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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yes still here and Gifts from Michelle

 I know long time no post.I've been visiting everyone and commenting some.Hopefully things will slow down.Things have been busy here.Hubby's back went out.He could not even walk for 3 days We are now on day 7 and he is able to move very cautiously..I did nursing for 6 years mostly with Alzheimer/dementia patients and I tell you in the beginning helping him was harder than that.LoL. He already knows that I think that.He is pushy because he wants what he wants and does not like waiting so he tries to do it and it doesn't work.It's been hard because he is a big strong guy who can get it done but now he says he will think about everything.I also realize how much he truely did in a day for me because I have had to do my stuff plus his.I'm exhausted..I've also had a few issues slowing me down here and there.We do not have insurance so tend to put off Dr's visits unless they are absolutely necessary.Well I've been having bouts of sickness for about a year now and just get through it.Well it's came to my attention recently alot of the problems I'm having were dad's complaints before finding the cancer.So I'm going to have to go and have some test done and just make sure everything is Ok..Yikes scares me about the cost.but a little scarier that little voice saying what if in the back of your head..Hubby and I are on the go non stop and we've really had a reality check the last few weeks.....Ok on to better things Michelle and I recently swapped.She will have her goodies in the next few days..Look how nicely everything is wrapped... 
 Wool Runner she hand made.Will be perfect on the childs stepback this fall...
 Wool penny swag.LOVE this.It went directly onto the old blue cupboard...

 Fall Tucks and Wool Ditty..Michelle is becoming addicted to wool..smile...
 She did everything in a Fall theme which is my favorite time of year.Thanks Michelle for everything.She is such a sweet girl and does some really creative things so stop over for a visit.....Now for a quickie contest..I need help finding out the name of this character.He would have been from around the 1940's and I remember he was a newspaper boy..I can't remember his name though.So if you can guess the right name and help me out I'll put your name in for a small prize.I'll do the drawing sometime early next week.
Hope everyone is enjoying summer.We've been very hot and dry in PA but have been blessed with some showers this last week.My grandma and I both planted heirloom tomatoes and had a contest going to see who got the first ripe one.I need to take mine out and show her I won..smile..Mine is huge and perfectly ripe biggest tomato I ever saw.Can't wait to eat it.We've had other tomatoes already but this one is special since it's heirloom.My little garden is doing ok since I've babied it,but we've lost alot out at the farmhouse with no rain.I think the showers are a little late to save the corn,so will buy local.They say it'll be smaller but sweeter..Oh and thanks for all of your sweet emails checking in on me so nice to know you all care..Warm Blessings!~Amy


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Amy, glad Hubby is feeling better, sore back is the worst. Love the goodies you got, all are so sweet,lucky girl. Not to sure the boys name,darn. What fun with the tomatoes, Blessings Francine.

1890* said...

Dr. visits are so expensive , but im sure you know that piece of mind is priceless. I am glad you are going in to see. I will be thinking of you girlfriend and hoping that it's just your body changing as ya grow ;0)... i won't say or write that 3 letter "O" word. :0).
I hope hubby gets better soon
{{Hugs to ya both}}

Christine said...

It's easy to become addicted to wool!
Michelle's creations are so lovely!
Will keep you in prayer as you see the Dr.
God bless both you and your hubby's back,

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hey 'sweet bee'!

So very wonderfully glad to see a post from you! Thought you must be busy but I'm sorry to hear it's been with your hubbys' back and health worries of your own. It IS difficult when the "Mr" half of the team is down (for all the reasons you so well described). Good wishes for your testings and know I (and everyone who reads) is here for you lady :-)

Sooo good to have you back!


LibbiesHome said...

Hi Amy,
Will be thinking healing thoughs for your husband and oh so positive thoughts for you as you go through that testing. Thank you for taking care of you!
I love the things Michelle made for you! Fall is my favorite, too. :)
Belssings to you and yours.

Raymond Homestead said...

Amy, glad your hubby is doing better. I will remember you in prayer as you have your tests.

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Amy,
I'm glad you like your swap goodies. I will be praying for you and the hubs. I feel deep in my heart that everything is going to be just fine.

Trace4J said...

Evening Amy
Lifting you and your dear hubby in prayer.Keep looking up friend and yes get the tests to put your mind at rest. Yeah first heirloom tomater!
Wonderful swap. Ya know I love wool.
Hugs & JOY


Kendra said...

Hi Amy!

Love your goodies from Michelle...I have been blamed for that wool addiction of hers but I am so thankful for it, she does wonderful things!

I have always put crushed egg shells around my tommy plants and at the end of the season Jene has had to pull them out with the tractor!

Lots of love,

Pendleton Primitives said...

Hi Amy! Goodness an out of whack back is never fun and yes, you should see the doc. Love your goodies and we will certainly be praying for you two with improved health.

Now for the newsboy, I found this http://www.etsy.com/listing/36384858/antique-bisque-penny-doll-miniature

Not sure of the name but here is the listing:

Antique Bisque Penny Doll, Miniature Vintage Art Deco Handpainted Frozen Charlotte, marked Japan

Anyhow, take care and see your doc.

frontporchprims said...

There you are Amy!!! It's nice to see you posting againg. Goodness life can get busy with things. I am sorry to hear that you both have been under the weather so to speak. Having back issues can really put a damper on things. You are so good to pick up the slack and also take care of DH. It's scary to go to the Dr., but you are doing the right thing. My garden is a baby too. I have to water it so much and keep all the weeds completely out and make sure no bugs at all are in there. Your gifts from Michelle are so fun and they make me want to get all my fall stuff out:) Keeping you in my prayers. -Steph-

Penny said...

Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your hubby's back.... my hubby has had back issues for years and I know it can be extremely painful!! Prayers for you as you go through the testing....scary, but definitely the right thing to do...
Wonderful items from Michelle!! No clue what the name of that cute little newsboy is, but I'll google it and see if I can find something out!!
Have a great weekend!

Holly said...

Glad hubby is feeling a little better and hoping everything turns out good for your with your tests. Will be thinking of you and sending up prayers for both of you.

Theresa said...

Amy I hope they find out what's been making you not feel well. I have my fingers crossed that it will be something simple that can be taken care of easily. I hope your hubby gets better soon too. Take care my sweet friend.
Ps...Love your new swap goodies too. I just sent out my package to Becky today.

Prims By The Water said...

So glad to hear from you Amy! I haven't a clue on what that little guys name is. Love your goodies..especially that heart swag. Take care, Janice

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

So glad your husband is doing better. Sometimes its hard to take it easy even though you know you should and yes you better get to the the doctor and have some tests run better to hear its nothing or its been caught in the nick of time than its to late.Take care of yourself.

Primsue said...

Amy, praying for you and your hubby -so sorry you are both under the weather. Love your swap goodies.

Allison said...

I love your swap! I hope you and your husband are feeling better.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Amy! Sending my Prayers out to you and your Hubby!
Love your items from Michelle!
Take Care my friend! Enjoy your Sunday!


Fran. said...

Hi Amy saying a prayer for you. I'm not sure of the boys name but as I look at him I keep saying "Robert Baxter" for a real name for him. LOL Just thought I'd share that!! Have a great day and I pray you and hubby get better and better. God is good! XOXO Fran.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ohhhh....Owwweeee....I can SOOO relate to hubby's back pain. Hope he's good as new real soon. Sorry to hear you are having health concerns as well....hopefully your fears are for naught - but, please, please, please, get it checked out. I know the insurance nightmare all too well - but you need to do this.... Love your goodies from Michelle....she is a woolie wonder, no?? Hmmmm...on the newspaper boy - I've seen them before, and now that you say it, I think they did have a name, but I have no clue.....We always just called them "Po' Boys...." No help I know....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

tj said...

...Oh Miss Amy, I am so sorry to hear of this. This hit home for me earlier when I read your email. My husband and I have been without insurance for over a year now, it is hard. My husband has always worked in the construction field and with the economy the way it is the housing market took a hit which meant no work for him for long periods of time. He had health issues at the end of 2011 that required hospitalization then several expensive tests, and then there's me with my own health issues too. Thankfully everything was done thru a hospital and they offered financial assistance which was a life saver. A hospital cannot turn people away, if things persist and get worse I suggest going to your local hospital. Also, check in with your local state's office for assistance in health care, food, etc... Believe me, nothing is more humbling than going in anywhere and requesting assistance. We've never needed it, ever, we thought we had a nice little cushion to fall back on if times got tough but sadly hard times lasted much longer than

...My husband has since opted to retire early so better days are ahead for us financially at least. And we are reinstating our insurance thru his union so we will have health insurance again soon. Thankfully.

...And btw, I haven't a clue regarding the newsboy up there. It seems like I remember a little something about that but I couldn't even begin to guess. :o)

...Oh, tomatoes. Don't you just love picking tomatoes fresh from your own garden? There's nothing like it. And heirloom too to boot! Enjoy!

...Sadly, with everything going on this is the first year in almost 20 years that I didn't put a garden in. I'm kind of glad that I didn't with the drought situation the way it is but also, I feel like a part of me is missing without a garden. I so love gardening, I lose myself in it. Seriously. :o)

...Please know I will keep you & your husband in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask, 'kay? I mean it now.

...Enjoy your day!

...Blessings :o)