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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools The jokes on me

Just a quick post today. Me and Hubby woke up this morning,we are early risers usually up at 4:30 am.Anyway we had plans to go to yard sales Thursday and Friday.We kept hearing the news say April Fools so we thought boy they really are nuts since it's only Thursday march 31st..Well apparntly in the hectic rush the last two weeks have been, I lost a day and really I'm not sure were it went.I had convinced him it was a day earlier too.So I checked my emails for the date and realized the joke was on me.So we missed a few sales.Apparantly Old man winter wanted to get his say too.This was our morning....

We did still go to the yard sales.(inside garage and a estate sale)..I didn't find much,hubby found a antique potato plow that is just awesome.It was handmade by the old mans father in the early 1900's.Not sure if he's keeping it or taking it to fleamarket.He also found a old wood keg barrel.I enjoyed the ride.I did not enjoy the estate sale to many people crammed in a small area pushing and fighting and being rude for overpriced junk.I'm to the point I don't want to fight for "things" I know they'll show up eventually.It's been cold dreary,rainy and cold here.We have our reserve spot for fleamarket sunday and that is the only day that is supposed to be sunny still a little cold but above 50 then more of the same weather.It is supposed to be spring so we went ahead and reserved our spot as it's hard to get in without the reserve and I like to be in the right spot so my customers can find me easily.We have a ton of stuff with the remodel I cleaned out alot.We already have a local country shop buying some things early since we told her we would have alot this week.She ask if she could buy some things early which is good because she bought bigs which will give us more room in the truck.Well I'm going to enjoy a little down time.(I hope)..Hope you all have a great weekend!~Amy


Primitive Echoes said...

Your pictures of the snow are beautiful. I should go and take some as well but it is snowing and blowing too hard so I will wait a bit. I miss a day every now and then, and sometimes I feel like I have done three days work in a day so it all evens out.

Angela said...

So sorry you are Still getting snow. We know Spring weather will reach you soon. But it really is beautiful to us in the south. Hope you have a great weekend.

dee begg said...


Which flea market at you heading to?

We didn't get any snow today..yeah!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I certainly hope you get a good day Sunday!
It is sunny but very windy here. Tomorrow is a big auction and I sure don't want to stand outside in the wind all day. I'd better find more than I did last week-NOTHING. It's supposed to be a lot of antiques and primitives.
I wish it was a farm sale. I want some things to put around in the flower gardens. I got rid of most everything last fall. And I'm wanting Mike to take down our cedar rail fence. Just freshen things up around here.
Best of luck at your flea market!

Farmhouse prims said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! I thought I was the only one that got up that early. I am a morning person, but by 8:00 pm that is all she wrote. He He Have a great weekend. Hugs, Lecia

lilraggedyangie said...

I am so sick of snow , but your pics are beautiful. I wish you the best of luck and weather for Sunday . Enjoy your weekend!
lil raggedy angie

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Amy, hope you are having good weather at the flea market and good sales too.8-)

Vicki said...

I can't believe all this late snow you guys are getting! Down here it warmed up very, very early. Today it is going to be near 90. That is crazy for this time of year. Thanks for entering my giveaway and posting to your side bar.