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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spring Tidings Swap Sign Up

  Time to start daydreaming of spring! Even though we are in zub zero temps here. Ok on to the swap.I will say that the last few swaps have had some issues. The reason I host the swaps is because in the past I have joined swaps and really got took advantage of the host never did anything to monitor. I won't let that happen here. So if  you are asked to sit out this swap, I'm sure I will hear some backlash but if you really think about it you would be upset if it were you on the other end. Rules are written out for a reason and most of the girls try very hard. I do want to let new girls in the fun but please if you are not interested in becoming a regular in our group and don't have a giving spirit don't bother signing up.We are looking for lasting friendships not just someone who wants a box in the mail and something for nothing..That said...It will be a semi open swap which means new sign ups will be accepted with some exceptions....
 Lets get the sign up rules out of the way first..I know some of the rules to some people may sound harsh but there are other general swap groups out there,the girls in our group are generous givers and I want them protected from the people that are out to get something for nothing.Swaps should be fun and worry free and I check up on all of the swaps as well.If you are a regular in the group you know the general rules and nothing has changed..
 New sign ups~
  • You must have a active blog which means you have posted within the last 2 months (yes I do check) Also you must be a follower of my blog
  • This is a primitive,farmhouse,country,colonial style swap so only sign up if you like those styles
  • You must like to give gifts as well as recieve only send things you would really enjoy getting
  • I do keep a list of bad swappers and people I have been giving warnings about you know who you are so please do not sign up here
  • I must approve you if by chance I ask you to wait till I get to know you better it's not ment to be harsh only that I'd like to get to know you a little first.Remember if you are in the swap circle you'd want to be protected as well.

General Rules for everyone
  • USA and Canada only
  • No dollar amount as I feel that hand dids can not be priced.Basically send a nice package you'd like to recieve and please no dollar store stuff (a few fillers like seeds,garden gloves,tools would be ok)
  • This is a general prim/farmhouse swap with a Spring Theme it is not a Easter swap so you can send everyday prim stuff but you can include some easter if you want.I want the girls to be able to display/use their items after easter too.
  • Since the theme is Spring you must include at least one thing with a spring motif this will include Birds, Bees, Flowers, Bunnies, Chicks, or Nest.
  • You must include at least 5 things in the box yes you can include extra's most do.
  • One item must be stitched this item can be purchased or hand made by you but must be included.Stitched includes dolls, bowl fillers, penny rugs, quilted, hooked, punched and stitcheries
  • You must contact your partner once you recieve your email and say Hi! within 48 hours so they know everything is ok and can get to know you
  • You must Thank your partner (they have given you a gift after all) and post your goodies we all like to see.
Sign ups open till Febuary 28th You can post the link and pic to your blog if you want.Your package needs to be mailed no later than March 21st with delivery confirmation.I know some girls ship parcel post which is fine as long as you have a confirmation.
To sign up email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following info you are welcome to copy and paste.
  • Email
  • Blog URL
  • Name and Address
  • Your last 2 swap partners if you are a regular in my swaps
  • Are you willing to ship to canada it only cost a few dollars extra?
  • If needed can you take a extra partner? I usually pick up the extra but occasionally I need someone to take someone to match properly.
The following is optional but helps your partner get to know you better and helps with matching
  • Any allergies?
  • Favorite scents or scents that you do not like?
  • Anything special you are looking for or collect like old childs dishes, wood bowls, cookie cutters, old photos?
  • What is your decorating style?
  • Do you like spice and grunged tattered or more traditional ?
  • What types of things do you like or motifs throughout your house? examples pineapples,stars,crows,nest,bees, certain breed of dog, dolls, penny rugs...
  • What colors do you decorate with?
  • Favorite little indulgances like candy, tea, scented lotion?
I will always email you a confirmation saying I recieved your info so if you don't hear from me within 24 hours I did not recieve your email...

The pictures throughout are suggestions of items the girls send.All pics are from Etsy sellers with their shop names included so you can find them to purchase if you see something you like.
                                   .Any questions I'm here to help.Lets have Fun!~Amy


Danice G said...

Yay! Count me in Amy. Emailing you my info in a sec :)

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Would Love to be included in your Spring Swap, Amy.
I will e-mail you my info.


Becky said...

I would love to be included in the spring swap. I will send my info.

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Amy, oh Ya, come on Spring. Please enter in your wonderful swap. Will email with info.Hugs Francine.

Leslie said...

You said SPRING!!!!! whoop. Soon enough we'll be sipping iced tea on the porch. Sounds like a lovely swap ~ I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I am smart enough not to join this time..lol. There is so much going on here that I don't even know when I'll log on to my blog ~ its all good!!!
Stay warm Amy!!!!!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I will have to give the swap some thought Amy...I have felt burned out lately. I put heart and soul into my swap packages and just don't know if I have it in me right now. It's been a long, bitter cold winter and it is beginning to take it's toll on me I think. I'll give it a few days thought and let you know.


Oh yes Amy, please include me in this wonderful spring swap...been waiting for this. Just what I need to get out of the winter doldrums! Message you later today. Hugs, Linda

Kendra said...

Count me in if that's ok!


Lynn said...

HI Amy,
I would love to be in the swap!

Cindi said...

Me please! Thank you for all you do for these swaps!
Be blessed,

Allison said...

Sending my info to you. Thanks!

Simple Pleasures said...

Count me in, sending info now!