fall when things will slow down a bit...Wanted to share my "keeping" Finds with you.Above are the sweet high button shoes.They are my first brown pair and in really good shape for the age...sweet...Below is a old flax wheel.Early and signed..
 Never saw one with the hand carved gear.Still haven't figured out quit how it works but in reality I'm not going to use it so it doesn't matter...
 Antique Dough/Noodle board...For about a year I debated buying a new one because I thought it be in the way.When I found this old one I couldn't resist.Now I'm going to get a new one as well....
 I'd like to stain it but think I will opt to oil it as I will be using this one on occasion.It fits perfect on the butcher block...
 I've been doing 3 markets a week so still running every day.Yesterday I was so thankful for a rain day.Took a PJ day..smile...I really needed it.I've been pushing myself a little hard trying to prepare for winter.Until we can afford the MRI or the insurance comes through then approves us hubby has been being extra careful,so his work has been limited...I also agreed to do wholesale orders for a few shops.I swore off wholesale a few years ago because I lose my creativity doing a lot of repeative work,BUT I am so thankful right now I have the option so I don't have to go back to work.In our area there are not many jobs in the fields I'm qualified for..Sneak peek at the wholesale....
 Blackened beeswax witches on broomsticks. Spicy scented then rubbed in a spice mix..Solid and double sided....Also been doing big pumpkins,lil pumpkins and owls..Don't want to show them all because I'm working on some swaps and want to surprise them..smile...
The witches are $15 plus shipping($3.50) if anyone is interested email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com I'll send you a invoice via paypal....We tried a new market on Saturday.It was a little past gettysburg going into the lake and mountain area.I was really worried because I was the only one with antiques and primitives,the other vendors had yard sale things,also I'm used to people being at market early like before dawn with flash lights and there were no people.Well about 8:30am people started coming in slow steady streams and it turned out to be a good day.The people were very friendly like they are at the Amish market.I think most were drive by going on the a trip to the mountains and just spotted us from the road.The one lady said the only reason she stopped was because she could see my dress form from the road and she did buy it..smile..The owner took pictures of our stand and said she was going to use it for advertising and the website.It's a new market so I hope they can get some good vendors in because it's only 30 mins from my house and very relaxed setting in the country but still has the main road out front...Not much exciting going on here.Like I said just busy.Like the rest of you been looking through the fall magazines,burning some fall candles and occasionally going up to the loft and sitting my fall decorations aside.Nope a little early for me to drag them down yet..LoL..I see you all sneaking in the pumpkins but I'm trying really hard to wait at least till the middle of september..Hope everyone has a wonderful week!~Amy

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will be off junking

Hi Girls just wanted to let the swappers know you should have your partners.If I by chance overlooked anyone let me know.I had alot of sign ups for this one...Well our town is having our Good Old Days celebration which translates into town wide sales for the next three days.We went to a early sale this afternoon and he sent me to his cousin that wasn't open.Found lots for market and even some high button shoes for me.Hope to find lots of treasures.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, August 13, 2012

The big catch up post

 Well girls it has been a while since I've did a real blog post.Lots of pics and catching up to do so you might want to grab some sweet tea or lemonade and get comfy...Hubbies back has still been very bad.Most days he can't even walk so he has been unable to work,We do not have insurance and last week he was in so much pain and couldn't walk again so we took him to the emergency room.Well they didn't even really look at him,did no xrays and the Dr just decided herniated/ruptured disk and sciatica with no exam and hubby kept telling him alot of the pain was in the hip joint.Their remedy tell him we'll be right back to get you out of pain.They went to lunch and forgot him for an hour.The dr comes back and says how are you feeling now? Ummm the same nothing was done.So they give him 2 shots leave for another hour and when he tries to get up collaspes.So they decided to do IV and do not tell us anything about what could happen.Well thy gave him double dose of morphin,valium and some other powerful drug and didn't tell us what they are doing.Well they leave again and hubby starts sweating profusely,his blood pressure went way up and he started talking about strange stuff and couldn't keep conscience.The nurse comes back and says lets get you on the way.Well the IV is still stuck in his arm and I suggest maybe you should take his vitals.She says he could have a stroke better lay back down a while.They leave again for a hour.It's been almost 6 hours I decide it be better to take him home and just put him to bed so I have to go search for someone to get the IV out and bring me a wheel chair.They refer him to one of there Drs and they tell me I need $500 for the intial visit,that the will do a xray but not really do nothing till the follow up visit and then they will need a MRI which will be at least $600.I tell her we don't have that kind of money.Hubby can't work and our bills need paid.And why when a xray will not show anything would I need that? She says she knows it won't show anything and isn't sure why they wouldn't just do the MRI.I say well we can't make the appointment since they don't do payment arrangements.Her response your OK with that? Well no but what can we do...So I've contacted several agency about discounted insurance.But it's a process..In the mean time I've been doing 3 flea markets a week.Then out searching for things to sell 3 days a week.I've been having one day off but that day is spent cleaning,running errands and such.So I've been busy....
 We have been enjoying the Lancaster Flea Market it's a drive but the people are so friendly.It's very relaxing once your set up.Plus they have the yummiest food (mostly Amish) We get cherry turnovers,and mini pumpkin cream cheese muffins every week and I get to see my very dear friend Lisa.It's a tuesday market so it's a differnt crowd than weekends...Pic above and below are part of my stand...
 More of my stand..That's about half of it..No one can believe I fit all that in my vehicle..LoL..I'm a good packer and hubby has the knack of piling it in right..
 Loved the round antique basket...
 Colonial hanging cupboard..

 This market is in the middle of Amish country surrounded by corn fields.In the spring and fall the amish are out in the fields with there horse drawn plows..

 Wanna take the girls here one day....It's on the way back from market..
 My other camera broke so I'm late posting Thank You's for the wonderful swap goodies I recieved...
First up  Michelle  This was her first surprise swap.She sent the wonderful shoulder ditty which I use at market when I walk around early to find stuff..Salt dough fillers,punch needle box perfect for the dresser to hold jewelry..Thanks Michelle Love all the goodies you so thoughtfully hand made...
 Next up is Sandi let me just say this girl is soo talented and creative and doesn't even realize it! 
 She just spoiled me rotten.Fall banner out of old book pages,Love the painting on burlap...The flag book and kettle painted by her.
 She remembered I loved this from a comment on Robins blog..smile...
 And some of her dough fillers.I have her bumble bees and michelle's flowers mixed together in a wood trencher...Thank you Sandi for everything you spoiled me and I'm honored to have some of your beautiful art  work...
 Thursday was our small town carnival so we took the girls.Boy they are growing up too fast.I keep telling Hannah I want her to stay little longer and she politely explains she need to grow up so she can get married and have kids then I can they can spend time with me..smile...Brianna is in the tom boy stage right now..Of course wouldn't smile..
 Hannah still all girl...Gotta giggle Hubby said hi to a lady he knows and Hannah ask who she was? I said Tom's friend.Hannah goes Oh his lady friend don't worry Amy you are prettier than her..smile...
Well girls if you made it this far thanks for sticking through.I visit you all just don't have as much time to comment.As soon as fall gets here things will slow down again.I'm so looking forward to Fall my favorite time of year.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Harvest Gatherings Swap Reminder

Hi Girls! Just wanted to stop in and remind you if you planned on joining in the swap I need your info by sunday night.If I did not confirm your email I didn't get your info..Rules for sign up can be found by clicking the image on my side bar.I have alot of catching up to do and will be doing a regular blog post hopefully monday..smile..Thanks to Faye Henry for permission to use her lovely photo.Blessings!~Amy

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Harvest Gatherings Swap

 Well I know most of us are dreaming of cooler days and Fall's delights.It'll be here before we know it so it's time to sign up for the Harvest Gatherings Swap..Let's get the rules out of the way first....

In order to sign up for this swap you must be a follower...   You must have participated in one of my previous swaps or I must know you to some extent..This means you comment regularly on my blog or I comment on yours..If you are a new blogger email me and we'll discuss it (if you have a active blog I'm more apt to say yes)..I will try to get you in but may want to get to know you better first.This is to protect the girls participating and by no way am I trying to be mean if I say wait till the next swap.The girls in the swap are generous givers and I want them to be worry free
  • The pics in the listing are suggestions and are from etsy with the sellers info if you want to purchase.
  • You must have a active blog

  • You must say hello to your partner,thank her and post pics of your swap in a reasonable time.She is sending you gifts this is common courtesy 
  • No dollar store stuff give as you'd like to receive 
  • Open to the USA and Canada. 

    • Now on to the fun stuff..
  • Swap will consist of 4 items...Yes you can send extra most of the girls do and are very generous
  • 2 of the items must be fall related the rest just general prim
  • One item must be stitched.It can be bought or handmade but must be included.This includes stitcheries,hooked,bowl fillers,dolls etc.
  • This is for fall in general so it can be Halloween,Thanksgiving or just Fall related..Some girls don't like halloween so get to know your partner a little...

  • Sign up by August 12th
  •  Mail date no later than Sept 19th with delivery confirmation 
  • Yes you can post the swap badge to your blog sidebar if you want 

If you'd like to sign up leave a comment here. Then I will need the following even if you signed up before.Email the info to cottageprims@hotmail.com

    •  Blog URL
  •  Name and Address
  •  Email 
  •  I also want to know if you are a regular swapper the last 2 people you swapped with so I can make sure you have a new partner this time 
  •  Occasionally I have a extra or late sign up if needed would you want a extra partner? 
  •  Are you willing to ship to Canada it only cost a few dollars extra?

  • You can copy and paste from my blog.The following is optional but helpful to include 
  •  Do you have any allergies? 
  • Favorite scents? Colors? 
  • Any favorite things like sheep, penny rugs,old kitchen gadgets, dolls? Something special you are looking for,collect,or enjoy?
  • Do you prefer Halloween or just general Fall and Thanksgiving?

I always confirm receiving your info so if you don't hear from me within 24 hours email again.If I don't receive the info I can't count you in.I'm here to help if you need me.Let's have fun!~Amy