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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Decor and Merry Christmas

 Oh my is it Christmas Eve already? The weather here makes it feel like it should be Thanksgiving.We've had a very mild Pennsylvania winter so far. Usually we have a little snow by now but it is a rainy 60's and we have some windows open. Figured I'd share a few of my decorating pics. No tree this year with Issaboo.Not worth the fight to try to make her understand figured by next year she'll be big enough to know better. Hubby was a little dissapointed with no tree but sweet Linda sent a little LED lighted tree and he claimed it and put it beside his chair...smile...Above is the red grainery box Hubby found over the summer.Loving decorating it for each Season....
 Small simple Feather tree...My Christmas tree for this year. Yes Issaboo does nose it everyday but hasn't bothered it yet.....

 Elf on the shelf watching for Santa...We had one just like this since I can remember as a child....

 The child's stepback decorated for Christmas....

Well just Wanted to Wish everyone A very Merry Christmas! Hope it is filled with joys, family and Blessings! Remember the reason for the the season in your heart through out the year.We'll be enjoying Christmas at Grandma's old farmhouse crammed full of family and memories.~Amy

Friday, December 11, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop ~ My Post

 Wendy is our gracious host of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop. She organized a wonderful bunch of girls to share tutorials and recipes. You can get on the image on my sidebar to take you to her blog.Be sure to visit each day for some great ideas to put you in the spirit. My Tutorial is solid beeswax lotion bars. These are wonderful for dry winter hands,elbows and feet.

  •  Beeswax lotion bars
  • By weight 2 oz each
  •  1 part beeswax can be any type I prefer natural block
  • 1 part coconut or olive oil ( I use coconut but olive is easy to find at the grocery store)
  • 1 part cocoa butter or you can use shea butter as well but it makes them slightly sticky
I like to add a few drops of vanilla,orange or peppermint oil to mine( about 10 drops) but if you prefer all natural they have a lite honey scent.

  • Put in a double boiler and melt ingredients together till thy are a smooth liquid
  • Pour into molds.I have molds from other projects but mini muffin tins or candy molds work well
  • Allow to set 24 hours if they do not pop right out you can put them in the freezer about a half hour to release.

 So over the holidays we all over indulge plus some people at our gatherings have health restrictions so my recipe is Guilt Free Peanut Butter Cookies. They are super easy.Low Carb 6 grams per cookie and just 80 calories. Plus they taste amazing.No one will know they are Better for you.
                                                              Peanut Butter Cookies

  • Preheat oven 350
  • Mix with spoon in a medium bowl ~
  • 1 cup peanut butter, 3/4 cup splenda, 1/4 cup packed brown sugar, 1/2 teas baking soda and 1 teas vanilla extract 
  • Add 1 large egg (must be large for recipe to work) stir till dough is formed
  • Roll into 1 inch balls and place on ungreased cookie sheet
  • use a fork to flatten and form a criss cross pattern
  • Bake 10 min or untill golden brown on bottom but still slightly soft in the middle
  • Remove from oven let cool 5 mins on cookie sheet
Enjoy! Hope you all are enjoying the season.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, November 30, 2015

Yikes Christmas Swap Sign Up

I'm so far behind on things. The holidays have just snuck up. Feels like it should just be the start of Fall but Christmas is less than a month away. I wasn't going to host this when I realized how close we are, but I know many of you look forward to it. So to make things simple only girls who have been in my swaps and know the rules and courtesy can sign up on this one.I'll open the Valentines swap for everyone to join in. Because we are limited on time USA swappers only....  Also since this will be more restricted you may be swapping with someone you have recently swapped with. General swap rules apply. Sign up by Dec 3. Mail by the 18th. Four items must be included. Since we are close it can be general or christmas theme. One item must be a handmade doll or critter.It can be bought or made by you but must be handmade not mass produced.. To sign up comment here. Then email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com   with your name,address,email,blog  please include if you have any allergies or dislikes as well as a short list of styles, favorite things etc. You will be contacted your partner so you can discuss with them as well. As always I will send you a confirmation letting you know I received your sign up. I will email your partner Friday you must email and say hello. Let's have fun!~Amy
Pics are from etsy sellers for ideas. You can visit them to purchase through their shop name if interested.

Ornie Swap Thank You

 Just wanted to drop in and Thank everyone who participated in this years ornie swap. Always such lovely homespun treasures to add to the tree. Above ornie and hand painted tag from my super talented friend Marsha Tattered Chick Blog. The little cinnamon soap she included smells amazing.
 Cute wheel barrel vigenette from Linda Country Pickens Blog...
Snowman Mitten from Sandi Primitive Skate Blog. Sweet Danice always thinks of me and sends the cutest Hostess gifts. She sent the Santa moon ornie...Thank you girls for the sweet new additions to my Christmas tree. I love the memories each year of all the Friendships.~Amy

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A couple of things and Mailing Reminder

 Hi Girls! Wanted to stop in and remind everyone it's time to get your ornies mailed to me.As long as they are mailed by Saturday you'll be fine.If you need a day or two extra just email me so I know they are on the way and will wait to start sorting them out.... Also wanted to let everyone know Wendy of Ravenwood Whimsy is hosting a blog hop beginning December 1st.It will be 12 different Blogs sharing a project/craft and recipe for the holidays. There is a link on the sidebar but it will not start till Dec 1st so it will take you over to Wendy's blog for a visit for now....
 Well started cleaning today but have decided to ditch that and go to the Antique Mall...
 It's been beautiful weather here and next week is supposed to be cold so might as well get out and enjoy it. The colors on the trees are in full autumn Glory... Still adjusting to the time change.
Hope you all are enjoying your week.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Two lil Pumpkins

 My LiL Pumpkins wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween!
 Issaboo graciously greeted Trick or Treaters.Some of the little princess and goblins were just mesmerized by her cuteness they forgot all about the candy.Mung was not a very good boy so he had to go in the house were he pouted and his dad tried to console him with treats the neighbor bought for him....
Totally spoiled but who can resist that cuteness...smile....now onto November days...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Decor

 Just wanted to stop in and share some of my fall decor. We've had some brisk days and the leaves are changing. Little Issaboo just loves chasing them in the wind...smile..Above is a antique grain box hubby found. Of course I didn't let him sell it.I plan to change it for each season.It has the original red paint. ....
 Love the little paper cut witch a gift from Misi.....

 Tried to keep it simple this year...Of course got show off some cuteness. Issaboo is getting big...
A few of you have emailed and ask if you can still sign up for the ornie swap.As long as you can get your ornies sent out in time you can sign up as close as you want. Click on the pic on the side bar for ship day and rules.....Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I plan on going out yard saling and to a flea market tomorrow. Then a lazy day. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thank You Robin and Danice

Well Fall has been in the air our way. Hubby heard me singing it's the most wonderful time the other day and said your a little early,I said nope I'm singing about Fall.LoL.. Wanted to stop in and thank two sweet girls. Robin The Primitive Hutch was my partner in the Fall swap....I always forget to take a pic before unwrapping.I remembered this time...
Robin and I get each other and have become good friends over the years. She always sends the sweetest gifts...
Ok I squealed with excitement over the Honey tin!!!! Robin knew I've been searching for a very long time and found this while out on her adventures...smile....LOVE!!!!!!
I've already curled up a few times with a warm cup of tea (salted caramel) with the pretty Bee mug....Notice the two bags of Dove...One for me to hide away and enjoy and one for Hubby so he don't sneak mine..Sweet girl loves me lots.....The little tuck/pinkeep is filled with cloves and smells so good....

Thank you Robin for all the thought you always put into your gifts.....Also want to thank Danice  Homespun Hannah's Blog she sent this cute owl as a Thank You for hostessing the swap.
Always so nice to go to the mailbox and find a surprise. I'm truly blessed to have such wonderful girls to call friends... I have lots to share as soon as I get caught up.Life has been super busy lately I barely find time to get online. With fall things should start slowing down. Yes this girl is ready to NEST!  I'll be getting the ornie swap posted by the weekend. Hope you all are enjoying your week!~Amy

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Harvest Gathering Swap Mail Reminder

Hi Girls! For all those in the Fall swap it's time to get your packages mailed out. Any delays please contact me and your partner so we know what's going on. Been feeling like fall here the last few days...smile...~Amy

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Willow Pond Farm

Good Morning! Hope everyone is enjoying their last days of Summer.Me of course daydreaming of Fall but that's everyday it's not Fall..smile...Saturday hubby and I decided to take a trip to a Sale.It was held at Willow Pond Farm. The owners have closed the farm due to health reasons so everything was for sale..We of course took a wrong turn.So I turned on the GPS which likes to take me either in circles or goat paths. Todays her choice was goat path....

It eventually turned into a gravel dirt road. Then I see a sign that reads creek crossing proceed at your own risk.I'm thinking Ok there will be a little creek and a bridge..Nope no bridge a running stream about a foot deep. Hubby usually gets a little irritated with the GPS by now,you know threatening to toss her out the window.Me thinking yep that's a good idea in the middle of a goat path no one in sight.But today he was good with it, we had the Jeep instead of the van so he could handle it (and we all know driving a jeep through a creek is totally fun)...
We make another turn and see this beautiful 1700's house were the sale is being held.Of course I'm early 6:45am. I've been up most of the night daydreaming about what I could find.Hubby says they said no early birds 7 sharp.Nope I'm first so head on down the lane towards the barn.They are all friendly and tell me to go ahead and start looking...
They are famous for their Lavender.....
So when your digging through the barns,they had 2 by the way and shops all you smell is the wonderful smell of Lavender...Everything was for sale so I of course had to get to digging....
I dug for about a hour and a half.Had them add us up.Hubby of course always buys the biggest heaviest things so he had pull the jeep down to load. (he bought a antique 1800's corn sheller and hand plow) I told him I'm off to look some more. So spent another hour digging. I did forget to go in the house though,I thought hubby went but he didn't. There was so much as the field was loaded,both barns one which had a soap making and herbal shop, a stone outbuilding shop, the back porch and yard.I talked to a girl a few days later and she said that it was more French Provencal furniture inside so I really didn't miss anything...I didn't bring my camera along so the pics were from google search of the farm and roads we traveled.We found a ton of stuff.The jeep was packed floor to ceiling.I didn't get a chance to take pics as we had to get ready for market.A country shop local we deal with bought the corn sheller, Huge wood Trencher in old red paint.It was to big or I would have kept it for my farm table for bittersweet and pumpkins this fall. She also took a few other things. The rest went to Flea Market and sold.I did keep a antique wood trencher type scoop box.I'll get pics once I find a place for it.I also kept some natural beeswax I'll us in my crafting,some blue ball jars and a few other things. It's been a busy summer here.I'm so looking forward to fall and things slowing down a bit. Then I'll get stir crazy for picking though.LoL..Well I'll leave you with some Issaboo cuteness...She is 6 months old now.. She goes to market with me most weekends unless it's way to hot. She is quit the little celebrity. She has her own people and dogs who come to visit her each week.
Yes her big brother is cute too. ..smile...
Hard to take a pic she doesn't sit still long...Hope you girls have a wonderful week!~Amy

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Harvest Gathering Swap Sign Up Reminder

Hi Girls! We're almost out of time for sign ups so now is the time to send your info.I still need a few of the ones who did sign up info.If you did not receive a confirmation from me I didn't get it. There's still time to join in the fun go here for rules and more info. Harvest Gatherings Swap sign up link

Friday, July 3, 2015

Where I've Been

Hi Girls! So sorry for my long absence. Thanks to all my sweet friends who checked in on me as well. So let's catch up. My sweet dog Boo passed away unexpectedly. He had Lymphoma cancer and apparently they don't show signs till the end. I took him to the vet because he seemed a little sick.It progresses swiftly and there was nothing I could have done.The vet said a few weeks but I was only able to bring him home 4 days he declined so quick and by day 4 he was suffering tremendously so I took him in to be put to sleep. Sooooo I decided no more dogs (we still had Mung) but then I missed him so much and I got Issaboo. Oh my goodness many years since I had a pup and a beagle smart,determined and a baby. She is like having a 24 hour toddler. I've had her 2 months now.She is spoiled, very determined but a fast learner and not always the sweetest dog. I socialize her and she is sweet to others always..smile... She's a little bigger now than in the pics and alot cuter.. Oh my is she cute,I do just melt even when she pushes to my limit.  So keeping after her has kept me very busy...
I also took a hard fall which messed up my leg,no breaks but very deep tissue bruising.. Still not quit right...Struggling with some family things mainly my Dad's new wife. I've tried very hard to be kind to her but she is sneaky and just not right in her thinking. I haven't seen my dad since christmas and only spoke with him twice since.I used to see him every week and talk with him about 4 times a week.So it's a struggle with me.I can only call him if I call her cell and I just can't put myself through that anymore..I had lot's of pics to share but my computer crashed during the storm the other day.It was out of Date so I was planning to buy a new one anyway, but I lost all the pics I had on it.I love this one so fast and easy..Life is finely starting to settle down though... Been picking kept some and of course Market is in full swing.. On cooler days I let Issaboo come with me she already has a following of people who come to see her every week.. The girls are getting big so pretty but of course I'd love them to stay little. They are 12 now but look about 15. Luckily they still act 12..smile..
Sorry I missed the Summer swap.I'll get the fall swap posted early.Just wanted to stop in and let everyone know what was going on. Wish everyone a wonderful 4th of July. I missed all my sweet blog friends..Really you girls are like my extended family.LoL..I promise to catch up in between Issaboo's naps. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Cupboard and Spring Swap Thank You

We are finally getting a few "Spring Days" here in PA., so of course that means we are busy lil Bees again...Picking and selling 2 of my favorite activities..smile... Wanted to stop in with a Thank You to my spring swap partners. Sandi  The Primitive Skate sent such sweet goodies.It's been so long since I got to swap with her..
I love the bunny so darn cute. Some aqua,cream and brown eggs....Old masher with a nest,candle,sheep crock and a hand painted jar with my favorite Dove Caramels!! Surprisingly I still have a few left.LoL..
Thank you Sandi!!! I also swapped with Lynn  Life on the weenie ranch blog..She sent a lil mammy in a vintage sifter, some tucks and doll..... Lynn is preparing for another surgery so keep her in your thoughts and prayers.....
So of course I've been doing some picking and this was one of my keepers... It's a antique small cupboard.Not sure if it was a child's or salesman sample. It is only about 2 ft tall but no detail was missed from the inlaid doors to the little turn latches, even the drawers are made with pride. Late 1800's.Just wonderful! No idea were I'm going to put it but it had to stay...smile...I kept a few other pieces.I'll share those soon....There were a few really nice pieces but I'm to the point now it has to really tug on my heartstrings for me to want to keep it...

My daffodils are up and the tulips are getting ready to pop.We are seeing more and more green each day. Tomorrow is supposed to be just perfect then all week warm. I've had the girls alot lately so not much time with everything else,but do so love them...Hope everyone is getting some sunny days!~Amy