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Monday, March 19, 2012

Message for Sweet Liberty Swappers and Swap with Katie

 Good monday girls! Just wanted to let everyone know that your swap partners were emailed this morning so if you didn't get your info send me a quick message.There are a couple of new girls in this swap and I just want to let everyone know I'm here to help if you need me.Also since it's a open swap you can ask your partner things and get to know them....A couple of you were not accepted and I want to let you know I was not trying in anyway to be mean only to make sure everyone is protected so we have a worry free swap.It's also a prim swap not a general swap..I do check in on all of the swappers before accepting new people and like to know you to some extent before letting you join in.If you were ever on the bad end of a swap you would completely understand this...I'm not saying those that were not included can never join in or are not good enough only that I did not know you well enough at this point.So please comment once in awhile,do blog post on your blogs so I can get to know you that way you will be able to join in on the future swaps.I host about 6 a year.Again only want to ensure everyone is able to enjoy a worry free and fun environment...Our next swap will be posted the end of April or Early May and shipped June.It will be Flowers,Birds and Bumble Bees.........Katie http://alltheseboysx5.blogspot.com/ and I recently swapped.Katie is so friendly and her littlest Kaden always brings a giggle or a smile with his antics.Here are the gifts she sent...
She also sent a bag of dove caramel chocolates but they were promptly opened,sampled, then put into hiding..smile..The little black doll will go into my doll basket,The carrots seed package will go into my wood carrier with other gardening themed things.I gotta say I have wanted a bunny like this for a couple of years and was so excited when I opened her.Just prim perfect! Thanks sweet Katie! Warm Blessings!~Amy


Sheila said...

Good morning Amy,
Oh my, Katie sent you some wonderful goodies! I love all that I see and I need to visit her blog more often ;-)
I got my partner info and thank you.
You do an amazing job putting these swaps together and I appreciate how considerate you are of everyone. I hope those who were not included this time will visit you and others often so they can be included in another swap. It is so much fun to create for and get to know another new friend!
Blessings and hugz,

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Love your goodies from Katie!

Kendra said...

Thanks for watching out for everyone that's what makes your swaps so much fun and comfortable to participate in.

Fun goodies!


~Sara said...

Such fun goodies that you received. Can't wait to join in on one of your swaps. Blessings ~Sara

alltheseboys said...

Ladies my goodies from Amy were absolutely wonderful too. Soooo sorry I haven't posted pics yet...with moving my camera has become displaced. I know it's here somewhere!!! Thank you again and again Amy...for doing such a wonderful job with the swap! This was my very first one...and I LOVED it!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I am loving the little black doll!!!!
Your swaps always look so fun! I think you are justified in your desire to present good partnerships. I know that is a big concern for many. I do know several gals that were on the short end of a swap--not from your swaps but others. It is a bitter pill to swallow. Also, having your recipient not posting their goodies. Everybody likes to be appreciated. Keep up the good work, Amy! Everyone loves your swaps!

Unknown said...

It looks like you got a lot of great goodies from your swap. Love the bunny as well! From what I've seen and heard others say, your swaps are great. I'm so glad your swap will be my first!

Primitive Stars said...

Wow,lucky you,oh so cute bunny. Would like to join in on the swaps in the future,I just started a prim blog and am sooo new at it. Do follow your blog and enjoy it very much.Blessings,Francine.


Hi Amy,
Love your wonderful goodies from Katie. Got my partners info, and thank you. The bunny is so adorable. I am sure people understand your rules, and it is so nice that you care about what happens to your swappers. Have a great afternoon. Hugs,

frontporchprims said...

Katie is a sweetheart. She sent you the most perfect spring things. I am happy for you. -Steph-

dee begg said...


I really like all the prim goodies you received from my swap partner. I think you are more than fair in handling your swaps and they are always fun to do. Wish I had remembered to join in before your deadline...maybe next time.


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hi Amy!!!
Got my swap partner ~ Thank-You!!!

Wonderful goodies you got from Katie!!! Love that bunny!!!
Enjoy all your new treasures!
Prim Blessings

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Amy:
Your swaps are always such fun and a big success from what I can tell.
I would understand the rules if I were trying to be in a swap. I see how hard some gals work and I think if they got something from the Christmas Tree Shoppes I would be mortified if I were them. I love the Christmas Tree Shoppe truly I do but it has it's place, like for stacking paper mache boxes and tissue paper and pistachio nuts, oh sorry, I was thinking about the food...