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Friday, October 22, 2010

Trip to the Black Rose and other Finds

Oh my! Were will we put it? Didn't I just do a post on Simplify? Oh well here we go again..(smile)
I didn't get to do my usual yardsale trip today as hubby needed my jeep.It was killing me as one local sale said "Cleaning out gradmas attic" Well at 10 he called and said he needed help with doing laminate floors and he was going to get a extra hand,I offered so he came and got me.On the way back to the job I begged him to take me by that one sale(I said I'd close my eyes the rest of the way so I didn't see anymore sales) He grumbled a little but took me.What a dissapointment it was all kids clothes and toys.Ahhh were are the treasures I was imagining all morning? I asked the lady Is this gradma's attic sale? She says yeah I have 12 grandkids.I said oh I get it now....Hubby laughed and refused to take me to anymore sales but promised to take me to the antique mall after we were done since I'll miss sales tomorrow helping him finish the floors.Here are our finds from the black rose and a few others we came across this week... Old Bucket with Hand Did Pumpkin...
It was on the 50 % off both at my favorite stand were I bought my miniature antique stepback cupboard a few weeks ago.Ended up paying just $18 and the best part...

It still has the original label!

Antique 2 Quart dry measure.

Wood combed painted candlestick holder (not old) it's red over black paint.Antique Ginger tin mustard and black lettering I think this will be going to etsy...

My husbby bought this he's wanted one for awhile...

Antique straw cutter you can still read the original lettering.I think I'll try to use this as a crock bench as the top is flat...

Antique Cast Iron Butter Churn.It's marked Daisy The paddles are wood and the handle knob is wood.It's big probly 2 ft. The guy was at his stand filling his stand and my husband got a deal on this and a few other things by paying him cash directly instead of going through checkout.

Love the big cranck wheel!

This is a funny find.We have two boys that do barn work and "pick" items for us when they do tear downs and such.They bought this by the other night and took $5 for it.It still works really well.I pick on hubby it works better than that $300 mower he bought last year that never wants to stay running. Oh the simplier days.Probly will eventually wrap in grapevine and prim up and sell or maybe just stick it in the garden.

Two antique cow bells.I've never found them with the original collar.Both have the original clanger inside.

Tom found the black cat at a sale(without me) for .50 it gave my witch some company.Look at Mung Mung posing at the door soo darn hadsome!

Finally I've thought of this head stand and bonnet for a month.It was Hand Did from my favorite booth.It was expensive so I've been trying to forget it.Hubby said he'd buy it for me since I'm helping him on the floor.Can't wait to find the perfect spot for it.It is so much nicer in person.

Well I'm hoping to fit fleamarket in early Sunday morning so may have more finds.Depends if I can get done early as I was thinking I'd visit my grandmas nephews church with her and then we have sunday dinner at grandmas and I want to make Apple Dumplings for everyone.Busy Busy.But hopefully the week will be a lazy one this week.Harvest Blessings!~Amy


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Likin your finds, the old straw cutter, I would love to have one!
The cow bells so cute, I remember when we had one on a holstein cow her name was Roger(yes, she was a female)! I think my sister still has the belt & bell!( ya got me thinkin,memories)
Old butter churn nice find!
Thanks so much for sharing,

prims by olde lady morgan said...

WOW! you found some great treasures! OLM

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found your page by accident. I have to say I love it all. I just bought a treasure and was trying to find info on it and that is what brought me to your page. I found and fell in love with a straw cutter somewhat like yours, but mine is a hench and dromgold superior #1. I can not find out anything about it. Just wondered if you could help me. I love so much looking at your treasures. Thanks for sharing