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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prairie Bonnets Kringle and Girls

Why is it that the most wonderful time of year is always the most hectic and rushed.I have to keep reminding myself "slow down"! Enjoy the spirit and remember it's true meaning.That said it's been busy around here and will continue to be the next few days.I keep saying just get over this hump and then you can relax but it never stops.LoL...We are going to visit a friend this afternoon and I love the drive we go through a small town rich in history with old colonial houses then through the country with old stone houses and barns,churches,cemetaries,bridges and farmhouses.Then tomorrow I have to go to Gettysburg to pick Boo up his valium for seizures.That's a beautiful drive to.I love going in the fall and playing tourist for the day,but this will just be a quick trip...Well my beautiful prairie bonnets arrived.I need one more and think I'll go with another of Lecia's I'm hoping she has a chocolate brown on left..Here are the two I got so far... Close up of the pattern and colors...
Need one more to put were the old rug beater is....
Old hump back trunk with yesteryear toys...
I just adore the old baby pictures...The composition babies wear antique baby dresses they are boys though but as you can see by the boy in the photo dresses were common on boys in that era..
Here is Kringle the beta we got Brianna..Isn't he pretty? I love talking to him as he listens and never talks back..
Here's Brianna trying to be good..
We did a few projects last night.Hannah was good but Brianna was on 2.5 warnings for like 20 warnings.(they get 3 warnings then it's big trouble) ...LoL. I'm a pushover I know but I love them so much and want them to have special memories of me and childhood.They've had a hard life and know way to much for being 8. Hannah Honeybunch below working on a christmas card.We went out and looked at all the beautiful christmas lights afterwards and did a contest who could find Baby Jesus,reindeer,blue lights,grinch ect.Was alot of fun.
Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and staying warm.It's been cold,windy and flurries but no major weather here yet.We are supposed to get some snow this weekend.. I'd like a little before Christmas would definately encourage me to nest,I don't drive in it.I wanted to let the 3 people know that won my giveaway your goodies are on the way.All my swaps are shipped to so if you were expecting something from me it should be there by friday.Warm Blessings!~Amy


~Madalynne~ said...

Amy, I have that same little voice in my head ~ almost time to relax. The list of things to do must grow while we're sleeping. You found a couple of great bonnets. Enjoy your drive!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Love the Bonnets!
" as my Mother would of said" >>Briana looks like a little pill, so cute!
Oh, sounds like a wonderful drive,if you can please take pics!
thanks for sharing
Have a safe drive!

Nita Jo said...

First of all, Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my Giveaway! My husband will be drawing the winner today! Good luck!

I love the way you've displayed the dolls in your trunk! I'm a pushover for baby dolls and baby images too! My grandfather's baby photo is him in a long white Christening dress.

Nita Jo

renee said...

Love it all! Those bonnets are beautiful! I like the old dolls too, very nice!
Stay warm and safe, I am sure your nieces already have fond memories with you, I think the beta is very pretty. Such a vibrant blue.
Have a good evening.
Remember~breathe and exhale.
Renee (SIS)

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Amy, love those bonnets and the trunk is wonderful. We have hubby's grandmothers trunk and I need to do some work on it so I can use it.....one of these days!!
The drive sounds wonderful!!
You are a sweet aunt, they couldn't help but love you.

Primsue said...

Love the bonnets and the old trunk and dolls. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the girls.

Anonymous said...

Your bonnets are lovely, I have a couple of Lecia's too. The old trunk is very nice!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Love the bonnets. The fish is so pretty. She sure will love her gift. You need one for your self to. Gettysburg is a wonderful place to visit. Have a safe fun drive. Blessings!

Farmhouse prims said...

Your bonnets look lovely displayed in your home. Love all your little collectables!!! Everything looks so cozy and inviting. I received my sheep ornies yesterday and love them!!! Thank-you, Lecia