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Friday, July 3, 2015

Where I've Been

Hi Girls! So sorry for my long absence. Thanks to all my sweet friends who checked in on me as well. So let's catch up. My sweet dog Boo passed away unexpectedly. He had Lymphoma cancer and apparently they don't show signs till the end. I took him to the vet because he seemed a little sick.It progresses swiftly and there was nothing I could have done.The vet said a few weeks but I was only able to bring him home 4 days he declined so quick and by day 4 he was suffering tremendously so I took him in to be put to sleep. Sooooo I decided no more dogs (we still had Mung) but then I missed him so much and I got Issaboo. Oh my goodness many years since I had a pup and a beagle smart,determined and a baby. She is like having a 24 hour toddler. I've had her 2 months now.She is spoiled, very determined but a fast learner and not always the sweetest dog. I socialize her and she is sweet to others always..smile... She's a little bigger now than in the pics and alot cuter.. Oh my is she cute,I do just melt even when she pushes to my limit.  So keeping after her has kept me very busy...
I also took a hard fall which messed up my leg,no breaks but very deep tissue bruising.. Still not quit right...Struggling with some family things mainly my Dad's new wife. I've tried very hard to be kind to her but she is sneaky and just not right in her thinking. I haven't seen my dad since christmas and only spoke with him twice since.I used to see him every week and talk with him about 4 times a week.So it's a struggle with me.I can only call him if I call her cell and I just can't put myself through that anymore..I had lot's of pics to share but my computer crashed during the storm the other day.It was out of Date so I was planning to buy a new one anyway, but I lost all the pics I had on it.I love this one so fast and easy..Life is finely starting to settle down though... Been picking kept some and of course Market is in full swing.. On cooler days I let Issaboo come with me she already has a following of people who come to see her every week.. The girls are getting big so pretty but of course I'd love them to stay little. They are 12 now but look about 15. Luckily they still act 12..smile..
Sorry I missed the Summer swap.I'll get the fall swap posted early.Just wanted to stop in and let everyone know what was going on. Wish everyone a wonderful 4th of July. I missed all my sweet blog friends..Really you girls are like my extended family.LoL..I promise to catch up in between Issaboo's naps. Warm Blessings!~Amy