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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Country Drive ~ Birthday ~ Old Stone Church

Well monday was my birthday..I told hubby I was celebrating tuesday though because as of monday I was three days without sleep (5 hours total) and was not in good cheer.I was very moody which is very unlike me.He kept trying to put me to bed and couldn't quit figure me out.I sat down for a cup of warm sleepy time tea. I was prescribed sleeping pills but I do not like taking pills other than advil unless in real need so I never got the prescription filled.I was able to finally get sleep and now am back on track and my normal happy self.Let me tell you I never want to be emotional like that again..Today is hubby's birthday so I'm going to make him something special for dinner.Not sure what yet but I'm going to the store and will pick something then.For my birthday I got a subscription to Early American Life, Hubby gave me some cash to get some new clothes,I hardly ever buy new clothes,I like house stuff better and could live in soft PJ's but I did find some nice clothes and a lovely Paris Chic Green Shirt with French scene and angels I'm saving for christmas...We also stopped at the antique mall and he bought me this pinkeep bird in brown...We've also have been wrapping our christmas presents and he gave me these early, he was afraid they would get broke or the cat would sleep on them and crush them..

I love them! I have a nice collection of antique putz sheep but these are the smallest ones.They'll probly go in the old store display cabinet with the others.....
As most of you know.Sundays we normally gather at Grandmas farmhouse for dinner and family.Every since I was a child there were certain things that let me know I'm almost there.. A house I call the gingerbread house,the old amish farm and this old stone church.I remember a few times as a child going to sunday school here but it was not our regular church.....

It is so familiar and I notice it every time I drive by.They just got done restoring the steeple in copper,can't wait till it gets that wonderful patina...Love that they put the antique lightning rod back on....

We also took a ride to visit a friend,it's a beautiful country drive and by the river/stream these two goats live.The have a plank with steps they climb up on and there is a pully with a bucket they send food over to plank.I took these from the car window so sorry not so great....

Recently I won a giveaway from http://whistlestopcountrystore.blogspot.com She wrapped it all up and sent some wonderful little goodies.....

I had big plans for the mold but can't get it to seal right and believe me I tried. It's great sitting on my kitchen shelf though and the little tag that was on the package I added to my garland..I love the little snowman necklace it's not something I would buy for myself so it's a special treat and I already got two compliments when I wore it out.Oh and did I mention chocolate...Tried to save one to share but I ate them all.Well in my defense there were only 5 little pieces and it was my birthday and I needed energy from the lack of sleep..LoL..You understand right?
Well it was cold,very windy and rainy here the last few days,yesterday we had a few flurries..I'm soo ready for snow.Yes I love it as long as I can nest inside.The rest of the week is supposed to be really cold so I'm getting my running done today so I can nest a few days.Mung already settled into nesting.Gotta love my little fat baby..
I signed up for a stocking swap supposed to get my partners name today so while I'm out I'll pick up a stocking to fill.I'll see what she likes before I buy goodies to fill it up.I also need to get things listed in Etsy I really have neglected it lately,the thing is hubby has been working alot and I hate wrapping and going to the post office and he normally does it but now I have to do it so I've slacked off a little but the new things I list sell right away so I got to get some stuff on..Maybe (smile)...I also want to pour some candy cane candles and found this old pineapple mold that I want to pour a blackened beeswax centerpiece out of..Always busy! I have to keep telling myself slow down enjoy the season.I'm loving your "Giving" entries for the giveaway.So many wonderful thoughts it will be hard to pick for the second drawing.Want to welcome my new followers.Hope you all have a wonderful day.Warm Blessings!~Amy


Carmen and the Primcats said...

Happy Belated Birthday Amy!!!!

THat pin keep is soooooo cute!!! I love your new old puts sheep too! I have never seen them befor in person. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for them.

What a great givaway win!!

We had lots of snow here in Ohio yesterday! It's lovely! Mung looks nice and cozy.

Carmen and the Primcats

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning!! How nice to "see" you!! :O)

Happy belated birthday.....and a big one for your hubby today!! I'm sure no matter what you fix tonight for dinner.....he'll be a happy man!! :O)

C-ya again soon!!

bayrayschild said...

Happy belated B'day!
I just love old churches and I appreciate you sharing pictures of them and all of your goodies.

Have a happy holiday season!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hey girl Happy belated Birthday!

The pictures are just so pretty!Old Churches are just beautiful!

thanks for sharing the beauty!

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Happy belated birthday! I got your e-mail regarding the Prim Pals swap. I didn't get my package today so hopefully it will be here tomorrow! I mailed yours out yesterday so hopefully it will be there in a couple of days. I will e-mail you with the confirmation number in a little bit. Hope you have a great weekend!

renee said...

Happy belated birthday! I am glad you did get some rest. I do love that Sleepy time tea, it does seem to help, also if you want something natural, try an herb called Valerian. I use that too, it helps alot.
You received some great things for your birthday/Christmas! Love those little putz sheep, they are so interesting to me.
Your baby has the right idea! Snuggle up with a warm blankie and have a siesta!
Have a good evening!