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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainy Day kitchen Pinterest

 Yesterday we broke the record in PA at 79 degrees but today is mid 50's and rainy.Good day for a PJ day..smile...Hubby is building me a small walk in closet pantry  for the kitchen then will be redoing and painting the kitchen over the next few days.Yikes I hate mess and change! But I love the idea of having a pantry.As most of you know we live in a cape cod cottage house.Although relatively small compared to most homes I'm lucky to have large open rooms.The kitchen is large eat in but has limited cupboards so to remedy this I stuffed way to much furniture in plus all mine and hubbies "collections" so the room is very closed in.Our goal is to make it open and more inviting.In this room we have a huge stepback that is my current food pantry.Then I have a hoosier that holds some pots on the bottom. antique dry sink below holds cake stand,crock pot and such..
 Then I have the old ice box which has bills and paper work inside,the farm table,a butcher block,pie safe, long wall shelf that holds graniteware,a barn wood chimney cupboard,our stove and refrigerator.Then stacked around are our collections like crocks,butter churns,old buckets and such so it's packed.
 My goal is to move the hoosier to the sunporch.Get rid of the reproduction prim cupboard that is currently on the sunporch holding pots and casserole dishes.I'd also like to get rid of the barn wood chimney cupboard and everything in and on it.I really don't think once it's gone I'll miss it.It's hard to let go as prims and antiques are getting hard to find but again I don't think once it's out I'll miss it.The problem is Hubby says "You'll never find it again" so then I second think getting rid of things.But I do want a more stream lined open area and don't want sooooo much stuff to clean...Just walking in I can see plenty I could part with and once it's time to put everything back I'm sure there will be plenty more....
 These pics are only a fraction of what is in the kitchen...
Lucky I can take it to fleamarket whatever I decide to part with...Also might have a small blog sale...
So what are you sweet ladies doing this weekend? I would like to get market in tomorrow but looks like rain as of now.Maybe it'll move out.I want to get some craft time in and try some new recipes out...Oh and for all you Pinterest lovers who were worried with the terms and such they updated their policies.I still stand by the rule make sure everything you pin clicks to the source and give credit were do.Better safe than sorry.I've been going through my boards and deleting anything uploaded by a user or that doesn't link back to the source....
Well off to visit some of you.Enjoy your weekend! Warm Blessings!~Amy


Stitchesnstrokes said...

Your kitchen collections look amazing, I can imagine how hard it would be to sort through them and decide what to keep and what to sell. I'm not good at that... ;)
Pinterest..I went in and deleted my boards last night. The whole legal mumbo-jumbo scares me and even though I always look for a link I'm still not sure of the copyright laws. For now I'm just 'liking' some and enjoying other pins.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Amy,yes,sorting out the collections take some doing, but sometimes it has to be done. Love the enamel items you collected,my favorite,so hard to decide. Love the drysink also,your kitchen is very welcoming, Primitive Blessings,Francine.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

You have so many great pieces Amy! If you can't part with a piece, finding another part of the house for it that you wouldn't expect is a good idea. Please share your results when you are done! ~*~Lisa

alltheseboys said...

I'm chuckling at your "whining sign". I have one of those in Kadens room. He was not one bit amused at my hanging it there! In fact...when we moved...I found it tucked away under his bed! Ohhh..but a Mama always finds such things...and hangs them, immediately! Rainy and cold here too...yesterday was also. So so far...I'm in my jammies yet too! Have a wonderful weekend. Katie

tj said...

...Well I was feeling pretty energetic 'til I read this post and now I'm wore out! Whew! *giggle* ;o)

...I'm the same way too. I had repainted our bedrooms over the Winter (what Winter, right?:o) and took down all the pictures and when I went to put 'em all back up I took inventory of what I really wanted to keep. It does a spirit good to sift thru and get rid of stuff sometimes. Now to get this stuff listed - ugh! :o)

...I'm cleaning today and I got a lil' rabbit garland I need to paint & stain and our grass needs mowing and the chicken house needs cleaned and...*sigh*...I need a nap. :o\

...Enjoy your weekend! I just love your blog - so cheery! :o)


~Sara said...

You will have such a clean and fresh look when you are done. I am constantly changing things, move things form one room to another. I do miss some furniture and other things that we decided we could live without when we moved across country. Now I wish I could have them back. On well. Good luck and be sure to post some after pics, I would love to see the changes. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings ~Sara

Felicia said...

Wow wish you lived here in my neck of the woods I could try to sell some of your stuff at my shop. What part of Pa do you live in Amy.


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Amy~ sounds like a great project~ looking forward to seeing it come together~
For the weekend~ had rain last night still overcast~ so want to clean the home~I have neglected inside all week~ so it is a MESSS~
enjoy the weekend

Unknown said...

Love your kitchen prims and if you did decide to have a blog sale, I'd be interested! Having a more open kitchen will be nice! Have a good weekend!

Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

Hi Amy.... Have fun with the re-do, I'm sure the mess will be worth it in the end. Not much happening here today..took Spencer to the vet for shot updates, hit a thrift store on the way home (yea, there's an old oak table in my trailblazer that hubby doesn't know about, LOL)

Now it's onto cleaning house :( cause it's raining here too.

Have a Great Weekend...hope you get to market tomorrow..Hugs, Traci

Roberta said...

Lots of great collections, but I agree it's good to simplify--you can always put some away for now and rotate things out later! Love your green mixing bowl in your first photo! I'll be out with DH cleaning up the yard and maybe planting some of the early season veggies. We had rain all week but it looks like nice weather for the weekend. ~Roberta

Prims By The Water said...

Love you pieces Amy..I'm sure once your kitchen is done, it will look gorgeous..I love being in the antique business, cause I can re-decorate any time I want to..its fun! Take care, Janice

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I can't wait to see your new pantry and I love all of your prims..we don't have an eat in kitchen..just a galley style..so space is a premium here..so just little touches here and there..and I too find it hard to part with my stuff..but sometimes we need too..to "simplify"..cause as I get older..the less I want to dust..we are going for a nice walk and then hubby is working on his boat and I am going to sew..already started one porject..almost done.;)have a great weekend.;)

Cindi said...

PJ rainy days are great! I hope you enjoy! I think you will need to rest up for all of the work you have ahead of you! I love all of your kitchen things! So cute! have a blessed day!

My Colonial Home said...

Love all your granite ware...nice collection.
Cooler here today too - we went from 88 to 56 - that's a shocker!

We live in a Cape Cod as well and we have an eat in kitchen (which I love). When we redid our kitchen we put in the same amount of cabinets instead of using the eating area for more cabinets - I like the old traditional look.
And we use a huge cupboard as our pantry.


prims by olde lady morgan said...

Amy, Love your collections!!! Can't wait to see finished pictures of your project!
Cool and raining here today after 9days in the 80's...many broken records... tomorrow, off to my first auction... got to preview today...oh my... and I probably won't get a thing.... OLM

Primsue said...

Amy, you have some wonderful collections. Yes, it is hard to part with our "stuff", but I have rarely ever wished I had something back when I let it go. There is always a new treasure to find and enjoy. Sounds like you are going to be busy - can't wait to see your "new" kitchen.

cynthia lee designs said...

Hi Amy...you have so many great collections!!
Sometimes it is hard for me to get rid of things and other times it is very easy for me. I do find the older I get...that I do like having less to dust and clean.
Can't wait to see your kitchen when you get done redoing it.

frontporchprims said...

You have some great collections there Amy. I am just starting mine and I don't have alot. I love to look at other's beautiful things and dream about how my house my look one day. Thanks for sharing. We did yard work all day. It was a beautiful warm spring day here.

dee begg said...


Love all your kitchen pieces but you are right, sometimes it can be too much...oh, slap me now, did I just type that? Anyway, storage always seems to be a problem in most houses these days...is it because we have so many gadgets and goodies? Or just because the houses were built for another time when people were more practical?

In any case, it does fell good to pare down sometimes. I guess no market for you today as it's raining here so I know it's raining there. I am going to make it up to a market one of these Sundays. Is the market open Easter Sunday? Maybe that will be a good time to come.

Have a nice Sunday.


Faye Henry said...

I love all of your collections and can only how hard it would be to part with them.. You must be looking forward to your kitchen redo, though.. I love getting things done but it takes dear hubby so long.. grin.. But in the end I am glad we started..
Have a blessed day..

Lynn said...

Hi Amy,
omg!! I just love you and your hubby collections!! Your collection of granite ware is amazing. I finally got a granite ware soap dish!! It has spots of rust on it but I just love it!! I am loving that stack of crocks!!! I just love them!! Your kitchen collections are amazing!! I can't believe that you want to get rid of some of your things!! Can't wait to see your pantry and how you rearrange and display all of your pretties!!

Simple Pleasures said...

I'm crazy about pantries, can't wait to see your all done. Stop by my blog for a visit soon!

Kendra said...

Cape cods...my favorite, that was the style of our first house so they have a special place in my heart. Amy, as you go through things just remember in the end none of it goes with you...don't know if that will make it easier or harder now that I said it!

You'll love the change in the end.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Lucky, lucky you!! What I wouldn't do for a pantry!! (Or a kitchen that could fit what you just described as being in your kitchen...yikes!) I adore your collections - kitchen ware is one of my favorite collectibles - yet, unfortunately, it is the room (ok - it's not really even a "room") that I have the least amount of display space/area. The only "walls" house the frig and oven; the other the sink and window. At least, given what you do, you have the chance of "replacing" should you end up changing your mind. And bless your dear hubby's heart - you would never hear words like that coming from Mr. CC's beak. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....as a PS/afterthought - re your comment about Pinterest....Please be careful. It really doesn't matter that someone includes the source for the photo pinned. They need to have obtained that person's express permission to use the photo or it is copyright infringement. (Trust me, I'm a lawyer...) :o Robin