Simple Ramblings From A Prim Cottage

Sunday, July 27, 2014


 Well girls as usual summer is a whirlwind for me.Never can take those lazy days they talk about..smile..Picking, Flea Market, Garden, Nieces and life keep me hopping. My dog has also tore his ACL so I have been nursing him. The say give it time to heal about 3 months and if it doesn't get worse then we'll be ok,otherwise $2000 up for surgery. He's been pretty good but is getting stir crazy... Dad did marry that lady.I did talk to him before hand about waiting and being sure. He says with the cancer and getting older he's ready to settle down. I've had a few things with her since the marriage that caused me to be weary.Not sure if it's just not knowing her well or that it really should worry me. The thing is my dads sister(my aunt) came to me too with the same thoughts and worries. BUT he seems extremely happy at this point so that's what counts.I'm his only child and been his support all these years I just don't want him to be hurt...Well sharing a few of the things I kept from picking. Gotta say I went to the most amazing sale a few weeks back and bought the first day.The next day I thought maybe I missed something but didn't go, the third day I told hubby I had to go back he told me no way will anything be left but took me. Well there was more plus she let me search the basement and spare room which was packed to the ceiling. The lady just had amazing stuff and was selling it so the kids don't have to deal with it.She has giving me her # and wants me to come back to dig when we have more time to sort...Kept this old fence to corral some Putz The little goat in the corner joined them as well.. The shoes up top still have the original stockings rolled up inside...
 I have a thing for antique turkeys as well. Was tickled to find a full plate and platter set of this ironstone turkey pattern.
Well like the most of you I'm always daydreaming of fall but do want summer to linger awhile longer...Hope you are enjoying some sweet tea and lazy chats with the ones you love. I know even though I haven't been blogging much I have been checking in on you sweet ladies. So many of you are in my thoughts often...~Amy

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thank You to Lecia

 Oh my summer is always non stop busy! I feel bad being away from blog so long but life has been non stop.I have been dropping in on everyone not always commenting but I like to keep up.But of course I needed to pause long enough to Thank my very sweet friend Lecia for her wonderful gifts from our recent swap...smile...I just adore the dolls she created especially the Uncle Sam.. And look at the sweet beeskep penny mat she made....
 Such talent that girl has.I'm so glad she has branched out from bonnets to other prims because she makes such lovely creations. Yes she is still the bonnet queen.LoL.. She also tucked lots of little extras in like the yummy strawberry hand soap.
Lecia Thank you so much for our friendship.I'm so glad to have you as a friend! Well girls lots to share I'll try to get some post on in the next few days. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!