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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick Hello

Just wanted to stop in and say hi! I haven't been on the internet much as my sciatica has been giving me trouble.I messed my back up when I was in nursing and it usually comes and goes and I just push through the pain but this time I can't sit for more than a few minutes,the pain is intense and my leg is numb which never happened before.Feels really weird..I know I just gotta rest and I'll be fine but I'm getting stir crazy..LoL..Spring hasn't arrived yet,we got 6 inches of snow 2 days ago.It looks like it's coming Easter which is supposed to be 50 degrees.I'm ready to go junking.LoL..Plus getting some veggies planted.I'm not doing the big garden out grandma's this year since hubby's back is messed up.I'm going to try bucket gardening as I hate pulling weeds..I want to have a easy summer this year,lots of time with the girls they are growing up so fast,cooking out, spending time at the lake and of course looking for treasures and doing market.Hope you all are having a great week.Warm Blessings!~Amy


My Colonial Home said...

Hi Amy,
Well this girl knows all about that kind of pain...it's horrible and I feel so bad for you.
I will be saying prayers that it will die down soon.
Your summer plans sound wonderful. Heal fast so you can do these things.
Happy Easter

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan Amy!!! I hope your back is feeling better soon. I suffer from a bad bck as well so I get it!!!!

Take it easy!!! Hope spring arrives soon for you!


cucki said...

sound like a wonderful day...
i hope your back feel better soon..
big hugs x

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Amy, that is terrible feeling like that, you better rest, pray you and Hubby feel better........I also am waiting on Spring, want to go to the trailer, garden, just want to be outdoors like you......Spring Blessings Francine.

Denise said...

Saying prayers for you.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Sending Prayers your way, Amy! Hoping you feel better soon. Spring hasn't arrived here yet, either. Take Care!

Margie said...

Gosh there are so many of us in pain right now....Sending up prayers for you sweetie ! Hoping you will feel better soon...take it easy and rest ! I also hate pulling weeds and am new to gardening...I will have to investigate "bucket gardening".

Hugs to you my dear friend !

Unknown said...

I hope you are feeling much better soon!! I am anxiously awaiting spring too! Our snow is melting but we continue to have days when it snows ARGH.. Bucket gardening sounds like my kind of things too, I hate weeds and even dirt. LOL!

Christine said...

So sorry to hear you've been suffering sciatica - rest up for all that junkin' you want to do!
Isn't the weather so crazy?
Happy Easter wishes to you, Amy!

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Amy, I know that kind of pain, been dealing with it for years. The only thing that relieves mine is an inversion table my hubby had gotten for his back pain, yes it works, kepted my hubby from having back surgery. Now bucket gardening may be the way to go, no tilling, weeding, and hey you can move it if it doesn't like the spot. Hope you feel better, have a great Easter. Vicky

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Today the sun is shining and it's warmer out ~ we haven't seen that in along time ~ makes you feel more energized.
Hope your back feels better soon and I hope your days fill with sunshine and warmth!
I can't wait to get out to some flea markets ~ the antique shops are getting old ~ LOL!
Prim Blessings

Raymond Homestead said...

Bucket gardening would be my choice for sure. As you said it will free up some of your time. Hope your back gets to feeling better!

bettyj said...

Hope you feel better soon Amy. I too am ready for spring. Need some flowers in my life.
Hopefully your summer will be just what you dream.

Barefoot Primitives said...

Aww sweetie I'm so sorry to hear this. You and your hubby kinda down. I wanted to tell you that I got my swap goodies today and posted them on my blog. Thank you sweet lady! I'm feeling very spoiled right now!
Praying for your healing.
Blessings my friend

Unknown said...

Hoping that back pain eases up for you, Amy. Nothing worse than not being able to move :(
Get better soon!

Trace4J said...

Wishing you a blessed Easter friend.
Woolie love hugs and prayers :)

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Amy, I am so sorry about your back, sure hope it starts feeling better soon. I am thinking warmer weather too, it was cool and rainy today. I am dreaming of planting flowers and having cookouts. Wishing you a lovely Easter. hugs, Lecia

renee said...

Hi Amy,
I hope that you feel better soon. Happy Easter to you and your family.
Bucket gardening sounds pretty good! I am ready for Spring to get here already! I had my windows open today for a time.
God bless.

Lynn said...

Hi Amy,
So sorry to hear that you are dealing with that awful and painful sciatia flare-up! I truely understand what you are dealing with! Take care of yourself! Both you and your hubby can't seem to catch a break!! I am there with you on that road too! Some days it feels like if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all! Please take care and I hope it starts warming up in your area! Please let me know when the summer swap opens!