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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Good Stuff and Bad Stuff

Went out to pick some vegetables from my garden at Grandma's farm.Hubby and I had a $5 bet that I had turnips out there.He tried to tell me I was nuts they were weeds.I of course won the bet when I went out and pulled turnips out of the ground..So my grandma, aunt and I are sitting in the shade and grandma says we need to get the barn cleaned out so Noah can store his car.Nobody has been in the Barn for years I said I'm going and looking cause you all will throw all the good stuff away.You know me always treasure hunting LoL..So it's piled full I'm in flip flops.I start digging and finding "stuff" I want.Showed Grandma, she says take it.So tomorrow Hubby and I are going to help her clean out some more and I'm treasure hunting.My aunt says I know you Amy you'll dig it out if you want it bad enough.They only want useful things the rest means nothing to them but I will check with my grandma before taking anything.Today I found a blue printed advertising crock in perfect condition, 5 litho milk bottles from local dairies with baby cows, a long bullet sled(a little rough but the graphics are good),antique enameled For Sale sign grandma thought maybe they would use it but I assured her if they need one I'll buy them a new one,old cream bucket,crockery chicken waterers,old carriers and some other stuff.Told grandma it's better than christmas and I'll be out early tomorrow to dig.The barn above is the one I'm helping her clean out.....Ok so now the bad stuff.Most of you know by now I'm not a grudge holder or mean person but no matter how hard I pray to forgive my evil sister it doesn't work.Everytime I see her anger gets the best of me and in reality I want to just knock her out(I'm not a violent person either) it's just her.I have tried so hard to forgive her but she has did some really horrible things especially to me and my nieces.I can't get into it all but when she is around I usually have to leave because I don't want to not be the person I am because of her and act out in anger.Well here is were the problem comes in I thought I would have a few years to get my emotions in check and forgive her but that's not the case.Grandma informed me today they released her from prison on house arrest and she will be staying at grandma's for awhile.She goes out from about 9am till her curfew at 9pm so I haven't had to see her yet.When I do I'm hopeful the anger subsides but when grandma told me I got anxiety right away.So maybe you could say a prayer for me and also my nieces..Don't try to tell me to look for the good though because I have tried and haven't found it..Ok onto better things I get frustrated just thinking about her....Dad goes for his appointment in two weeks to see if his immune is up enough to have the tumor removed so say a little prayer for that too.....I've been tweeking around the house and will have to get some pics to share soon.Below is my dough riser I switched around the vigenette on top..

Sorry for the little bit of gloom but that's what blogging is for to get it out and get over it with the help of friends..smile..Hope you all have wonderful evening.I'm loving the cooler nights I think I'll light some candles and sit outside with the dogs for awhile this evening.They like to go grasshopper hunting.LoL..~Amy


Shirlee said...

I'm sorry about your sister : ( Will definitely be praying for you & for your dad as well. Congratulations on finding those treasures in the barn! I have a couple family members that cause me to grit my teeth but no barn treasures ever to find. Blessings, Shirlee

Sheila said...

What an opportunity to be able to "pick" in your grandma's barn! Sounds like you've already uncovered some wonderful treasures Amy!
As for your sister situation, well I can tell you I have a sister situation of my own and maybe someday when I have more time I will share it with you since it sounds similar to mine and I've had people tell me to do this and do that about her but they just don't get it. I've prayed about it asking God to help me through it and be the better person but I'm still not able to move forward.
You and your dad will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Stay positive my friend.
Warm hugz,

jennifer768 said...

Big hugs to you Amy! Nothing or no one can hurt you like a family member.I will be praying for you to have the strength to deal with these issues with her.May the Lord hold and comfort you while you have these feelings and bring you peace. Also will be praying for your dad.How fun that you are getting to help your grandma and treasure hunt at the same time.Sounds like you found some neat things.Hugs,Jen


What fun to go thru your grandma's barn, sounds like you got some great treasures. So, sorry about your sister, we all have someone like that in our family and it makes it hard, will also say a prayer for your dad. Take care, Cyndy

beforethedawn said...

How fun to be picking in the barn! Can't wait to see your photos. :)

I have a half-brother that I don't speak to. He's hurt us so many times that I just can't do it anymore. I can forgive, but I won't forget and I won't let his "problems" hurt my family anymore.

No one's advice can fix what's wrong with the person who's wronged you.

I'll be praying for you and your dad.

Hugs and blessings, Jessica

hey, I'm having a giveaway if you wanna take a peek. :)

TheRustyThimble said...

sending hugs and prayers for you and your dad

Oh Amy I can so relate to you, I have one of those sisters, and sadly enough I live real TOO close to her she can ruin the worst of days or make them even more worse

She is mean and hateful most all of the time, and when she tries to act nice, you know she is not sincere in it.

Take care and wow what fun to pick through your grandmas barn

lilraggedyangie said...

Wow pickin paradise at grandmas it sounds like , wish I lived closer Id love to go with :0) Praying for your dad and for your sister as my theory is I MAY FORGIVE YOU BUT I WILL NEVER EVER FORGER , and that may be wrong but some things are just too heinous to be forgiven! Hang in there sweetie Im hear if ya need to bend an ear or an email! hugs lil raggedy angie

Rugs and Pugs said...

Amy ~
Happy treasure hunting! It sounds like you've found the mother lode at the perfect price!
Prayers for you and your dad.
It really is too bad we can't divorce family, isn't it? I can relate!
Hugs :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You are an American Picker! Lucky, lucky you! And turnips are a good thing!
I empathize with the sister thing--mine is a brother thing. I wish I didn't have to ever see him again most of the time. Nah-all the time. I wish I could tell you it will all get better but it doesn't. There is just something wrong with their genetic makeup.
My dogs love to eat grasshoppers, too!
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad.
I hope he gets to have his surgery soon.

Stacy said...

Hi Amy..I will say a prayer for you and your dad. I have a sister that drives me crazy!! Not sure what your situation is but I can relate to the forgiveness issue..it is hard. I try hard not to see her. I feel bad sometimes because she is my sister but it is just too hard to be around her and her judgemental ways.
Prayers and Hugs~Stacy

Cheryl said...

My Dear Amy you are a beautiful person inside and out. Time heals all things and it not for us to decide when it should happen. For many many years I have struggled with family issues and I rarely ever talk about my personal life it is just way too much to deal with. I get lost in my dolls and other things that keep me going. I will keep you in my prayers and your family. I am so happy to have met you through blogging it means a lot to me. Your heart and spirit shows through your blog. What a wonderful treasure to have a grandmother you are so blessed. Have fun and think about the hidden treasures that are waiting for you.
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh Amy, how exciting you get to go barn pickin' ~ fun!! I wish I could come and help you find treasures!!
You'll have to post pics of all the wonderful stuff you find.
So sorry to hear about your sister I will be praying for you and your nieces that you have the strength to get through it all.
I will also pray for your dad ~ hope everything goes well for him.
Can't wait to see the pic of all your wonderful displays ~ always look forward to that!
Hang in there sweetie!
Prim Blessings

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Oh my! Grandma's barn sounds awesome! Post pics of your wonderful finds, sometime.
Sorry to hear about your sister.
I will keep you and your Dad in my thoughts and prayers! Take Care!

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hey Amy!

Ah family - the strangest of all relationships, lol. The good news is that you are not alone with the
"brother and/or sister that is so NOT the happy norman rockwell painting"! I think most families (if honest) struggle with this.

I'm thinkin that the way you're pickin' your grams barn is a good way to look at family:

*you have a good eye for what's worth something and what isn't

*you have a good feel for what can be fixed and what can't

*you know what is worth keeping just for heart value (and not everything is - and you know which things are which)

*you're ready willing and able to work on fixin something that can be fixed - but you have a keen eye for what's best tossed aside and not wastin your time (and heart) on!

Pickin a barn, pickin what's worth your effort, pickin what matters and what has soul, seein' what has no value is a lot the same BARN or FAMILY! Sometimes it helps me to think of it that way.....

The hurt always hurts - the anger is always there. No doubt about it. That's eased tho by the other family, friends & blog-buddies you collect and put in you 'take home pile' ~ just like neat barn treasure.....

PS (hug!)
PSS keeping and sending good thoughts for your Dad!

acorn hollow said...

how wonderful you get to pick grandmas barn. I am so sorry about family issues we all seem to have our issues. just take a big breath and leave your anger with God.

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Sounds so fun and exciting to be in your Grandma's barn, this oportunity is awesome. Please, take pictures and show us your new treasures. Sorry to hear about your sister. I will pray for you, your dad and nieces. Take care.

~Madalynne~ said...

Your Grandma's barn sounds like a great place to spend an afternoon ~ like finding gold in your own backyard!

It's so unfortunate about your sister. It must be so frustrating to watch her throw her life away.

I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope all goes well for your dad.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Now, whoaa....Miss Amy - what's this?? You've been going to G'ma's how long and you didn't know she had a barn full of treasures??? What's up with that??!! And holy smokes!! It sounds like some kind of awesome treasures she has!! Happiest of pickings - so glad your eye and your heart will be doing the sorting.....

Sorry to hear about the family issues....Kinda still a newbie here in Blogland - didn't realize your sister had prison issues. It is so, so, true that we can't choose our relatives - and sometimes I think God gives us relatives just to test us! I really like what "Woman Seeking Center" said - there are a lot of truths there. Sometimes we just have to know what to keep, and what to dump as baggage, and move on. Treasure what is real and good.

My best thoughts and prayers are with you - for this situation, for the incredible strain this must going to put on your grandmother - for your dear innocent nieces - and for your dad as well. Take good care Sweetie...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

renee said...

Hey there sis!
Well, blogging is for telling what is going on in your life, good and not so good, and we are here to listen and be supportive!
I am sorry this causes you anxiety. I am the same with a few of my relatives, it just hurts too much to let them in, and when I have done so, I have gotten burned every time. I think you can forgive and I really struggled with this for a long time, you can forgive, but it doesn't mean you have to let them stomp all over you.
I will be praying for you, don't allow this to take a stronghold over you~ give it to the Lord.
I also am glad to hear that you are pickin at Grandmas' barn! That sounds like loads of fun!
I can't wait to see all those treasures! Love your tweaking, the dollies are beautiful!
You keep going forward and taking care of those girls and your dad! Also take care of YOU!

Roberta (Cottonwood Lane Primitives) said...

Wow, a barn full of treasures! You'd better check that out or the next thing you'll know someone will be showing up with a van and a tv crew to pick it! I bet your Grandma is thrilled you are willing to go through there and dig out thing that you'll treasure. Sorry to hear about your sister. Sometimes people finally realize they have to change when they hit bottom and I hope and pray that her stay in prison has given her time to reflect on her life in this way. Your dad is in my prayers too and I hope his health improves. ~Roberta