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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm a hoarder, no not as bad as that popular show hoarders but a hoarder non the less.I'm also somewhat of a perfectionist and stubborn as well.These are not good charateristics of a person trying to SIMPLIFY there life.You would not know these things by meeting me or coming for a visit.You would say my house is clean and well decorated or that I'm a great cook.No I'm not compulsive or anything ....First off I just love stuff old things I think of the history and how it made it this far...New things I think of the love that went into making that special hand did...So it's hard for me to let go.Don't get me wronge I do let go alot but it's hard and I have a room were I stuff things I change my mind about like that sweet old bear and the childs red chair.No I don't miss it being out of my decor or room but I'm not ready to let it go.....

I go to great measures to make sure people are happy and comfortable when visiting.I will make sure the house is nice,that you have good food and my complete attention.I come from old values and think your company is a pleasure and you should feel special during our time together....

I like things to be nice and a certain way..When I go to your house I don't expect perfection or anything special just your time.Soooo this last few months I have decided to Simplify..I would say it's going fair.I'm still stubborn but am realizing to let things go.I've been eliminating clutter and learning to hold on to the things I really love,and in reality I don't miss any of it.When you come for a visit you may just get Pillsbury bake and serve chocolate chip cookies instead of homemade.The moral of the story relax,let go and enjoy the simple joys of life.Know what's important Family,Friends and Home.

Enjoy the above scenes of simplier times and simple pleasures.....Harvest Blessings!~Amy


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I try. I really do. I clean and purge and sell and donate. Then I gather another batch. And I keep the same loved things, year after year, but I add to the loved bunch each time. I want to simplify. I know I've made progress, but I am still swamped by possessions. I have OCD, seriously, and I am medicated. Little good that does. I just love some things or the project work that they create. I really enjoy giving things I've made away but not everybody understands what I am creating. *sigh* No end in sight.....

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Amy,

What a sweet blog you have. I want the simple life also! Stop and smell the roses. It's a shame when I have to put THAT on the list!

It's funny you should talk about Pillsbury because last week we were craving cinnamon rolls and it killed me to go buy them until I remembered how easy and fast it was to make them. It gave me all that extra time to spend with my family. Sometimes you just gotta crack open the can!!

Thanks for being so nice and visiting my little blog.

Sending warm hugs ~ Jenn

Audrey said...

Great post, funny thing is I am in the middle of purging or make that TRYING to...just had to stop and waste a little time on the computer..lol.After this I am back to work!! Thanks for the inspiration.