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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting to know me First Post

Ok so I'm new to this and still need to get the hang of everything.For now I'm going to just share some tidbits of prim life,decorating,recipes,ocassional giveaways,swaps and such and hopefully meet some new friends along the way.I love everything primitive and early colonial style.My house has been packed full and I'm slowly elemanting and cleaning out and just keeping the things I love.At first it was very hard as I have trouble letting go but once my hubby talked me into it I love the new look so much more.Recently in the living room I let go of a red step back reproduction cupboard and a antique dry sink and all the "stuff" on them.Plus removed the love seat and put a recliner instead.The extra clean space is wonderful and it helps me to appreciate my antiques and loved pieces more.I'll be sharing pics as well and be changing the layouts once I get the hang of this.I used to own a primitive shop but now I just do a few shows a year,sell on etsy (mostly kitsch,vintage and antiques a few handmades) and during summer and fall I set up at fleamarket to sell primitives and country wares.(Ok so my hubby sells mostly while I'm out hunting for prims) There are about 700 vendors every week so there's plenty to look at.I do handcrafts as well.. all primitive mostly just for myself and friends and family,I used to do wholesale for all the country shops but decided I was burned out and enjoy doing one of a kinds and a few rather than hundreds,more creative that way.I'm a candle maker as well and do still sell them.So now you know a little about me.Hope to get to know all of you a little more and feel free to comment plenty.

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