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Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Finds

Here are a few of my weekend finds.I normally treasure hunt every week untill the weather gets cold then I go to antique malls,online shop and do more auctions.Above is a Jug I found at a church sale,the church was old and stone and way off the beaten path.It was surrounded by fields.This was tucked in a corner of the barn/shed not set out I of course couldn't resist to ask and got it for $5 A great little find to remind me of that place seeped in history.
The little doll I bought from a old man I go to regularly at fleamarket.He's a real sweatie and always gives me good deals.I bought several old frozen charlottes from him.They will all go on etsy when I get time.He always has neat old stuff.And is always fun to dig as you never know what you'll find.I found a putz goat from him about a month ago and was just tickled!

I bought this old brown glaze crock along with a bowl.Think they'll go up to my storage loft to sell eventually when I get time.

Wonderful old E.T Babbitt's Soap Box from New York.Once hubby get's a chance to linseed it for me the writting will really come out.I love old boxes(that will be a post in itself one day) Hope I can find a place for it.If not upstairs to the loft to store till I can list.

I got two of these old dairy milk separaters.The people next to us at fleamarket had them and I told hubby I'd love to have one to display some pumpkins and mums in.While I was out he swapped one of our pieces for them both.One for me and one to sell.

I also got some other odds and ends mostly vintage stuff and a few odd things to sell on etsy.People seem to like kitsch and odd on there.I enjoyed just driving down the back country roads the weather was lovely this weekend.Finally figuring more and more out with this blog.Been trying to add more touches as I get time.Till next time.Harvest Blessings!~Amy


At Home With Amy said...

I love all your treasures Amy. The soap box and the milk separators are my favorites. Your crocks would be next. You are very lucky to have found all these things.

Unknown said...

Fabulous goodies, Amy!!
I love them all but I think my favorite might be the soap box.

Have great week,

Jessica said...

I wish I had luck finding old wood boxes!