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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Few of my favorite things ~ Special Post for Tammy's Giveaway

Tammy at A Primitive Place is having a giveaway for a prim prairie doll.Her link is on the side bar under giveaways.Don't go there though because that will give me a better chance.LoL...Ok just joking I wish you luck..It really is a thoughtful prize and I love it! To earn some extra chances she asked we did a post of a favorite doll or teddy...Favorite antique or reproduction decor piece, and your favorite thing not decorating related.It was hard to chose as I have so many favorites.So here is a glimsp at a few of my favorite things......

Favorite antique would have to be my putz sheep collection.Here are a few displayed in a antique mercantile glass display cupboard. All are old.Most Germany. The shepherds are composition and hard to find.I love putz animals especially sheep.

Favorite bear or doll. Again hard to choose..But here is one of my favorites that always makes me smile.The pics didn't come out well.He's a reddish brown color..He always wears this little vintage sailor hat I gave him......

He's a big boy at about 2 ft tall...I assume he is english because of his big head.(most old english bears have the bigger heads) He is fully jointed.And the very best part.........

He has a working growler so when you pick him up for a hug he still growls.....He never wears the pumpkin hat he was just helping with a pumpkin costume I listed on etsy...

So there's two of the three...The last one Non Decorative favorite was soooo easy for me.I knew right away...Hmmmm what could it be?

Keep going.I know you can't resist looking at him he's a handsome fellow...But the next thing is even sweeter.promise.......Just a little further down.....

Ok and here it is!!! Fur Babies..Little love snuggle bums...Just two darn cute and they love you back unconditionly.What could be better? This one is my favorite but mung is a daddy's boy and loves my hubby the most.....

Gus Sugar Baby thinks he's a dog and loves mung the most......And last but not least...

Boo my ever loyal dog.he's had a hard little life and is a well behaved smart dog who loves his momma soooo much for saving him.I know he's sticking his tongue out at you but he really is a sweetie.(smile)

So I hope you enjoyed my little post.Now go on over to Tammy's and sign up for the giveaway.

Harvest Blessings!~Amy


Unknown said...

Hi Amy!!
Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things with us!!
How sweet your fur babies are!! :)
Love you sheep collection.
And your teddy bear!!
How wonderful that his growler still works.

Have a great day!!
And good luck on the giveaway!!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Adorable animals,pet them all for me!
I like the sheep collection & cute old bear!
good luck in the giveaway!