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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Picking and Chit Chat

Well we have been out searching every week and even had a few private home picks (my favorites don't feel rushed) Market is in season so alot of stuff gone already.And off again this morning. Here are a few recent finds...
Love the color of this bike it even has it's original plane on the front fender.Hubby has since cleaned this up and it looks almost new..It's off to market this week.
Very rare late 1940's penny scale. It found it's new home and fits in perfectly..
This tempted me to keep but I let him go.Loved his wood articulated arms.His body was composition...
And some keepers.I try not to keep much but recently got rid of a few of my things so I kept a few..Beautiful antique stained glass window...
Yelloware advertising crock..I did good here found 3 different ones and only kept this one..smile..
Magic Yeast box loved the owl in the moon...
Old Bucket..
This I'm not sure about. The lady said it was a Ice cream mold but any that I've seen are heavy pewter or cast. This is Tin and big.I thought maybe a pudding mold but not sure.I can't find anything quit like it yet.So let me know your thoughts...
Well I've been a little stressed lately.My dad is getting married which upsets me.The lady already tells people she is my mom.She and my dad have only have known each other about 4 months.She pushed herself on him and is into all his business like trying to get him to get full disability for the cancer and looking into his pension from his job he had for 25 years (only me and his mom knew about this) plus she is trying to make him get her a car on his credit and use me as a reference. She does not let him answer the phone when I call and makes me call her cell and stays in the room the whole time.She has pushed and pushed him to marry.I think I want him happy but if you are really in love you can wait a year.She wants to be married in about 2 weeks.Plus a few times dad couldn't even remember her name.He has been single 20 years and she took full advantage of his easy going and kind nature.Plus for some reason she calls my house about 10 times a week and hangs up..I keep trying to get him alone to talk to him about this but she never wants to let him out of her sight.I know I don't know her well enough to pass judgement but I really just get a bad feeling around her.I'm not saying I'm not willing to give her a chance and get to know her better just wish she would back off a little and let me and dad have some time to talk. Believe me I want my dad to be happy and would never stand in his way just want to make sure he is not being pushed into something and want to make sure he is not taking advantage of... On a better note spring has finally arrived her and everything is blooming and green. I'm planning a small garden this year since hubby can't do as much with his back. Grandma has leased some of her land this year so we won't have as big of a family plot this year..Yep can't wait for strawberries,tomatoes and sweet corn..smile.. Sorry for the long post just wanted to explain my absence lately. Yes I am getting the summer swap together for my swappy girls.I'll get it posted in the next week.Hope all is well with you girls. Warm Blessings!~Amy


Penny said...

Oh my.... my sister has been looking for a bike just like the one you have! We have seen a few around this area, but they sell for as much as $80... Not what she had in mind! You got some great finds, both to sell and to keep!
Hope things work out with your dad.... I can certainly understand your concern. You just never know what the motivation is behind these fast marriages, but hopefully they will be very happy together and she will take good care of him.
Have a great weekend!

Earlene said...

I think your instincts are right, she is trouble and hope you can talk to him SOON.
He deserves to happy but not taken advantage of.
Best Wishes Amy

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

That sure doesn't sound right for your dad! I do hope that you will be okay. Hang in there and get some time with your dad.
P.S. That bike is awesome. Di

cynthia lee designs said...

I hope that you get a chance to talk with your dad. It would worry me too. Love the old bike!!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Wonderful finds, Amy! Love the bike!
Hope you can talk to your Dad, soon. She sounds like trouble.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Denise said...

Welcome back, you have been missed. I love your finds, especially the bike. Praying things will work out for your dad.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Amy, I agree with Earlene, trouble with a capital T, hope you get to talk to your Father soon.... Love your finds, love the wood boxes and yes, neat Owl and moon on the one. Enjoy Spring my friend, Hugs Francine.

Allison said...

HI Amy-- A lot of great finds. One of my daughters would love that bike! Sorry to hear about your dad, hope you can talk to him alone sometime. Enjoy the nice weather. Looking forward to the summer swap.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I must say I really like to see what you find pickin' So love the beautiful bike and the crates ~ two of my favorite things!!!

Yikes ~ 4 months and getting married ~ I so hope you can have some Dad time and find out whats going on.
I'd be leery too.
Best of Luck to You!

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Amy, what awesome treasures you have found, it would be hard to part with any of them. I hope your dad will think things through before making any decisions. Prayers for you and your dad. hugs, Lecia

Lynn said...

Amy, Trust your gut feelings. My Mother's third marriage all happened in about 6 months and then he ran off with all the money in her bank account while she was in surgery!!!! I got a call in the hospital room from the neighbor telling me he had moved a bunch of things out of the house and left every window open and the ac running in the middle of the summer! So trust your gut feelings!! I love your finds! I love the rug or floor cloth pictured in one of the above photos. Did you make it? If so tell me how, if not tell me where to get one kinda like it! You know me and my love of Americana! Have fun picking and selling. I love to go picking but totally stink at selling!!!


Hi Amy,
Such wonderful goodies you found...love the bike and the mold.. Sure is different. I would feel the same way you do if that were my Dad! I hope she is not a gold digger. You need to tell her that you and your Dad have to spend some time alone, even if only for a car ride. Will be praying that everything works out for your Dad, but it sounds like she is up to something. Can't wait for the Summer swap. Take care. Hugs, Linda

Cindi said...

That is my dream bike! The color and everything! How I would love to go pickin like you girls do!
I am going to say some extra prayers for the situation with your dad, I have seen this a few times, sometimes all is ok sometimes there is a lot to hide.
Looking forward to another one of your fabulous swaps!
Be blessed,

Prims By The Water said...

Sounds like a bit of a gold digger. Hope you can talk to your dad before they get married....sounds a little controlling too. Great finds! Janice

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

What wonderful finds, Amy, especially love the boxes and the crock!

Oh, dear, that woman does not sound like she's on the up and up. It sounds like she's out to take everything your father has. Do you have anyone you can consult with about taking some legal actions to prevent him from marrying her? I'd do a background check on her. Listen to your instincts!