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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween ~ Some Spooky Houses

Happy Halloween Everyone! After today it will officially be the holiday season.Well tonight our little trick or treaters will be out.Sunday seems a weird day for it and it's supposed to be in the 40's with wind so I don't know how many we'll get. I might just leave the bucket of candy on the porch so I can relax this evening.But I do like to see all the costumes and my sister Melissa usually brings the twins and Jayson over so I'll probly not be relaxing anyway.We normally go all out for Halloween but this year I decided to simplify so here are some pics of 2 spooky houses in our area.
This house is always spooky witches! It must cost a fortune as everything is lifesize and so detailed.Click on the pics to enlarge if you want more details...

Even a graveyard and ghost.

They have the old gothic victorian iron fence which only adds to the display..

This witch is flying on a broomstick

This next house is down the street.I took pics from my car and it was hard to get a good one as there was a truck parked out front.But they even built a rickety wood fence to surround the large headstones.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a spooktaculiar Halloween!~Amy

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dee begg said...


Thanks for sharing the pics of the houses. We give out candy til right around 7 and then go to a friends house for her annual Halloween party. She decorates the whole front of her driveway, yard, etc. She's from Sardinia and apparently Halloween is a big holiday over there, so since moving here, she has continue that tradition. And she cooks up a storm...wonderful Italian food. I'll have to see if I can get some pics tonight.

Enjoy your night, whatever you end up doing.