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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Saturday!

 Happy Saturday! I was going to stay home and have a lazy day but I feel like I need a adventure today..smile..So told hubby to hitch up the horse....
 Not sure what I want to do.I love going were the road leads and enjoying the views.Old Buildings, cemeteries, churches, farmhouses.....
 Back roads are always eye candy for me....
 But really I'm in the mood to seek treasures.Dig through a out of the way antique or junk shop and discover just what I'm looking for (rarely happens but a girl can dream).....
Wish me luck! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gifts of Friendship

 I am so blessed with friendships.I never would have thought that I would find my kindred spirits but through blogging so many have become so close.Two years ago I lost my best friend.She was more like my sister her mom died when she was 15 so she spent every holiday with me and we talked or visited daily for over 20 years.When her son was born I was his only Auntie.We shared everything.The night she died we got the call at 2 am and I traveled in a ice storm to try to get to her almost wrecking due to the bad roads.I still think I see her driving to come see me when I look out the kitchen window.We always said we would be grannies sitting in rockers  bickering together..I miss her so much..She was my kindred spirit and I honestly never thought I'd find anyone like her but I see so much of her in so many of you.Yes I have family and friends close but they just don't get me like many of you....I am blessed by so many of you and am so Thankful I started this journey...I truely hope that I bless you all the way you bless my life.....I want to share some sweet gifts I received from some special friends...First are the the beautiful hooked hearts from Teri http://www.whitesheepfarm.com/  I was her special Valentine. If I had to describe Teri I'd say she is one of the most honest people.She is also passionate,loyal and giving....
 The next little surprise was from my very sweet friend Lil Raggedy Angie.I just love her! If she was closer I'd surely be dragging her on adventures all the time. Her little princess is just the cutest ever..She knew I was drooling over these sweet sheep she creates.So she sent me one just because she loves me..I litterly did a happy dance when I opened it.I love it!    I have a little surprise in mind for her as well..She is always there when I need to vent or need someone to just listen and understand.She is a wonderful secret keeper..smile.....The next pics are a recent swap I did with Renee Recollecting the past...
Renee and I always say we are long lost sisters.So much the same about us but I'm definatly better at hiding my clutter than she is.LoL..Renee I love all the sweet gifts.Thank all of you girls for brightening my day! I am so blessed in so many ways.I am a strong believer that what you put into the world is what comes back to you.......Today I'm going to be  playing   creating so busy day ahead.I have some gifts to get done, a order,and want to work on a giveaway...Just want to remind you if you want to be in the spring swap I need your info by tomorrow (saturday) click on the link on the sidebar for rules and sign up info.I'm still waiting on a few of your emails.If I received your info you would have got a confirmation from me.Happy Friday!~Amy

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beautiful Swap Goodies from Theresa

Wednesday already? Time has just been flying right along!Wanted to stop in and share my swap goodies from Theresa. She just started a blog.(Finally..smile...) So after you visit stop over and say Hi.You'll want to become a follower because this girl is super talented and you won't want to miss a thing! Here is her new Blog http://dulaneywoodstreasures.blogspot.com/  Ok on to the goodies.I normally forget to take a picture of the wrappings to excited to see what's inside but I remembered this time.Such pretty details...
 Here are the wonderful goodies she sent.Stitchery tuck I just love how she incorporates my name into them,makes it extra special...Prairie Pocket,Father Winter doll (LOVE) he has so much detail! Punch needle box with cinnamon ornies hearts and doves tucked in..Oh and Dark CHOCOLATE from around the world.Hubby has a peanut butter addiction and keeps stealing some to dip in his peanut butter.Gonna have to hide it LoL....I found places already for everything but didn't feel like dusting so I'm just sharing this pic today..smile....   If you click on the pics they come up better for some reason blogger keeps chopping the ends off....
Theresa is super talented I'd have to say in the top 4 of people I know.I always get nervous swapping with her because my talents although good could never compare to hers.She is also sweet and funny.Theresa sweetie I just Love everything you do and am so glad to call you friend! .....The Spring Swap is posted click on the link on the sidebar if you are interested in joining.Hope you all are having a great week.Weather still can't make up it's mind what season it wants to be snow,rain,mix then a mild day or two thrown in.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Bunny Loves You Swap

Well girls spring will be here before we know it.I'm still wondering were the holidays went and it's the end of January already! Time to start on our spring goodies.This will be our Some Bunny Loves You Swap when planning this swap I thought I would make it secret but changed my mind because it worries me a little if you can't communicate with your partner...
To join in the swaps I host You either had to join in a past swap or I must know you to some extent meaning  you comment or I visit your blog.You must be a follower to join in as well.Yes I do allow new people to join in but you must email me and have a active blog I can check out.I know this sounds strict but if you have ever been on the bad end of a swap you understand.I want my girls to have fun and not have to worry.You must be in the USA or Canada as shipping cost are high....

  • You must include 4 items in the swap (yes you can include extra if you want)
  • One item must be a bunny theme 
  • One item must be stitched you can purchase or hand make but it must be included.Stitched includes dolls,bowl fillers,hooked,penny rugs and stitcheries
  • You must contact you partner once your receive her information.Say hello and let her get to know you a little she is sending you a gift after all
  • You must thank your partner by posting if you do not have a blog I'm happy to post it for you.I and I'm sure the other girls enjoy seeing your goodies
  • You must mail your package by March 2nd with confirmation.If a problem arises please let me and your partner know so I can get it worked out.
Please understand this is a quality swap so give as you'd like to receive.No dollar store stuff! I do not like doing a dollar limit as when you get into handdids it's hard to set a price.Your package should be nice.Look at the ideas pictured and that will help you understand the type of items.

I'll leave sign ups open till Friday Jan 27th and get your partners out the begining of next week.You must comment that you are joining in on this post.Then email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following

  • Blog URL
  • Name and Address
  • email
  • I also want to know if you are a regular swapper the last 2 people you swapped with so I can make sure you have a new partner this time
  • Occasionally I have a extra or late sign up if needed would you want a extra partner?                           You can copy and paste from my blog.The following is optional but helpful to include
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Favorite scents?
  • Colors?
  • Any favorite things like sheep, penny rugs,old kitchen gadgets, dolls?
  • Something special you are looking for,collect,or enjoy?

Any questions feel free to contact me...Lets have Fun girls! ~Amy

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let it Snow!

 Oh my! I'm so excited it's finally snowing a real snow the first one since our freak storm in October.I was wondering if old man Winter was going to make a appearance this season..smile..About 4 inches so far this afternoon supposed to get ice though.Ok by me I am all snuggled in for a PJ day...
 Hubby is out snow blowing while our peeper neighbor watches from his kitchen window.LoL.Hubby put a mannequin in the window we switched and opened the blind the other night so it looked like someone was watching his house.When we went out the next day his blind was closed.But back to watching us coming and going or like now when hubby is working outside...
 Me I'm going to just take a lazy PJ day.Make a warm cuppa ....
 Ok it'll really look like this...Yummmmmm...
 Have some yummy candles lighted.and tarts melting.Scents of Maple syrup,gingerbread and fireplace wafting in the air...So Welcoming...Yes come out of the cold....
 The dogs are already snug as little bugs...Got news for them though I'm taking that big chair to settle in and watch movies and read..Maybe I'll share.Mung my little fat boy can be pretty persistant with what he wants and he usually wants to be snuggled with momma..Mailman just dropped off my Romantic Prairie Style book and a new southern cookbook so some good reading for later...
Hubby is making a BBQ pork roast in the rotisserie for dinner.Yes such a wonderful Day to be snow in.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentines and Winner

Well I'm a day behind as usual..smile..Wanted to share my little bit of Valentines decorating.No I'm not confused on this first one I just love the little hooked mat from Lauren so I leave it out all year..Simple little heart...
 These little snowmen stay up till valentines..Added some hearts..
 Gotta have cupid to spread the love...
 Display on top of the old mercantile cabinet.....

Just simple touches.I don't have alot of valentines since it's such a short holiday..The winner of the lil bunny tarts was drawn by Random.org True Random Number Generator 
  25Powered by RANDOM.ORG  
So Angela Through Nana's Window is the winner.Email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com  with your address...I also had some bad news about dad yesterday.He has a new painful lump.The Dr said it could be a tumor or could be a side effect from the chemo so he goes tomorrow for a scan.If you could just say a little pray for him I'd be so thankful...As I write Hubby is rearranging my computer room which is driving me bonkers I'm organized in my mess.LoL. But we have a neighbor who watches in our one window constantly and that's were the dogs window bench is so he is moving it to the other window.The neighbor actually watches us everytime we go outside and anytime the blinds are up.Drives hubby nuts,Me not so much I figure I feel sorry for him if that's all he has to do in life is watch me on the computer.LoL..I really don't think he can see the computer unless he has binoculars.Takes all kinds I guess...Just want to remind the girls in the Heart of Winter Swap your packages need to be mailed the end of the week(Jan 20th) oh my were has the month gone..I'll be posting the spring swap in about a week...Hope you all are having a great week.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Sunday, January 15, 2012

You're so Special

Good Sunday sweet girls! I'm off to Grandma's old farmhouse to visit my family.I haven't seen them since Christmas since I had the crud bug.LoL..Miss them so going to enjoy a lazy afternoon with them.Made a peach cream pie never tried it before but it looks yummy.My momma used to make a peaches and cream dessert when we were young but no longer has the recipe.I remember it had Jello and vanilla ice cream.The pie I made has Jello,cream cheese and coolwhip.I made a baked crust for it instead of graham.Well just wanted to stop in and say Hi! I'm also having a tiny little surprise giveaway for my visitors today.I'm going to give away 2 bunny tarts.Just the tarts not the gathering.Nothing big just my way of letting you know your special a little give back..smile..Easy peasy just leave a comment and be a follower.I'll draw the name tomorrow.You'll have 48 hours to email me or another name will be drawn.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogger Grrrr and Sweet Surprise from Kendra

 I don't like change never have.I like to stay with what's familiar and comfortable.Well blogger has forced me to change and I'm lost and confused so bear with me till I get used to things again.First they disabled my blog emailed them and the next day it was back up.Thank goodness paniced I'd have to refind everyone on a new blog.Then yesterday it would not let me see most of your blogs once it pulled up it was just a white page.So I just walked away figuring another glitch.Well today it tells me browser does not support blogger.I have high speed wireless internet since we stream netflix and hulu to the TV so my internet is pretty up to date.It said I needed goggle chrome so with resistance I downloaded it.(you know I got to see my sweet friends)..Well it is sooooo differnt so now I have to relearn everything.I'm sure I'll get the hang of it in a few days,but right now it's very confusing.And I don't like how my dashboard is at all I get lost easily.Posting well let's just say we'll see how this post looks..LoL.....Wanted to share with you this beeswax bunny I just finished.I listed him in my etsy shop if you are interested.I only have the one made but will list more in the future.He is solid using a antique chocolate mold.....Etsy link is on the sidebar..
 Yesterday I was having a frustrating day having to catch up everything from being sick and taking care of dad's things as well.Well I got light headed and fell between the couch and coffee table.Hubby's at work and the first thing I thought was "I've fallen and I can't get up" had to laugh.Yes I could get up I wasn't really hurt except my arm and hand hurts a little because I feel on it.Then I decided to take a break and sit down well I dosed off for a few minutes which I never do.I woke up because the phone rang.I'm assuming since I had the stomach virus almost 2 weeks it took some of the nutrients and just made me wonky.I'm feeling better and eating normal again so I'll give it a few days....The day got better though because there was a sweet surprise in the mail from Kendra  The Stone House blog..She sent me this wonderful heart make do...
 Totally unexpected and brightened my whole day! She is such a sweet friend I'm so glad she started her blog and I've been able to get to know her better.I just love the little pocket on it.Here is were it's displayed...
The card is from her too.The paper has seeds in it you can plant.Thank You Kendra you are a sweetie! Well girls I'll be back soon with my Valentine decorating.Hopefully I'll get the hang of this new blogger fast.We are having a deep freeze for the next few days.Today we have 40 mile winds and the temps have dropped rapidly.I don't mind I got everything done outside the house so I can nestle in and relax a few days.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Tweeks and I've been tagged

Well girls seems like this month is just flying right on by! Wasn't Christmas a few days ago? I've been working on some gifts for swaps,enjoying some reading and tweeking a little around the house.In my efforts to simplify I sold alot of stuff but some things were just to special so I packed them away they are slowly finding their way back into the displays.I realize I get to attached to things and will never be a simple girl.You love what you love...smile...Love this german mohair bear....Below my other love George.Had to rearrange so the make do my SIL made me could fit....Isn't he handsome?

Antique Childrens Games and shoes....Love the graphics so nostalgic!

These little dolls are from differnt artist but the go perfect together....

Sweet Linda sent me the crow stitchery a while back and finally got it displayed...

Added the redware pitcher to the clock keepers slant desk...

Just little changes...Now Marti tagged me so I have to answer her questions.Stop by and visit her blog too.
Here are her questions and my answers....
1. Where do you like to vacation~ Don't vacation much but love day trips to historic places
2. Do you have pets ~ Yes 3 Mung a beagle, Boo a jack/beagle and Gus sugar baby my cat who thinks he's a dog
3. What is your favorite color ~ Depends for decorating tans, For clothes Green or pink (yep like girly stuff)
4. How many are in your family ~ Just me and Hubby but we've helped raise several children.
5. What is your least favorite thing to do ~ Hmmm do I want to answer this one? Close tie with paying the bills and cleaning dog poo up in the yard.
6. What is your most favorite thing to do~ Yard and Estate Sales, Decorate,visit with friends and family,blogging
7. If money were no object what would you like to do when you retire~ Move to Maine and live in a historical Colonial house or a big cabin in the mountains.Anywere that it snows alot.Would have to have all 4 seasons.
8. What is your favorite season ~ Fall
9. What book are you currently reading ~ Early American Country Homes and a Judy Condon Book.
10.What time do you go to bed, get up in the morning~ I don't sleep well so usually go to bed around 11 pm and up around 4 am (actually up about 3 times in between). 6 am is a sleep in day for me.LoL
11.How long have you been blogging~ About a year and a half but I was a stalker before that.So glad I started my own, if you're on the fence just do it so many wonderful people and if you stay on the old version of blogger it's pretty easy.

Well girls hope you are having a wonderful day.I got a busy next few days gotta catch up all dad's stuff since I've been sick I stayed away.Sent hubby over with food to make sure he's eating and ok.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm a Cheater

Good Saturday! Well I'm feeling a lot better not 100% but I'd say after almost 2 weeks of sickness I'm about 60% better and finally able to enjoy some things.Christmas is finally put away and Valentines is up.I don't have much Valentines so easy to get out.I'll share pics soon.I also did a little tweaking to some things.Aren't we always doing that? Most people I know don't love each season and change the decor or put out special things.That's why I love you all, you enjoy simple pleasures and celebrate like I do...smile...The bucket and the large doll were in the loft for a long time so bought them out to display.... Ok so I got you wondering about my cheating ways.Hmmm wonder what thoughts crossed your minds? You are supposed to be my friends you know? LoL..Well it's these to die for cookies!!!!
They are soooo yummy.I had a long drawn out recipe so I decided I wanted them easy..Pretzel Cookies with Chocolate and Peanut butter...

Sweet and Salty..Ok so I'll give you my version which is soooo easy.
Pretzels Cookies with chocolate and Peanut butter

  • Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie roll or chub

  • 3/4 to 1 cup peanut butter chips

  • about 3/4 cup broken pretzels (I used the thin stick kind they were easy to break but any thin ones will work)

  • Course Sea Salt

Preheat oven according to cookie dough package.

Break up cookie dough in bowl add the peanut butter chips.Mix with spoon ( I like to mix it with my fingers) add in pretzel pieces and gently mix again.Roll Tablespoon size balls you can use your hands or the double spoon method.I like hands. Place on ungreased cookie sheet.Sprinkle the cookies lightly with sea salt.Bake 10-14 minutes.Leave sit 2 minutes before removing from tray. Now have someone hide them as they are addicting.

Well ladies hope you have a wonderful weekend.I still have a gift that needs returned so might do that when hubby gets home from work.I got a new prim book for christmas Early American Country Homes and want to snuggle in with it,so much prim eye candy.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well Hello

Hi sweet ladies! Oh my haven't been blogging much lately.It started Christmas Eve got soooo sick then around tuesday I felt better Well then friday it came back and I'm just feeling semi better now.But I am sick of being sick so up trying to do some things.It was a stomach bug and hubby kept wanting me to go to the Urgent care well I'm not much for doctors but gave a deadline for yesterday if not better I would call a regular doctor.(we don't go to the drs much and ours retired so we need a new one) Well I started to feel better so I'm waiting it out.It's a stomach bug.I'll tell you if I have to go much longer on a BRAT diet I'll go nuts.LoL I need SUGAR! I just got the Christmas decorations put up today but now I'm worn out so will just pick a little with the cleaning and getting the house back together...The good thing is I Lost 14 lbs being sick.I know most will come back once I eat right but gotta try to find a bright side here..smile.. I've been trying to get some RAK's together there are a few people I think just need a little surprise to cheer them up..Nothing like a little hug in the mailbox..So did you make any New Years resolutions? I don't really make resolutions as it's hard for me to stick to them so I just set general things I'd like to change like try to excercise a little more, slow down and enjoy the small things,not let others negativity effect me,Set more time aside for things I enjoy and try to simplify.I don't think I'll ever get to the last one as there are always a million directions I'm going in and I really enjoy "stuff"..smile..

Not to much going on here.Just wanted to drop in and say Hi and let you know your in my thoughts! Warm Blessings!~Amy