Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What happens when you get TV time

In the summer I don't get alot of TV time but recently hubby and I had time to watch a few of our shows.This is the result.LoL.. Diners Drive Ins and Dives ...
Hubby had to make some yummy food....Then we moved on to American Pickers truth be told I enjoy the show some but think they are not always the brightest guys when it comes to pickin.But it does get me motivated to hop in and hunt (especially for all the wonderful things they leave behind)..The result....
These are the two I'm keeping..Egg Basket and Batter Pitcher.The pitcher isn't real old but I've wanted one for awhile but they are so pricey..So was glad to just find one I could afford...
And finally Hoarders..

Yep gotta clean out so you don't end up on the show..I'm not looking forward to this at all!!! Hubby and the neighbors planned this one.I went through a few things and got about 5 boxes together but hubbies garage is full so there is plenty for him to get rid of.I went out and priced a few things like a primitive sideboard cupboard,antique cubbie shelf, antique wheelbarrow,crocks,sleds and apple butter stirrers and a few other things but the back of the garage is packed to the ceiling with I don't even remember so I told him I'll set up the stuff I know and he can just put all the other stuff on dollar tables and I will try not to look...If I look I'll have the tendency to drag it back in to sell online or at market.LoL.I figure if I don't remember any of it now I just won't look and won't want it.I'm putting most of my market goods out but reduced the price to get rid of it and start fresh.The weather is unsteady the next few days so praying it waits till evenings to rain..Well girls hope you all are enjoying summer.We've been in heat wave this week but still enjoying getting out in the mornings to watch the birds and evenings tending my buckets garden.They are doing very well and I've already started getting some veggies.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Farmhouse Summer Swap Mail Reminder

Hi Girls! Just wanted to remind everyone the mail date for the farmhouse summer swap is coming up.I also want to remind everyone that the doll or critter needs to be included in this one..If you have any questions or need anything I'm here to help.If you just need to refresh on the swap you can click on the top sidebar to take you there.I've got a busy week but will be on with a regular post in the next day or two.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not much going on and Some Finds

Well girls not much going on this week.Mung (dog) has found a toad in the yard which he is obsessed with.We threw it over the fence twice but it keeps coming back.I like them they mean luck but if he keeps coming back he won't fair so lucky.LoL..Mung is a paw talker which means he pats and claws at things and likes to toss things in the air with his mouth...Been rainy here..Good for the garden today was suppossed to be severe storms.We had one come through around 8 am knocked down the canopy and we had to unplug everything.But now it's clear till later tonite.Drives me nuts the TV hipes everyone into a frenzy then nothing.So when it really does happen people don't pay attention.I'm one that's slightly prepared for whatever comes my way.. Hubs found this for me...Do you know what it is??
A beautiful antique wool hetchel..Now I have Two. He tried to tell me to get rid of my other one but it was so differnt I couldn't part with it. I am sticking to my rule of one thing in one thing out.Got rid of a antique green chippy paint bucket for this...
Antique Hay Fork...
This next one I debated on.Was on the fence because wasn't sure if I wanted it but thought no one at market would give me a reasonable price and didn't feel like shipping....
I do this alot lately with market because in our area they are getting cheap or just don't understand good antiques.The Walmart generation..sigh.. and the older people who do understand don't need things.Recently hubs was driving through town and saw this young guy throwing stuff into a dumpster.He noticed some of the old chippy paint, iron planters in the dumpster, so he stopped to ask if he could have them.The guy says I don't want people taking stuff out.He said his grandfather died and he needed to clean out the pole building.So hubs said I'll pay you for them and the other stuff in the building.He says no.He then says I'm only throwing away the stuff that looks like junk and no one will buy.Hubby tells him well you are throwing away good stuff now.The guy just couldn't understand the value in the old stuff so hubs gave up.LoL..
Love the lady liberty..Antique Shredded Wheat printed shipping box...It ended up as my side table by the couch for my Ipad and magazines to sit..
Tomorrow I'm planning a picking day trip.Hubby fixed my jeep so all should go well.Yes I put water and tools just in case.but fingers crossed nothing goes wrong..Hopefully will find some goodies..Not much happening been working on my swap gifts and puttering around the garden.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!~Amy

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Finally

As most of you know mondays and tuesdays are my weekend this time of year.Thursday through sunday we are either out picking or doing markets..This weeks adventures didn't turn out as planned so I'm thankful for monday..smile..Friday I planned a trip to a differnt area to pick and to check out a flea market in the area.It was supposed to be 3 community sales in the area.Well it was all baby stuff and not worth the hour drive.So I was talking to hubby and asking why we never go to a town that is about a hour from us and decided to check the listings and as luck would have it they were having their town yardsale saturday.We left early and got there about 6:30 am stopped at one sale and started off to search for more.I was so excited old houses,small town and old treasures to be found.Well stop #2 water and smoke coming from the jeep.My thermostat broke and the hose broke( Had a hole).Hubby had no tools with him and we are so rural, we are sure or friend would not find us.Heck we weren't even sure were we were.LoL so I punch in the GPS for a garage.Great just 1/3 mile so we poured some water in and chanced getting there..Closed Saturday..So we figure we are stuck and facing a big tow bill home.I looked over the hill and saw a lady setting up yardsale so walked down to ask if she had any tools.She gave us the tools and water so hubby was able to fix it till we could get back to town.I was sooo thankful for the kindness of strangers.I offered her some money but she refused saying she was helped before and happy to return it.I'm still dissapointed missing all those "Old House" sales but thankful we got home safely.Hubby fixed it right away once we got the part and took me to a few local sales...Usually we go berry picking at a local farm but this year the weird weather has affected the crops so they didn't have the pick your own but did have strawberries left...
Yummm my favorite part of summer fresh fruits and veggies that taste like real food. I love to grow and go to local farms and stands to get them at their freshest.I bought a whole flat to freeze,nibble and bake these.....
Yummy scones!!! See mondays can be wonderful..smile..I got the recipe at http://confessionsoftart.blogspot.com/2009/03/strawberry-scones.html  The only thing I changed was I used whipping cream sometimes called heavy cream and added 2 capfulls of vanilla extract and added a little less cream because the fresh strawberries were juicy. Let me tell you they are delicious!! Moist and springy! They freeze well too but I don't think they'll make it that long..smile...Hope you all have a great week!~Amy