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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Busy Time Started Early

Happy St Patty's Day! Life has been so busy and I miss you ladies..smile...With the mild weather we've been having hubby and I decided to start early with fleamarkets.Plus I've been out hunting treasures...
Last week we went to a indoor sale and I found this Victorian Child's Rick Shaw Buggy.I was going to keep it and hang it on the sunporch ceiling but hubby kept wanting me to fix or replace the wicker.I'm not real good at caning so I decided to sell it this week.It is so much nicer in person and all original.We then went to a small town past my grandma's house very rural and full of old buildings.This old lady was selling stuff out of    a old building and I did buy a few things.But it drove me nuts because everything I wanted she would say it's not for sale but it will be or if I ask for a deal she would say no I've got the other piece at home.Like I bought a wash tub stand but the wash tub was "at home".I also bought a Victorian dresser box holder but the dresser box was "at home"..Seems to me you would have bought the stuff and if you are going to sell it you would sell it while someone wants to buy.The not for sale but will be items drove me nuts the most because she had old printed wood boxes,primitive antiques and tons more.I'll probably miss it when it will be for sale...smile...So this week we went to a church sale friday found a few things like a old milk stool and odds and ends.This morning went to fleamarket and a few sales.I found tons of good stuff but not keeping anything.I got a heavy galvanized milk pail, a old wringer bucket with original label, a antique turn key ice cream scoop, A wood masher, Whisk brooms, old bread board, A very early wood primitive carrier (debated on keeping) ,wood cubby boxes, A early drying rack and a few other things.I didn't get pictures because hubby just repacked them for tomorrow as they are going to market...With the warmer weather we did decided to start market early.Usually we don't go till after Easter.We tried last week and it was packed.Hubby sold his "extra" spinning wheel.....With the milder temps we've been going for long walks with the dogs and cooking out.I'm loving the warm weather but feel like I never got my winter's rest...
Loving all the green and colors popping out though.Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.Warm Blessings!~Amy


Shannon DeMasi said...

Oh my sounds like a lot of goodies were bought! I don't think I could ever get all that stuff and not keep them hehe. I'm getting so excited about spring and warm weather. It definitely cheers me up! :) Happy Saint Patty's!

renee said...

You have been a busy gal! Like that buggy! My Crocus are blooming and Daffodils aren't far behind. I am not uncovering anything here though, we could still get snow. I hope that you are doing alright and I am getting my veggies started this weekend, see how that goes.

alltheseboys said...

Amy..I know just what you mean. It's been in the high sixty's low seventy's around here. I'm really just not ready for that warm yet. We only really had two good snow falls this year. The snowmobile trails never even opened!! NOT that I'm complaining..because I don't especially love winter...but just don't feel like I've ever had that "snuggled in" feeling!!! Katie

Becki said...

Hi Amy, You certainly found some great treasures. We've been out today as well and found an 8 gal crock, a large 16 gal galvanized trough, and a couple of white enamelware basins. We're going to an auction tonight!

Have a blessed week! And happy hunting!



~Sara said...

Sounds like lots of fun goodies!! Have a great weekend. Wishing you Irish Blessings ~Sara

dee begg said...

Good luck at the flea market. One of these Sundays I'll make it up to Williams Grove to meet you.


TheRustyThimble said...

Sounds like you loaded up on lots of great items Amy

Have a great day at the sell tomorrow, hope you sell out!

don't you just love older ladies that want to sell but can't part with their items LOL. I have been to many sells like that


Rugs and Pugs said...

Amy ~
The weather has been so lovely! I have most of my spring yard clean up done and hope to finish it tomorrow.
I wish there were good antique flea markets around me!
Hugs :)

cynthia lee designs said...

The weather has been really warm here even though it really still is winter. Our flea market opened for the season today...hubby and I are hoping to go tomorrow. So looking forward to finding some goodies, because our thrift stores sure don't have any.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Wow, Amy. I can't believe the things you bought. My head is spinning with pictures, imagining what it all looks like.
Good Luck at the market.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I've been collecting for 40 years. It sure was easier to find stuff back in the day. Now I am just buried in 'things'.
Do you think people would buy from me if I did an on-line sale?
This weather is just amazing. I am loving--yet fearing--it. Don't remember it being so odd. Maybe this 2012 thing is more real than I believe....

frontporchprims said...

Ha Ha. That old lady sounds exactly like my Grandmother. She drove us nuts that way:) I am glad you did get some neat things though. -Steph-

Prims By The Water said...

Would love to see your goodies Amy...our flea market does not start unti the end of May..cannot wait. Have a great week! Janice