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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday at Grandmas

Hannah and Brianna,Jayson and Camden eating cake

Barn at Grandmas

Playing at grandma chickens

Camden loved being in this old birdcage he thought
it was so neat and didn't want to come out

Jayson my cutie pie nephew

This weekend was just a whirlwind.Saturday we went to the colorfest/town yardsale we got there a little before daylight but boy was it a dissapointment this year.From what my regular people I go to said they raised the permits and took all the parking so people were boycotting this year and not having sale during the weekend instead most had it thursday and friday so the few that were open said it was just leftovers,plus they took all the parking even on the side streets so the people that used to have parking lot sales opted to rent parking spots and boy was it high $10-$12 I told hubby this really wasn't any fun so we went down some country road sales on the way home and that was nice.The scenery and I did find a few things at those sales.(I'll share later in another post).Then we did a fleamarket sunday to get rid of all the stuff piled in hubby's garage.We sold stuff cheap I opted to go look rather than see it go sooo cheap.(I get attached sometimes) plus I would have just kept pulling stuff to take home and sell online which is another story altogether as my loft is filled with stuff for online that I couldn't list if I sat on the computer a year straight.hubby said if I sell all that stuff I'll be a millionare. It was probly the last "antique primitive" market I'll do till spring.I did get some pumpkins and a mum and some fresh sweet potatoes(I've been craving a baked one with brown sugar and butter yum!)Then when we got home I went to Grandmas farm everyone normally goes for sunday lunch and to visit the rest of the afternoon.This weekend was the twins birthday they're 8 now growing so fast.Saturday they had a party at a pony farm with there friends and sunday cake at great grandma chickens house.They call my grandma,grandma chicken because when my pap pap was alive he raised chickens so he was pappy chicken thus grandma chicken.I always love going to grandmas and sitting in the yard under the big shade tree with a glass of sweet tea and chatting with family.Grandma still makes sunday lunch every sunday and is in good active health.Pappy died about a year and a half ago and I still miss him it was a blessing for him to go as he suffered for a long time.This sunday grandma had a to do list for "the boys" and was on a mission to get it done.It was beautiful weather so we spent most of the day outside.When I got home the dogs were bouncing off the walls so we took them to the park for a hike in the trails.I keep waiting for the leaves to change but they say they are not going to be as colorful this year.Right now we have some yellow and orange but I love the red as well.Well I'll write more later and share some of my finds.Harvest Blessings!~Amy

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Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

What a great-looking family! Looks like when we used to go to our Grandma's!