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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh The Little Old Stepback Cupboard

This a story of a little cupboard that had to have me.About a month ago I went to the antique mall.There's a lady there that always has Handdids and Old Furniture she actually has three stands and her displays and ideas are delightful early settler style.Today I was going to look for a old corner hutch but she didn't have any.So I saw a little slant top desk with a cubby shelf.Oh I just loved it.So I told hubby I'll probly buy that but let me think while we walk through the rest of the mall.He convinced me by the second look that I already have a slant desk that is nicer and there really was no room for the cubby were it would go.I was drawn to a plain head mold with bonnet sitting on top of this little cupboard but didn't find much interest in the cupboard itself so I looked at it a minute and decided I was tired and ready to go.Well it started nagging me about two days later.I found myself thinking of it all the time.I told my girlfriend how much I wanted the little cupboard not sure even why.I told hubby a week later I have to go look at that little cupboard again.I was smitten the second time and put it on layaway without hesitation.

It's antique.I know it's a pennsylvania piece as parts of it ,like the back are made out of local wood boxes as the say York PA.It is a miniature stepback.Not sure why they made it short at only about 4.5 feet tall.Maybe the roofs were short as were common in old houses or maybe it was built to go in a specific place.The top part had a cupboard door but I took it off to have open space to display.It has the original old paint that is worn,rubbed and has that nice crackle appearance we try so hard to reproduce.The top is a blue type color and the bottom is deep red.The shelves are natural wood that aged to perfection.Well after 2 weeks on layaway I picked it up and bought the little stepback home.But it was not a piece on my wish list or had a set place so began my husband saying.... You have every inch of this room covered floor to ceiling.So after a talk and some agreements on being slow on my end(I don't like to let go) We decided to clean out and simplify.I got rid of a old dry sink,a reproduction full size step back,a oversize love seat and some odds and end prim "fluff".The funny thing is the little cupboard was decided were it would go before it came home and it never changed it's in that spot.I love the openess and it will be easier to clean,but mostly it helps me appreciate the nicer antiques I have.So from here on I'm trying to keep only what I love.I cleaned about 50 items out of the kitchen the other day and don't even notice them missing.So all beacause the little cupboard had to have me it changed my way of thinking.(even if only slightly)LoL!

And everytime I look at the cupboard I just think how it's the sweetest and how much I love it.Hubby just shakes his head and knows it's better to just agree here......

I want to say hello to all the new followers.Thanks so much for visiting my little spot.I'll be chatting,sharing recipes,decorating.travels and family here.I love your input and comments and hope to become like a old friend.Harvest Blessings!~Amy


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Amy, I chose you to receive "The Versatile
Blogger" award! Come on by to get it! I
wonder if your little cupboard might have
been made for a child?

Bear Hugs~Karen

cottageprims said...

Karen~I thought that at first but it's a little big and too nicely made for a childs.I'll check out the award in the morning.~Amy