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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Busy Busy

 Just wanted to stop in and say Hi! Seems life has been so busy lately. Fall flew right by now we are heading into the Holiday season. The girls just turned 14 oh how I miss them being little.LoL..Grandma had her 80th birthday Saturday and my baby sister got married. The girls were attendants in the wedding wanted to show how pretty they look since they never dress up...smile...Sad their mom missed out on them as they are such beautiful young ladies...Better for them I guess... The wedding was Beautiful but I was to busy enjoying to take many pics...
The temps have really turned to cold this week.We were spoiled with a mild fall. Thanksgiving is just a few more days. We will make dinner here then go to my cousins he and his family are excited to host.It will be so different not going to Grandma's old farmhouse but it really is alot on her since there are so many grands and great grands.Then next week Hubby and I have birthdays. I'm ready for some nesting and down time but not sure it'll happen for a few months...smile...Well just wanted to stop in for a short visit seems I don't get much blogging time lately and I truly do miss it so many wonderful friends. Also wanted to let the girls in the Ornie swap know all are mailed and should arrive by the end of the week.I'll be back on in a few days to share mine.Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!~Amy

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween and Some Decorating

 Boy October went by fast! We've been enjoying the cooler temps and beautiful color changes. Oh my do I love the colors of fall..Burnt oranges,browns,crimson red. Here in PA nature really does put on the show. We've been taking the dogs for lots of walks at the Park and enjoying the season changes there as well. Issaboo will be dressing up like a pumpkin and greating the trick or treaters Halloween. She loves seeing all the kids...I of course waiting till the last minute to pick up candy so I'll pick it up in the morning...
 A few pics of the Fall/Halloween decor many touches were added since the pics. Tuesday the turkeys will parade into the vignettes and the Holiday season will officially begin...smile....

 Warm scents to make home feel cozy....Soft blankets to curl up in...Yummy food slow cooking all day....

Hope everyone is enjoying Autumn... The ornie swap is posted there is still time to join in the fun.Just click on older post it's the next post after this if you want to join in. Well off to snuggle up on the couch with some Hallmark channel.~Amy

Monday, October 10, 2016

Annual Homespun Ornie Swap sign up

 Hi girls! It's time for our Homespun Ornament Swap. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun as long as you follow the rules posted below...Alot of the swaps I host are closed to regulars so this is a good way to get in on the fun and be able to join in on the seasonal swaps...You are welcome to copy the above image with a link back to this post to post on your blog...The images below are ideas on what to send. All are Etsy sellers with their names posted with the ornament so you can visit their shop....

  • You must be a follower of my blog (new followers are welcome)
  • The ornies must be handmade you can purchase or make them but they must be handmade
  • You can send 1-4 ornies how ever many you send is what will be returned to you.
  • Open to USA and Canada The postal rates have went up so you must include with your package a check, money order or of course cash makes no enemies (we have never had any problems with loss in the mail).. USA is $7 Canada will be $9 US for the return shipping of the ornies...If there is any money left it will go to the local food bank which gives out Christmas dinners for families.Some will be over some under but it usually evens out in the end
  • You must include a return address label or hand written paper so I can mail it back to you. 
  • Ornies must be packaged with a tag on each one that has your blog url so people can thank you when they post the Thank You post

  • They must be in clear bag (ziplock or cellophane) so I can see them
  • Must be Mailed by Nov 5th for US... Canada needs to be mailed by Oct 28th
  • I'll be sorting and shipping so it reaches you by Thanksgiving week...I do not keep track of who gets whos ornies. It is the receivers responsibility to Thank the girls either via a blog post or email.

  • All are welcome but this is a primitive,country,colonial, farmhouse swap so only sign up if you like those styles
  • To sign up leave a comment on this post then email me for my address after checking your blog(I'm only checking for spammers) I will email my address to you. My email is cottageprims@hotmail.com I will email you back within 48 hours if you do not hear back from me it didn't reach me so try again.
  • If your package does not arrive to me before Nov 12th I will have to return to sender.Let's get them mailed on time.
Any questions I'm here to help. Let's have fun.~Amy

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Goodies from Debbie

 For the Harvest Gatherings Swap Debbie of Barefoot Primitives was my partner. She really spoiled me. I love the cloth Jack o Lantern light. (Her own pattern)... Tucked in the little box are Halloween spool ornies with tinsel trim.....
 Amazed with the high button shoe pinkeep. Debbie made the shoe with cloth and it's hard to tell the difference between my 100 year old antique ones. Such talent my sweet friend has.
Thank you Debbie for the absolutely beautiful gifts!   I'll be back on in a few days with a few pics of my fall decor. Also will posting the Ornie swap the beginning of next week. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.~Amy

Friday, September 9, 2016

Fall Swap sign up reminder

Just a few days left to sign up for the Harvest swap. Click  HERE to go to the rules and sign up page.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer's End

Well Girl's I've been terrible for blogging lately. Summer has just been so busy. It's been sooo hot here I'm pretty sure we've hit a record.The garden didn't do good with the heat and lack of rain.But the next few days are supposed to cool down.I of course always look forward to Fall.Made some bowl fillers today in anticipation...smile...Our sale for the town's Good Ole Days was a big success. I sold everything except about 3 boxes(which my brother came and took).We used the money to buy hubby a new oversize chair and spruce up some things that needed done around the house which never fits in the budget. Most people said they've never been to a sale with so much good stuff. I'm just glad to be rid of it. I've been feeling a little like the need to let go of things and just be simple. Yes I know it will pass..LoL.But we did go to a field auction today and I only bought a wood bucket so I did good.. My sister is getting married in November. I've lost alot of weight ( 57 lbs) so excited to go dress shopping. She is getting married on Grandma's birthday.Nothing real exciting happening just general life. Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day. I'll get the Fall swap posted Tuesday for the girls waiting.Just wanted to stop in and say Hi! ~Amy

Monday, August 15, 2016

Farmhouse Summer Swap with Sandi

Such a busy week. We have been getting ready for our towns annual event. The whole town has yard sale and a big flea market. We set up 3 days and it is so much work getting ready.Especially since we've been so HOT a week of 100 degrees. Ready for Fall...smile...Wanted to thank my sweet friend Sandi for the lovely gifts she sent for our swap...

Love this wax bee on honeycomb. I'm making some fall fixins and will be using this as the center..
Here is what I did with the wood pieces she sent.. Ignore the clutter like I said been preparing for sale..  Will be moving this to the porch.....
Thank you Sandi for everything. You can see what I sent her here http://theprimitiveskate.blogspot.com/2016/08/farmhouse-summer-swap.html  You'll giggle when you see how much alike we think... Fall swap sign up will be the end of the month. Also want to get on and just chit chat soon.I miss my friends...smile..~Amy

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Farmhouse Summer Swap with Danice

I'm not sure what it is with summer that blogging seems to be such a struggle.Not like I don't have lots to share.I think it's just being so busy and when you do get some time you just want to do simple things like sit out back and have a leisurely grilled dinner or visit Grandma at the old farmhouse and sit under the shade trees chatting the afternoon away. But mostly I'm just a constant busy Bee daydreaming of Fall days when things slow down. You my sweet friends are never far from my thoughts though. Recently we had the Farmhouse Summer Swap..  Danice  sent such thoughtful gifts...

Table runner Quilt, Scarecrow stitchery and too cute doll with corn.....
Half apron with ric rack, Rooster feedsack towel and seed pouch...
Sewing bucket pinkeep and seeds....
Such wonderful gifts. Thank You Danice. Click on her name above to visit her blog and see what I sent her... Warm Blessings!~Amy

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Farmhouse Summer Swap Sign Up

Time for our Farmhouse Summer Swap.Normally  the swaps are closed to the circle of girls in the group but this one is semi open so if you've been thinking of joining in now is the time..Requirements are you must have a active blog and posted within 30 days,you must be a follower of my blog(new followers welcome) and you must be a giving person if you are just trying to get something or take advantage of someone this is the wrong place, Also you must be able to fulfill your commitment on time ..Email me and I'll check your info and let you know if your approved..

This swap is for Primitive, Farmhouse and Country items so only sign up if you are into those styles.Our group enjoys higher quality swaps and enjoys the safety that comes along with smaller groups...Golden Rule~ Give as you'd like to receive..

  •  Theme is Farmhouse Summer..Think things like......
  • Sunflowers
  • Aprons
  • Garden
  • Americana
  • Stars
  • Herbal Soaps
  • Crows
  • Chickens
  • Watermelon
  • Burlap
  • Ruffles
  • Signs
  • Sheep
  • Chippy White
  • Feed sacks
  • This swap will require a doll,bear or critter(sheep,bunny,bird, etc) as the main item.It must be at least 7 inches.It can be 7 inches long or 7 inches tall.It can be purchased or handmade by you but must be included in the swap. You must send at least 3 other items your choice.So a total of 4 items must be in the box.Yes you may send extra most do.
      Swap Rules
    • USA only 
    • No dollar amount as I feel that hand dids can not be priced.Basically send a nice package you'd like to receive and please NO Dollar Store stuff (a few fillers like seeds,garden gloves,tools would be ok)
    • You must contact your partner once you receive your email and say Hi!
    • You must Thank your partner (they have given you a gift after all) and post your goodies we all like to see.
    • Sign ups open till July 9 You can post the link and top pic to your blog if you want.Your package needs to be mailed no later than Aug 4th with delivery confirmation.
    To sign up email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com    with the following info you are welcome to copy and paste.
    • Email
    • Blog URL
    • Name and Address
    • Your last 2 swap partners if you are a regular
    • If needed can you take a extra partner? I usually pick up the extra but occasionally I need someone to take someone to match properly.
    • The following is optional but helps your partner get to know you better and helps with matching
      • Any allergies?
      • Favorite scents or scents that you do not like?
      • Anything special you are looking for or collect like old childs dishes, wood bowls, cookie cutters, old photos?
      • What is your decorating style? Primitive? Country? Farmhouse? Colonial? Mix?
      • Do you like spice and grunged tattered or more traditional ?
      • What types of things do you like or motifs throughout your house? examples pineapples,stars,crows,nest,bees, certain breed of dog, dolls, penny rugs...
      • What colors do you decorate with?
      • Favorite little indulgences like candy, tea, scented lotion?
      I will always email you a confirmation saying I received your info so if you don't hear from me within 24 hours I did not receive your email....
    The pictures throughout are suggestions of items the girls send.All pics are from Etsy sellers with their shop names included so you can find them to purchase if you see something you like.
    Any Questions I'm here to help.Let's have fun!~Amy

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016

    Pin Keep Swap Thank You!

    Wendy of  Ravenwood Whimsies held a Americana Pin Keep Swap. I was partners with Vicky of Paint Spots & Splinters  Vicky is such a sweetie we have swapped before so I was excited to see what she came up with!!!   Such a cute little mouse....
    Inside the box was vintage and sewing notions.....
    She also sent a hand painted watermelon perfect for summer decorating. Some antique bobbins, Wax melts and Chocolate!!!!
    Thank you Vicky for the fun swap and Thank You Wendy for being our host. ~Amy

    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Spring Swap with Wendy

     It's been a few years since I've swapped with my Friend Wendy of  Ravenwood Whimsies She has been a friend for many years of blogging. We did the Spring Swap and she sent such beautiful gifts....
     The handmade soap her son an dil make, she has a link on her website.Let me tell you it smelled so good even before I opened the box. The little blue jar is filled with the yummiest spring fruit teas I have been enjoying a warm cup every afternoon especially since spring has decided to turn back to Winter....
     And oh my goodness look at this sweet angel!!! LOVE!!! she is a big girl. See the lil Bee Skep in the crock it came with her. She has tiny little fingers which are so darn cute. Wendy even thought to give her a special bee charm since she knows I love Bumble Bees.......
    Wendy is a thoughtful giving person.I'm so glad I've gotten to know her over the years. She is hosting a Americana Pinkeep swap over on her blog  http://ravenwoodwhimzies.blogspot.com/  there's still time to join in the fun so head over and sign up.I've finally started my Spring cleaning and of course rearranging and putting out the summer decor so I'll be back in a few days with a few pics. 2 inches of snow expected tomorrow. We had a antique open air market scheduled for tomorrow. Thankfully it is rescheduled by the host. Were is Spring? I'll be nesting tomorrow for sure...smile...~Amy

    Thank You Becky

    Stopping in to thank Becky of  Ginger Creme Hollow for her gifts from a swap we did. Usually I don't get the wrapping but hers was sooo pretty I didn't want to open it....

    Small Pillow, note pad... Bird tucked in a nest on antique mason lid, Pincushion and tarts burning the Amish Kitchen now and the whole room smells of cinnamony goodness....
    And just look how sweet as honey is this? ....

    Lil Bumble Bee doll and tiny little flowers. Becky's stitching is just perfect she really gets into all the details.Thank you Becky for swapping. Everything was just wonderful!

    Thursday, March 24, 2016

    A little Spring

     We are seeing some spring weather our way. Typical March weather one day 60's the next day snow...A little of my decorating around the house...Not much going on here we did have a nice Family reunion at the hunt club for my Grandma's side. Alot of people I hadn't seen in years. It was potluck so tons of yummy food..
     We of course will gather at grandmas old farmhouse for Easter. I'll be busy holding my new sweet niece...smile....Hubby wants to go to a mud sale tomorrow if the weather holds. (for those of you not familiar it's a Auction that is held during the muddy season LoL) So get your muck boots on....  I'm not much for Auctions because I wait all day for something only to get outbid or get home and think oh my goodness what did I spend my money on.I prefer to just being able to look it over and buy it at flea market or a shop...smile....
     Been getting some swap stuff finished up. Trying to push myself to get the Spring cleaning started but on the nice days I'm out walking the dogs and enjoying it and the chilly days enjoying the last of the nesting.....
     Been planning some new stuff for the gardens. Want to make a twig and grapevine tee pee trellis and grow flowering vines to cover it... Also been contemplating growing about a half acre of sunflowers out at grandma's to cut bouquets and sell at flea market but I'm a little worried about the watering and birds.Since Grandma is on a well I would have to depend on rain or transport water(which would mean hubby is doing the work LoL)
    Well I've chatted on enough.Hope you are all having a Blessed week!~Amy

    Monday, March 7, 2016

    Baby Love

    This year has been full of ups and downs but a Baby brings only Joy. I'm a Auntie again! To this sweet baby Madison...Proud big brother....
    My grandma's newest great grandbaby.....
    So excited to have another girl to spoil...smile....~Amy