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Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Finally

As most of you know mondays and tuesdays are my weekend this time of year.Thursday through sunday we are either out picking or doing markets..This weeks adventures didn't turn out as planned so I'm thankful for monday..smile..Friday I planned a trip to a differnt area to pick and to check out a flea market in the area.It was supposed to be 3 community sales in the area.Well it was all baby stuff and not worth the hour drive.So I was talking to hubby and asking why we never go to a town that is about a hour from us and decided to check the listings and as luck would have it they were having their town yardsale saturday.We left early and got there about 6:30 am stopped at one sale and started off to search for more.I was so excited old houses,small town and old treasures to be found.Well stop #2 water and smoke coming from the jeep.My thermostat broke and the hose broke( Had a hole).Hubby had no tools with him and we are so rural, we are sure or friend would not find us.Heck we weren't even sure were we were.LoL so I punch in the GPS for a garage.Great just 1/3 mile so we poured some water in and chanced getting there..Closed Saturday..So we figure we are stuck and facing a big tow bill home.I looked over the hill and saw a lady setting up yardsale so walked down to ask if she had any tools.She gave us the tools and water so hubby was able to fix it till we could get back to town.I was sooo thankful for the kindness of strangers.I offered her some money but she refused saying she was helped before and happy to return it.I'm still dissapointed missing all those "Old House" sales but thankful we got home safely.Hubby fixed it right away once we got the part and took me to a few local sales...Usually we go berry picking at a local farm but this year the weird weather has affected the crops so they didn't have the pick your own but did have strawberries left...
Yummm my favorite part of summer fresh fruits and veggies that taste like real food. I love to grow and go to local farms and stands to get them at their freshest.I bought a whole flat to freeze,nibble and bake these.....
Yummy scones!!! See mondays can be wonderful..smile..I got the recipe at http://confessionsoftart.blogspot.com/2009/03/strawberry-scones.html  The only thing I changed was I used whipping cream sometimes called heavy cream and added 2 capfulls of vanilla extract and added a little less cream because the fresh strawberries were juicy. Let me tell you they are delicious!! Moist and springy! They freeze well too but I don't think they'll make it that long..smile...Hope you all have a great week!~Amy


cucki said...

Yummy :)
Enjoy x

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Amy,
Why is it some days turn out like that!
Glad you got things fixed and got back home okay.

We went 'rummaging' on Saturday and it was mostly junk. Sometimes there are lots of sales but not this week.

Nothing better than fresh strawberries is there.


Primitive Stars said...

Oh Amy, how terrible that happened when your so excited to find good sales but thankful that nice lady helped you, glad there is still people out there like that......Your scones look so yummy, love Strawberries, they say summer.....Hugs Francine.

Trace4J said...

Kindness from strangers is the best.
God is good.
Oh yum strawberry scones.
They look awesome.
Happy Monday :)

~Sara said...

Oh Amy, I am sure glad things turned out ok for you. You sound like you had a good attitude about it. I am not very good at dealing with those issues.
Your new recipe looks yummy! We are just finishing up strawberry season here. It is never long enough. WE are getting watermelons in already which is so nice.
Hope the rest of this week is better for you. Blessings~Sara

Earlene said...

Morning Amy!
I can't wait to pick fresh strawberries soon!
Hope your enjoying your June so far/
Don't you just love Farmers Markets!

Raymond Homestead said...

Bummer that you had some car trouble. What a nice lady to help you out. The strawberries look awesome and I'm sure the scones are too!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh Amy what a bummer :(. So glad the lady was able to help you!

YUMMM I may have to try the scones! Our tomatoes are coming in as well as our bell peppers and lemon cucumbers! Last week we stopped off at the fruit market and came home with all sorts of goodies and one of my favorites, cherries!


Unknown said...

Glad hubby was able to fix your jeep and that the weekend wasn't a total loss! Your scones look yummy!

Barefoot Primitives said...

Sorry you missed some sales and happy you made it home safe. The strawberries - oh YUMMO! Scones look pretty durn good too lady!
I'll be making strawberry and blackberry jam soon I hope!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

So glad you were able to find some one that was willing to lend a helping hand and get you back on the road!
Oh strawberry season! YUMMO! OLM

Denise said...

I love strawberries.

Prims By The Water said...

Oh I have had days like that. So glad you got home safe and yes there still are angels out there that are there when you need them. Have a great week! Janice...love those strawberries.

Theresa said...

Amy glad hubby was able to fix your jeep...bummer about missing the sales. The strawberry scones look divine....yummy!!!

Roberta said...

Always good to hear stories of good people. Glad you got home safely. There is nothing like the smell of fresh strawberries! ~Roberta

renee said...

Hi Amy,
I am glad that you were able to get your car fixed . That is not a good feeling to be stuck someplace.
All your pictures of food that you shared look good too!
I hope that you have a nice weekend.
I am planting my garden today.
It is going to rain.
God bless,

frontporchprims said...

I love this post Amy!! Not the part about your broken car though. That's an adventure for sure. I am sorry you missed the wonderful houses and barns. Maybe next month. The scones look so yummy. I saw something like this on the internet this week and I was drooling. I always make my whipped cream homemade with vanilla and a little suar too:) It's so much better and only takes a minute. Today we are planting the garden. A little late this year but it stays so warm into the fall we should be ok. Have a wonderufl weekend.

bettyj said...

Don't you just love a handy husband. Mine could fix anything. Glad you found a friendly lady and that you got home safely Those scones look luscious. Yum

1890* said...

I need to get caught up with you my friend! .. I thought of you yesterday as i was planting some Tomatoes in buckets ..i found a cute way to cover my buckets on Pinterest .. Burlap sacks -stencil designs on the sacks and put your planting buckets in the sacks and tie them around with twine ..I made two bumble bee buckets with you in mind sweet friend!
Hope the pickin's been good for you

Earlene said...

Scones!!!! My fav!!! Never had strawberry.
Enjoyed your post.