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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swap with Michele Traveling Swap and Miss Cranky Crow and Patti take a peek

Good morning girls! First let me say Thank You for the invites to Pinerest.For those that ask they were only accepting memberships by invite now.What I didn't know is to have pinerest you had to have a facebook or twitter account which I didn't so signed up for twitter lesser of two evils I guesse(I spend way to much time on the computer all ready) Pinerest is addicting I absolutely love it and can get lost for hours.I just started my boards there is a link on the sidebar if you want to check it out,I'll have them filled in no time...Well sweet Michelle (Granny's Pantry) and I did a personal swap.I needed her to make something special for me which I can't show as it's for a swap but did want to show off the beautiful Penny she made for me... She did a wonderful job.I showed her what I wanted and she did it almost excact.I love it! Michelle is such a sweetie.Thank You and I'm sure we'll swap again soon..smile... I signed up for The sisterhood of the traveling swap months ago and finally recived it I think I was like #7 on the list.What is supposed to happen is it gets sent to one person they take out what they like and post then replace it with some prim items for what they took and pass it on.I saw some of you girls got some wonderful things from that magical box but by the time it reached me there was only one prim thing in it..

This little doll made by Mammy's Marmies and more (Mary) I love her..I hope ellie likes what I added.A little sad that some people don't play by the rules...

My little boo dog had to go to the vet for the corn cob incident.$150 to tell me to give him two doses of Milk of Mag and see if it passes.Needless to say I have one miserable little dog right now and a fun day of being in the yard watching him.If it doesn't work he has to go back for a enema which will cost several hundred I'm sure....Ok so Miss Cranky Crow Robin and Patti have been commenting how they never saw me.Well I hate my picture taken they always turn out bad,I'm better behind the lens..smile..Yesterday we took the girls to the Hungry Parrot and I let hubby try to take a few shots well most were like Really? I ask for one good pic and this is it? (You'd have to see,which I'm not showing.LoL) So here is me girls...The twins were not cooperating as they were excited to get inside and play games...

Just a lovely pic huh? Well it was the best out of the ones hubby took..We did have fun at the Hungy parrot except some girl kept bullying the girls.Hubby told me to go check them and this girl that was about 2 years older kept stealing their tickets and asking them for quarters and trying to take their stuffed animals not really being mean just pushy and kept doing it.It's hard to correct other peoples children so I told the girls that I know they are just trying to be nice but they do not have to give her their stuff that she had her own money from her family and that once they ran out of theirs they would be sad.I told them to say No and if she kept it up to come tell me.Well she did keep it up and I told her that the girls were not allowed to give their things away unless they ask me so if she needed something she would have to ask her family or to win it herself that it wasn't fair for her to have spent hers than take from kids smaller than her.She then left the girls alone.The sad part is her family was sitting a table away and heard me telling the girls and never once corrected the girl or her brother.Well I'm going to be outside today and finishing up swap stuff.Hope you all have a wonderful day!~Amy


Stacy Kay Brais said...

Hi Amy~So happy to put a face with a name :) What an adorable penny from Michelle! How fun. What a great teaching time for your girls on how to treat others, and stand up for themselves. Good job :) Those situations are never easy for me but you handled it well.

Have a blessed day~Stacy

The Rusty Thimble said...

Hello Amy great swap with Michelle she makes wonderful pennies

LOL on the wanting to be behind the lens that sounds like something I would say. Great picture

LibbiesHome said...

Nice swap treasure! Sorry to hear about the people who didn't play by the rules with the traveling swap - I saw one of those happening a while ago and it looked like fun. But if people cheat it really ruins it.
You did great showing your girls how to stand up for themselves! I think it was a great idea to say to the girl that your girls couldn't give things away without asking you. That took all the pressure off your girls! Sad that there seem to be so many families that don't "get it."
Have a great day!

The Country Nest said...

Thanks for coming by. I love your header and the twins look so sweet.

Lynn said...

Amy, you are a much sweeter lady than I. I would have probably went to the girl's family and said something. Hence, why my hubby says he can't take me anywhere lOL
But you taught the girls a very good lesson and how to stand up for themselves.
It is so nice to see a picture of you. I do not like being in front of the camera either.
I hope the furbaby feels better soon. Poor baby!!!

Christine said...

Ohhh I love the penny rug Michelle made for your swap! The doll is sweet too, though I can imagine your disappointment.

I think your picture is great too - I hide behind sunglasses or run!
You are brave!
Best wishes

Penny said...

I, too, HATE having my pic taken! But your pic with the girls is lovely!! Funny -- I would have guessed you were a blonde, and I don't have a clue why!! Just the mental image I had!

You did a great job handling the bully. How sad that some parents don't feel that they have to do the parenting......

Your doll and penny are just lovely! Disappointing that grown people can't play by the rules, however.

Hope you have a good day, and that your puppy feels better soon!

Angela said...

Amy, Love the penny rug. That design is perfect. And your little dollie too. I have never done a swap, too sad when the rules are not followerd. It really makes me sad when parents don't watch what their children are doing at a place like that. It's hard to teach our children to share, and then at a time like that explain not to share. Your girls are so cute and a great picture of yourself. A camera is my worst ennemy if I am not behind the lense!!! Have a great day.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Love the photo of the girls & you~ sweet~

~Madalynne~ said...

Such a lovely lady you are! The photo pretty much matches what I had envisioned ~ except I had you with curly hair. LOL.

Love the rug from Michelle ~ she's so talented!

Sheila said...

I'm the one behind the lens too! My grandkids will one day ask why there aren't any pics of me anywhere? Not photogenic at all. . .
Someone always has to spoil things for others. Wish it wasn't so but that person will have to live with it. AS for the outing with the girls, I was wondering where the parents were thinking this girl must have clueless parents! Your girls learned a valuable lesson in right and wrong and will be better people for it.
Finishing up our swap, so better get away from here!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the cute little doll you received and loved seeing who you are..and that family would have gotten an ear full from me..

Raymond Homestead said...

Looks like a great swap!
Poor doggie, hopes he gets better!

michelle said...

Thanks so much sweetie!You pic looks great to me!I hate my pic taken too!Sorry to hear about your travelin box,thats horrible!I will get your awesome swap goodies you sent me posted in a few days!have a great night!big hugs michelle

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I think you are beautiful and knew that before the photo. But...it is good to put a face with the name and dialog. The girls are darling. Too bad that some kid was taking advantage of them. I'm not sure what action I would have taken but you did perfectly explaining to them. And hopefully, the bully heard what you said. One of my pet peeves is having to correct other people's kids when their parents are right there!
So the traveling swap is like the PIF? I hear from others that the group swaps don't always turn out so good either. I think I will stick with the one-on-one swaps.
Michelle is a master at penny rugs. I haven't seen one yet that isn't beautiful! I am amazed that she cuts everything out by hand and only does hand-stitching; a true testament to old-fashioned workmanship!

Anonymous said...

Amy, it is nice to finally meet you.
Love the penny mats from Michelle. I had her make me a couple and they are just perfect. As for the traveling swap box, how can people take items out and not replace them? That is not fair to whoever gets the box next.
I haven't participated in that kind of swap and probably won't. I do like other personal and match up swaps though. I agree with Linda on why do parents not correct their kids when they see something going on? That is why kids grow up to be bullies when they are older.
Glad your girls had a good time despite the bullying.
Until next time
Country at heart

Margie said...

Finally...Now I can see you in my head !!! You look lovely and the girls are just tooooo cute ! I am so sorry about the traveling box scenario. I have been burned a couple of times with swaps where people dont play by the rules (think Dollar Store) and it's aggrevating. You always send such lovely things and put so much time and effort it makes me sad you got burned.

Well, I am off to check my blog yard sale my dear. Have a good night !


Lee Hill Primitives said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for entering in my giveaway. Good Luck! Sorry for what happened with your beautiful daughters, and you did the right thing by telling them that they were wrong.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Amy, I am right ther with you, hate having my picture taking, BUT really it's a WONDERFUL picture!!!!
to bad about the traveling swap box, but Mary's doll is wonderful!!! OLM

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, my, my, my....My Sweet Amy is every bit as sweet visually as she is in personality! You're beautiful...and your hair is gorgeous!! Silly you for wanting to hide on the other side of the camera!! Thanks for "opening up" to us!! Love your penny from Michelle...that is one of her best ones yet I think....although all are gorgeous. And REALLY on the traveling swap box??? Really??!!! I love Mary's little doll....but that just dumbfounds me that it only had ONE thing in it when it got to you....How did THAT happen???!! What, did that bully girl from the Hungry Parrot get the box before you, or what?? That's really a shame - it was my first swap ever and I really enjoyed it - and so many people commented on what a great idea it was (which it was) and how they'd like to do one like that....this will probably sour that quicker than sauerkraut in milk....Too bad...Hope the MofM works for puppy...and soon. We just spent $130 on the Snow Dog to be told he has acid reflux and to go buy some Pepcid AC....ouch. Happy Tomorrow....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Pamela@ The Sampler Makers Farmhouse said...

so much work went into that penny rug!It is beautiful. I have started practicing making even blanket stitches, it's a lot of work!

Mary said...

Hi Amy, thank you for sharing with us, so nice to have a face with a name. Your swap penny rug is beautiful. So sad to hear that my poor lil' doll was the only thing left for you to choose from. It makes me so upset that some gals can not play by the rules.....then why sign up???What if the roles were reversed and it was them in that perdicament??? They would be the first ones to complain(I'm sure of it). Gosh I am so sorry for you and such a shame that you had your fun cut by some selfish gal!! Wishing you lots of smiles and sunshine for your up coming weekend. Big Hugssss Mary

Roberta said...

Hi Amy: What a great photo of you and your adorable girls! Sorry to hear you had such an unpleasant incident at the restaurant. But you stood up for your girls and gave them a good explanation about how to deal with things like that. Poor puppy! We had a sheltie who really would eat anything including a wad of masking tape once to similar effect. Hope he's feeling better today! ~Roberta

Farmhouse prims said...

Wow that penny rug is awesome, that Michelle sure is the penny rug queen. that is just such a gorgeous penny rug, I love it!
And so sorry about your puppy, hope he is doing better. One time we had a dog that swallowed a whole popcicle stick, I couldn't find it, but apparently it passed.
Your pictures are lovely. So sorry about the traveling swap, Mary sure gave you an awesome doll.
Have a great eve.
Hugs, Lecia

dee begg said...


Trying to get caught up on blog reading this morning and came across your post and lovely face. What cutie patooties you and the girls are, even if the hubby is a lousy picture taker. I too prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

What great advice that you gave your girls...some peoples children behavior just make me boil sometimes. Obviously the parents are just as bad to not correct the situation. I think you handled it wonderfully.

Love the penny rug that Michelle sent...too cute. Sorry to hear about your pup...amazing what vet bills can run for such simple things. Hope things ummm...pass and you don't have to go any other route.

Have a great Sunday.


Unknown said...

awww Amy-you're beautiful!!...your hair is gorgeous...looks a bit reddish-very pretty! the twinny on the left looks not too happy about the pic!! haha! theyre darling!

Unbelievable about the traveling box...can you narrow it down to who took what? then they won't be able to do swaps anymore...I know I wouldn't want to be paired with them!!!

I can't believe those parents didn't say anything..probably encouraged their children to be that way....sad!!!
love the penny rug...