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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Decor #3

Good morning! Another sleepless night for me well actually about 2 hours so excuse typos..Normally I can function well on my normal 5 hours but this morning my brain is not wanting to defog.I've had a few things bothering me lately but need to just let it go.The holidays seem to bring it out a little more but don't get me wrong I am excited about the holidays and seem to be looking forward to this christmas more than I have for quit a few years.I am blessed and I do know that.One of the main things is I miss my grandpa and this will be my second christmas without my best friend of over 20 years.She passed away almost 2 years ago on valentines eve.We were close her mom passed when she was 15 and I became her sister and family I had her every holiday with us and everyday we talked or visited.This year is better but I still think when I see a red car coming down the street she's coming over,or when I see that dish piece that went with her mothers set I should get it for her and mostly I still think I'm going to go call her when things are bothering me then I realize she's not there.And I think of her son alot he'll be 8 this year..Ok see I'm rambling..No sleep and yes I had some coffee at around 5 but it didn't work.Well hubby left to do some christmas shopping so I figured I'd share some more christmas pics.If I can get motivated I'll be doing the outside this afternoon.Maybe I'll just sit on the porch with a cup of tea and direct hubby....Below is the kitchen table.... My miniature cupboard love the giant candy cane it's made of antique quilt scraps....
Little chalkboard changes with the seasons...
Old world santa.I hunted everywere around our area for realistic garland and greens this was the only one I found.Hubby thought I was nuts for paying the price but it was the only one I found I liked and they only had one...

I love this santa painting, it's a huge canvas painting...
Super prim gingerboys I recently bought from Sandy she has some listed on Lemon Poppy Seeds under Missouri Dry Goods..

On top of the antique store display cupboard this changes for the seasons too.My house is not huge and I don't like it looking cluttered so I put alot of things away and switch out through the seasons.
Old world belsnickle santas and bottle brush trees..The snow angel is holding a battery candle.
Below is a wide view of that wall...

On top of the fridge...
On top of the TV...
Simple little beeswax santa stands at the door.I poured him using a antique mold but can't seem to find it to pour more for this year...
You can always click on pics to enlarge for details...
Hooked rug mitten stocking.It is much nicer in person I couldn't get a good pic.It's really big..

And everyone needs this to report back to santa.We always had a elf like this growing up and I love the nostalgia of it...

Last year I gave me nieces vintage baby elves and one day my step dad was knocking on the door he never just drops by so it was a surprise apparantly their dog ate Brianna's elf and she was crying non stop that her elf was dead and santa was gonna be so mad she didn't take care of the elf .Luckily I had a extra (I bought a box at fleamarket) My step dad told her he took the elf to santas magic hospitol.She is much more careful now.Little Hannah Honeybunch reminds me throughout the year she takes good care of hers and feeds him sugar so he can grow up and be santas watcher like mine.Well tomorrow is my Birthday....Me and Hannah were playing go fish and I ask her what she was getting me for my birthday(a pretty picture) Than she says how old are you? I said 29 she said oh so you'll be 30? I said no once you turn 29 you stop getting older for 10 years.Then came the Maaaaaammmaw Amy said...Mom told her It was not true and I was only joking but boy do I wish it were true.I'll be in my mid thirties get closer to the 40 end.LoL some days I feel like a old soul and others I feel 18 again.Hope you enjoyed the pics.Sorry to ramble I'll try to get some sleep tonite.Remember to celebrate each day and when negative things come count your blessings they'll outweigh the bad.Warm Blessings!~Amy


renee said...

Amy, I have enjoyed looking at your pictures! I love your decorations, the waxy pineapple REALLY grabbed me! LOL! I am sorry you had trouble sleeping, sometimes that happens to me too. I think we're ALOT alike!
I think it's hard as we are getting older, at least for me, I will be 40 next year. I have really noticed it IS getting more challenging for me to go,go,go ALL the time! I don't like the fact that I can't get it all done. My mind says yes, and my body says are you crazy?
I am STILL working on my ornies! LOL! They are taking longer than I wanted, but that's because I am too picky! I do hope to finish them up.
Enjoy your day, and take it easy!

Unknown said...

Hi Amy,
Loved the photos!
What a sweet story about the Chrismtas elf.
The joys of being little.... they always bring a smile to my face.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (a day early).
As you may know, I turned 40 in Aug.
It really isnt that bad. I dreaded it and dreaded, but now that it is here...
It ain't nothin'! ;)
~But of course, if you want to switch, I'm Game!! :)

As for the things that have been bothering you lately, I'm not sure you will ever get over it.
My Grandpa passed away around 16 years ago. And not a day goes by that I dont miss him. Especially during Chrismtas. Because he Love Christmas and had a way of making everything special.
When I start to get sad, I try to think of the fun things I shared with him.
The times he would make me laugh.
Thinking of those types of things, helps lifts my spirits and brings a smile to my face.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Take Care,

PrimWyoGirl said...

Loved viewing your Christmas pics Amy! Don't you just love Sandy's gingers??? I bought the pattern for the standing ones. Hope to whip out a few soon. Thanks for sharing!

~Madalynne~ said...

What a cozy collection of Christmas goodies you have. I like changing things out with the seasons too . . . it gives the house a fresh look. Thanks for sharing so many great photos.

Anonymous said...

your pictures are beautiful I love the swan! You are such a talented crafter! :) Happy Birthday to you!

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Amy, I think I lost my post, so if mine shows up twice....
I'm sorry for the sadness you feel during the holidays. It is always hard when the ones that have always been there are gone, and then when they go so early and way before we think they should.
I do love your decorations and enjoy your pictures so much.
Happy Early Birthday!! You are very young compared to my 62 years.8-) Oh wouldn't it be nice to stop at 29!!
Have a good evening!!

Anonymous said...

I just peeked at the one pic I could find of your table. I would love to see more pics of it - yours is probably a real antique.. mine is a reproduction.. I'd love to rough the top up on mine.. debating about putting polyurethane on it - right now its just stained and I like the matte finish on it but its not protected and not so easy to clean.. how do you upkeep your table? You have some great prims!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Oh, My all the decorations are perfect! Just loving them!
The Mitten is just too cute!

Your so young, chin up sweetie!This time of year always reminds us of missed loved one's, remember the good times, little girl and get some sleep!

enjoy your day

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Everything looks great!

Carmen and the Primcats

awal.ny said...

I just love your santas. I have 6 elves that I bought from someone who handmade them. I move them around the house and the kids look for them when they wake up. The elves also leave letters for the kids.