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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seasons of Friendship Swap Sign Up

The farmhouse summer swap went wonderful so I'm hosting a new swap.I wanted to give you plenty of time to gather goodes so I'll accept sign ups till monday (may 23rd)..So our theme is Seasons of Friendship.This one I want each person to get to know your partner a little and share your favorite season Spring, Summer.Fall or Winter .....

You will be required to include a item that matches your partners season.So yes you may be sending a snowman in the summer...smile..Your swap must consist of 3 items(yes you can send extras) but only the one has to be seasonal..The other 2 items can be anything you want to send...The other requirment is one of your items must be stitched by this I mean a prim doll, bowl fillers, table mat or similiar..It does not have to be stitched by you,but has to be included...You can purchase your items or handmake them but they must be something you would want to recive. By this I mean I only want people to sign up who really want to enjoy giving as well as recieving.No dollar store stuff!!! I'm going to say your package must be at least a $25 value but it's so hard to put a value when people are doing handids so let's just say send a package you'd enjoy reciving...I want this to be fun for both parties and want everyone to recive a nice gift and friendship.....

To sign up you must be a follower of my blog...I must know you to some extent this means you comment or have participated in a past swap I held...If I do not know you and you want to join in you must have a blog I can check out.Again I just don't want any dissapointments..I do encourage new bloggers to sign up and will help you anyway I can..So sign ups are open till May 23rd.You must mail out your package by June 25 with confirmation..I'll give you your partners info around the May 25th so that gives you a month to gather goodes.It will not be a secret swap so get to know your partner make it fun and start a new friendship!

You must email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following



Blog Url

Your Favorite Season

Any Allergies?

Optional Do you have any favorite things like sheep,pineapples,pennyrugs?

Optional What types of scents do you like or dislike?

We had so much fun with the last one and I encourage you to sign up even if you never swapped before.I'm here to help you....The pics throughout are suggestions to go with the theme and not my displays..Can't wait to get started on this and if you have any questions just email me.Warm Blessings!~Amy


dee begg said...


This one sounds like so much fun too! I had lots of fun with the last one and will be doing my blog post today to show everything that Cyndy sent to me. Count me in on this one...I'd better get started with the stitched item part! LOL!


Jan said...

Oh please, I would love to be included in this wonderful caring swap. I can feel the awesome love that will come from this sharing of feelings and enjoyment of each others values and getting to know each others likes and dislikes. This is what a swap should always be.

Tam said...

Shugs, I loved the last one, but haven't mastered sewing so I don't think i can do this one :(


Hi Amy,
I would love to join your swap. It sounds wonderful. Thank you so much.


Hi, Amy, I am going to send you my info. Loved the last one, thanks for hosting these swaps, you are the best!

renee said...

I am in! I had a blast with this last one! It will be hard to choose a season! This was a GOOD one!Thanks for hosting these, I don't think I could keep it all straight, but I sure loved making a new friend!
Hugs and blessings,

Sheila said...

I'd love to be included in this one too! I always have fun putting things together for my partner!
Thanks so much Amy for hosting another swap.

deb said...

what a cool blog..I just became a follower!!!

Margie said...

Cant wait for this new swap Amy. I will email all my info right away ! I am so excited !!

-Margie at Hungry Hook Primitives

Theresa said...

Greetings Amy.... I'd love to do your swap but I just started following your blog today. I don't have a blog either.... but I do have a Etsy shop if that helps.

Anonymous said...

I am already a follower, hope it's not too late to be added to this swap. I will e-mail you my info.
Country at heart