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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Finds and Cupcakes

This old box I've been searching for a very long time and am sooo happy to have found it in good condition for age and never opened.Yep it still has the cleaning powder.I'll show you why I love it so much on a different post soon.... Well it's been a busy weekend! The girls and I were supposed to go to the corn maze but it was really windy so we opted to go to Falloons which is a indoor game center ,boy is it expensive.Hubby and I had fun playing skee ball though.We tried to go to McDonalds to let them run off some energy in the indoor play area but it was so packed we didn't stay long.Then we came home and made cupcakes...Devils Food of course with Cream Cheese Frosting.The bottoms of the liners say Trick or treat,I got the pics and liners at Walmart for $2 they are black and white and Prim Halloween Spooky....

Before I got the girls saturday we went to visit a friend and I was mad I forgot the camera as this is such a beautiful rural PA drive with old stone houses and colonial farms.Their are two billy goats that stand up on this deck and have a pully bucket that comes from across the road with treats.Plus the fall colors were Popping everywere.Next time I won't forget the camera.(hopefully lol) Then when we got back it was still early so we went to some yard sales and our small town historical society holds a fleamarket twice a year so we went to that.I'm a early riser by nature sleeping in for me would be 5:30 am so this morning I bugged hubby to take me to a fleamarket about 40 minutes from our house,after some grumbling about it being cold and no one would be there and we'll probly just waste gas I talked him into it.It was a nice turnout and I did find a few things.Let me say I'm a avid junker since I do resell so I could never show you everything but here are the prim finds that I like......

The Metal and wood carrier I love so I'm keeping that..The thing in the middle back row is a buggy jack used in the old days like a car jack.It lifted the buggy up enough to change the wheel.It is marked but I havent made out all the letters yet. It's a rarer piece and hubby claimed that.....

The sifter was just neat and a good price not sure what I'll do with it yet.And the washboard I'm gonna make over.Probly Paint and either put a prim label or hand paint something and sell it,it has the glass instead of metal for scrubbing.

These little shoes were bought with a bunch of other baby shoes in a lot.I'll sell them on etsy when I get around to it.

The old mercantile mill sign I listed on etsy...

These antique Blue Balls my dad picks up for me at the auction he works for.I list some on etsy and use these to pour my prim candles.I love the look that the antique jars give my candles.

Large old can loved the pig litho.

Vintage dye box to resell.Still has dye and instructions/advertising with it.

This Flag quilt is newer but it is all hand stitched it's big this is folded in half I'd say maybe full/queen size.Going to wash it on gentle(it's not dirty I just like to wash stuff like this) and either fold it for on top of my cupboard were I have other quilts or use it on the sunporch to curl up with this winter.

Close up on the stitching......

Well I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.Hubby has a chicken roasting for dinner so I'm going to watch some movies and take it easy the rest of the afternoon.Harvest Blessings!~Amy


Unknown said...

WOW!! I love all your new finds!!
And your cupcakes look so yummy!!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Mmmmmmmm, cupcakes sound scrumptious!
Am curious to hear your story about the soappowder.....

dee begg said...

Love your finds. You have me curious as you say your in PA...what part? I grew up in PA before migrating to MD. I still have family there.


Zan Asha said...

Hello Lovely Amy! What treasure you have!! And I love the cupcakes!!!

Anyhow, would you be sweet enough to send me your email again? I've got the doll swap partners but for some reason I've misplaced your email!! Oh Dearie! Please send to beyondvagabond@gmail.com
Thank YOU! Zan :)

BumbleBeeLane said...

Dee~ I'm in a small town close to Gettysburg Pa. Hugs!~Amy

Jessica said...

Hi Amy! I just replied to your email.

I love the wood goodies you found and the little baby shoes are precious. I remember I had a pair like those when I was in Elementary school. They were so popular then!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

All your finds are terrific!
I really like the baby shoes, so cute!
The cupcakes look yummy!
Thanks for sharing!